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Steve Atlas Icon Brammo Practice Infineon TTXGP North American Championship 2012
Steve Atlas Icon Brammo Practice Infineon TTXGP North American Championship 2012
Parker's MPP Traction motor powers an all-electric motorcycle built by Brammo Inc., a 100% clean-technology company. 
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Red Bull Downhill Mountain Biking Mix (Rampage & Slow-Mo)
Red Bull Downhill Mountain Biking Mix (Rampage & Slow-Mo)



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 Reshoring - jobs are coming back to the U.S. 



Carpe Diem article presents the lessons of a Seattle manufacturer featured in the NY Times on reshoring, says expect a lot more jobs to come back to the U.S. from China .. the factors driving this new trend...
Learn how our team can help lower your Total Cost of Ownership by investing in automation.




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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell.             

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Employee Spotlight: Ross Goluba, Bay Area Divisional Manager
Ross Goluba

Ross shares a little about himself in this month's spotlight including the 'most exciting' thing to happen to him, which happened just over 1 year ago...

Win Tickets to the Races
Olympus Controls to Giveaway 4 Tickets to MotorCycle Races - June 24th Race

June 24th at the Oregon race Track, Team Brammo will be competing in this Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association event.  Parker's MPP Traction motor powers an all-electric motorcycle built by Brammo Inc., a 100% clean-technology company.  

Submit your name to be entered into the random drawing to win 4 Tickets to join Olympus Controls at this fun event.


Advanced In-Line Precision Planetary Gearboxes
High radial load, long service life and ease of mounting


Stealth Advanced PS is Parker Bayside's highest performance servo gearhead. With 8 frame sizes and 12 gear ratios, you are guaranteed to find a Stealth Advanced PS to fit your high performance servo applications.

Stealth's superior design and construction deliver "The Helical Advantage":

PS Gearboxes
  • Strong...30% more Torque 
  • Quiet...Less than 68db Noise
  • Fast...6,000 RPM Input Speeds
  • Accurate...Less than 3 Arc minutes Backlash
  • Plus . . . Over 97% Efficiency  

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120-240VAC Digital Drive for Brushless/Brush Motors

Xenus Plus setting new standards

Xenus Plus 

Xenus PLUS sets new levels of performance, connectivity and flexibility. Both EtherCAT and CANopen versions are available. A wide range of absolute encoder interfaces are built-in, including EnDat, BiSS and SSI.


High resolution A/D converters ensure optimal current loop performance. Isolated I/O, as well as high-speed non-isolated I/O are provided.




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New Structure / Innovative Core / Innovative Encoder
The New Compact A5 Series Servo Motors 

The A5 Series Servo Motors features significantly reduced weight and a more compact motor.  The new core design combined with an innovative compact encoder has contributed to a 10% to 25% (1 to 6 kg) reduction in motor weight in the 1 kW and larger class when compared with conventional motors.

A5 motors 

The new proprietary signal processing technology achieves 1.04 million pulses with a 20-bit incremental encoder. Ensures smoother operation and reduced vibration and ensures accurate positioning in a short time.


The A5 achieves the industry's lowest cogging by minimizing the pulse width by a new design incorporating a 10-pole rotor for the motor and a magnetic field parsing technique. Positioning and stability are greatly improved by the minimal torque variation. This results to improved speed stability and positioning of motor rotation.


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WX Gearmotors Provide Longer Life and Higher Performance
Bodine WX Gearmotors

Over 100 stock models


Bodine Electric's WX gearhead in conjunction with its upgraded 34B-frame brushless DC motor. They are designed to drive applications such as conveyor systems, packaging equipment, metering pumps, medical devices, commercial appliances and solar powered outdoor equipment. 


The WX high-torque gearhead features:

  • All-steel helical gear trains and synthetic lubricants - up to 65 percent more torque than previous models.
  • Steel gearing that is designed to AGMA 9 standards or higher.
  • 48 new stock models that feature 12 available gear ratios, ranging from 4:1 to 312:1.
  • Rated output speeds from 658 to 8 RPM.
  • Electronically commutated (BLDC) motors.
  • Cooler running from a quieter motor that can accelerate and decelerate quickly.


Quick DeliveryAll type "WX" gearmotors are now available through the new  Quick Delivery program. This program is designed to ship customer orders in small order quantities within two to three business days.


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