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Animatics Coordinated Motion of Multiple Axes 
 Airport Video

When the technology artists behind this motorized sculpture needed an integrated and effective way to choreograph the movement of 65 precisely engineered mechanisms, they recruited the help of Animatics' SmartMotor™ solution.
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"That's Cool" 
 Golf Simplified
Golf Simplified 


This is so simple, why do we have so much trouble with the swing.  An Engineer explains the game of golf.


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Strengthen U.S. Manufacturing and Lower Your Costs! 



The Re-Shoring (synonym for "back-shoring" and "on-shoring") Initiative promotes returning work that was previously moved to Asia back  to the U.S. Automation is a key enabler in helping with this technical migration back to the US. Learn how our team can help lower your Total Cost of Ownership by investing in automation.

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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell.  


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Employee Spotlight: Chris Pennington, Sales Engineer
Chris Pennington
This month we catch up with Chris Pennington. 

Someday his customers might be saying "I knew him when..."  find out why.

Cognex In-Sight 7000 Vision System

In-Sight 7000

In-Sight models 

ORiN Middleware for Factory Automation
Enabling PC Control of Robots and Peripheral Devices Denso ORiN Middleware


The main objective of the open robot/resource interface for the network (ORiN) is to establish the open middleware that provides unified API for accessing information in robots, devices and equipment used in factory automation.

Denso ORiN (Open Robot/Resource Interface Network) connects devices and application software to a network via independent interfaces. Applications can be easily created for devices from any manufacturer.

  • Allows PC control of robots and peripheral devices
  • Speeds up and reduces cost of development and integration
  • Simplifies operation and maintenance
  • Enables communication among devices from different vendors
  • Allows overall system monitoring
  • Uses common programming languages (Visual Basic� 6.0, Visual Basic� 2005, Visual C++ 6.0�, Visual C++ 2005�, Java, VBScript

New 13-kg payload for VM-Series 6-axis articulated robots 

VM Series articulated robot 

DENSO VM-Series six-axis articulated robots combine a long reach and high payload capacity with a compact, space-saving design, allowing them to be used in an exceptionally wide range of applications.


Now the payload capacity of the VM-Series robots has been increased from 10 to 13 kg, extending their application range still further. Even with their long reach, the VM-Series robots have a footprint of only 305 x 305 mm, saving valuable factory floor.


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All-in-one Linear Motion Systems

Delivering long life, high accuracy and unsurpassed repeatability


This integrated product combines a stepper motor linear actuator with mechanicals and electronics to form a single, compact system. It also delivers the added benefits of reduced machine size, lower cost and shorter time-to-market.  


The MDrive Linear Actuators offer three frame sizes and two control options for a wide range of linear motion applications.  Unique to the market, a rugged internal encoder integrated with the screw is available.

MDrive Linear Actuators 

MDrive Linear Actuators are available
in two shaft styles:


Non-captive shaft - a threaded shaft extends through the product and moves axially as the motor rotates.


External shaft - a rotating screw, integral to the MDrive rotor, moves the nut axially along the threaded shaft.  Choice of nut styles include: anti-backlash for higher precision, or general purpose for higher load limit.

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Economical Distance Measurement Soltuion

SICK BCG EcoLine Wire Draw Encoders   


The BCG EcoLine of wire draw encoders is ideal for precise length/distance measurement applications. It is an economical solution that includes a scalable analog output (4-20mA or 0-10V) that easily interfaces with control systems. With an easy-to-use pushbutton function, users can easily configure the unit for different
lengths - simplifying setup and saving time. The BCG is enclosed in a thin, compact housing, making it ideal for applications with limited installation space.


Pushbutton teach function for a scalable analog output
The BCG offers two versions of standalone MRA-F Wire Draw Mechanisms that, when combined with SICK's existing encoder portfolio, give users advanced customization capabilities that far surpass any competitive products. The BCG provides precise measurements for automated guided vehicles, storage and conveying systems, presses, handling systems, medical applications and many other industries.

  • Thin, compact housing with an IP 65 enclosure rating
  • Three lengths available: 1.25 m, 3 m and 5 m
  • Resolution range: 0.03-0.09 mm 
  • Response time: 5 ms

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