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Employee Spotlight: Kevin Metcalf, Automation Engineer
Kevin MetcalfGetting it done in OK & AR

As part of our on going Employee Spotlight series, we meet up with Kevin Metcalf. 
Find out what this Automation Engineer has to say about his first 16 months at Olypmus Controls and how he gets away with flying planes without a pilots license.
CAD Services
Save time and money

It takes more than good products to effectively solve an application; it takes good engineers that understand how to integrate products into a complete solution.  Our engineers specialize in automation engineering and in addition to being able to help you select the correct components we can use our CAD capabilities to help you in the design process. 


Olympus Controls offers complimentary Computer Aided Design (CAD) services to help you reduce your overall project costs, ensure that you have the right solutions and shorten your time to market.  Don't waste your valuable time looking for CAD models or drawing the parts yourself when we easily and quickly provide these to you.

  • Conceptual Design
  •  Component Files to speed your design
  •  Subsystem assemblies


Contact us to take advantage of our CAD services on your next project.


iDrive Conveyor

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iDrive merges advanced drive and control technologies with the compact design of the 2200 Series by integrating the motor, gearbox and motor controller into a single, space saving package. Dorner has literally redefined the application footprint for small product conveyors.

The groundbreaking iDrive feature is ideal for a variety of packaging and industrial applications where space is tight or additional room is needed around the conveyor.


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New 6-Axis Robot

 New VS RobotDENSO Logo 



The new DENSO VS-Series six-axis articulated robots offer the world's highest speed and precision for robots of their class, with cycle times from 0.37 to 0.33 sec. and repeatability from �0.03 to �0.02 mm. Reaches are from 500 to 900 mm and payload capacities from 4 to 7 kg.

The VS robots are also extremely flexible, with an even more compact design than previous models, including ultraslim arms to facilitate integration and a new optional bottom-side cable connection that saves valuable floor space. The robots can be mounted on the floor, ceiling or wall with no special hardware needed.  

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Application Story
 High Precision Robotic Vision Inspection System

DWFritz harnessed the power of the VS series robot from Denso Robotics and provided vision to the system with a Cognex system.  The inspection system was able to provide accurate and reliable information to the manufacturer of these safety-critical parts.  The key components and the technical support came from Olympus Controls to solve this challenge. 
This project had many requirements, not the least of which was a 2-micron accuracy and 10% Gage R&R.  One of the major challenges was to position the part in the same orientation each time to ensure repeatability.  DWFritz was able to do this by optimizing the robot tool path and by carefully marrying vision algorithms and motion control to obtain the best throughput possible and exceed Application Videodesired precision.   Some components required 55 inspections while achieving these goals.

DWFritz Automation specializes in the integration of machine vision, robotics, and high precision technologies.  They put their capabilities to the test by inspecting small medical implant components as seen in the video below. 

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