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MiniTwin Safety Light Curtain
Sick Logo Minivation

Minivation is an innovation in miniature housings: for the first time, sender and receiver elements have been integrated in an extremely compact housing - in the miniTwin light curtain.


Safety for many industries


The miniTwin light curtain provides innovative safetysolutions for flexible serial production of small batchsizes and for low-level serial production. Many industrialsectors can profi t from this: Sick MiniTwin Safety Light Curtain

  • Suppliers to the automotive and aerospace industries 
  • Electronics industry 
  • Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Food and beverages production 
  • Packaging machine industry



  • Very compact housing  
  • No blind zones  
  • Flexible machine integration 
  • MiniTwin is both sender and receiver unit  
  • Offers both stand-alone and cascade use

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Employee Spotlight: Scott Hendrickson, CEO
Scott Hendrickson"We make the joke that we live the Discovery Channel every day"


As we kick-off our Employee Spotlight series to provide a little glimpse into the team at Olympus Control, we started at the top. 

We talk to Scott Hendrickson, CEO of Olympus Controls, learn about his journey from dishwasher to CEO.


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Need a Megawatt with Ethernet IP!??!
Parker Logo
The new AC890PX SSD Drives

The AC890PX from Parker SSD Drives will change your perception of AC drives. The standard drive comes with everything needed to run your process, and once it's installed, will never need a trip back to the factory if service is required.


  • A high power AC drive with modular architecture
  • Unique Pluggable PowerPak modules mean less downtime
  • Line fuses, input line reactor, AC line disconnect included for easy installation
  • 150 - 600HP / 110 - 400kW  
  • 380, 415, 460, 575, and 690 volt inputs accommodated
  • Dynamic braking switch and resistor included.

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New Heavey Duty iDrive Conveyor
Dorner Logo
Space Saving Design

iDrive merges advanced drive and control technologies with the compact design of the 3200 Series by integrating the motor, gearbox and motor controller into a single, space saving package.

The groundbreaking iDrive feature is ideal for a variety of packaging and industrial applications where space is tight or additional room is needed around the conveyor. Capable of widths as narrow as 6 inches and lengths as long as 12 feet with speeds iDriveup to 171 feet-per-minute.

Conveyor Dimensions

  • Width: 6" (152mm) to 24" (610mm)
  • Length: 3' (914mm) to 12' (3,658mm)

Belt Conveyor Load Capacity

  • 15 to 80 ft/min - Up to 120 lbs (54.4kg) non-accumulated, distributed load  
  • 21 to 133 ft/min - Up to 69 lbs (31.3kg) non-accumulated, distributed load 
  • 27 to 171 ft/min - Up to 52 lbs (23.6kg) non-accumulated, distributed load

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Ultra Compact Precision Gearhead
Apex Logo
 AM Series Micro-Planetary Gearboxes

Stainless steel housing. Suitable for medical, electronics, packaging, and robotic automation applications.  Compact design, high torque to weight ratio. Ideal for small DC and stepper motor applicatons. No special tooling needed, will easily mount to any motor specified.

  • AM Series GearboxesFive Sizes Available - AM013 thru AM032 
  •  Wide variation of ratios selection, ideal for adapting with DC motor, step motor and servomotor. 
  •  Output torque T2N : 0.1 Nm - 6 Nm  
  • Compact Construction
  • Easy mount
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