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Dorner Custom Conveyor Solutions 
 Dorner Custom Solutions 

Dorner conveyors are designed with ease of integration and flexibility in mind. Dorner offers a wide range of complete conveyor solutions and controls to automate and optimize your processes.
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"That's Cool" 
 Pendulum Waves 
Pendulum Waves 
Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion.

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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell. 

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Employee Spotlight: Laurie Cole, VP of Operations
Laura Cole
Laurie has been with Olympus from the start in 1998.  

See what she has to say about how things have changed and what it's like now.

Small, tough and very smart

The NEW In-Sight 7000 is the ultimate vision system   


The In-Sight´┐Ż 7000 smart camera represents a true revolution in machine vision. The In-Sight 7000 features powerful vision tools, faster image capture, the capability to power and control a range of external lighting and enough input/output capacity for virtually any inspection scenario-all in a compact, industrial IP67 package that In-Sight 7000makes the system ideal for more applications than ever before. 


  • New tools include OCRMax™ for optical character reading and verification applications

  • High acquisition rate of over 100 image captures per second
  • Capability to power and control specialized lighting directly, eliminating the need for external power supplies
  • Expanded Input/Output Capacity

    learn more >>>


    IP Servo Motors
    New smaller SmartMotor servos bring integrated benefits to wet environments  

    Animatics' new harsh environment-rated 
    SmarttMotor servos offer IP65 ratings with the convenience of a smaller frame size, NEMA23 and NEMA34, for compact applications. The sturdy design and thicker motor casing provides protection and durability, and therefore, any factory process using wash-down techniques or wet processing environments can benefit from the easily programmable SmartMotor and its unique features such as Combitronic communication protocol and stand alone linear interpolation.

    IP Servo Motors

    • Mil-style connectorsIP65 rating (with option to upgrade to IP67)
    • Sturdy design and thicker motor casing
    • 10 points of 24V I/O
    • DeviceNet or CANopen
    • Brake Option Available
    Compax3 Gets More Powerful

    Parker releases I31 EtherCAT fieldbus option 


    Parker releases I31 EtherCAT fieldbus option in popular servo drive family.

    EtherCAT, a high-performance motion-bus network, is now available in Compax3 servo drives. This open, real-time, high-speed motion-bus network operates over fast Ethernet at 100 Mbit. It is a fast-growing industrial network and, similar to other Ethernet-based motion-bus networks, it offers speeds that are faster than Compax3 with EtherCATDeviceNet, ModbusTCP and Profibus.

    Parker's Compax3 servo drives utilize EtherCAT as a controlled node and implement the standard CAN over EtherCAT DS402 object library. This standardized implementation improves the ability to work directly with third-party EtherCAT managing nodes on the market.


    With its high performance and modular design, the Compax3 family of industrial servo drives and drive/controllers offers a new level of servo performance and flexibility. The modular structure of the Compax3 family allows options such as intelligent motion controllers, communication interfaces and industry standard motor feedback.


    learn more >>>


    Servo Tube Linear Actuator
    Inherently simple cogging-free motion  

    Servo Tube Linear Motion


    Olympus Controls recently added Dunkermotoren as a supplier partner to maintain access to the tubular linear motor previously marketed by Copley Controls.


    The ServoTube Actuator is an optimal solution for industrial position control. Faster than a ballscrew with the clean reliability of a linear forcer. The advanced magnetic design of ServoTube enables up to 12 micron repeatability from built-in Hall sensors. A linear encoder is not required.


    ServoTube is a cost-effective alternative to air cylinders in applications requiring greater flexibility and control. The ServoTube Actuator is ideal for push/pull/lift material handling, packaging and automated assembly applications


    learn more about Dunkermotor >>>

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