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PARKER - XPR as featured in Design World Article
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XPR Power Stations Improve Skycam Quality and Usability

If you have watched a major sporting event on television in the last few years, you have likely seen the Skycam at work. The Skycam system is a broadcast-quality robotic camera, suspended from a cable-driven, computerized transport system.


Skycam is the premier stabilized camera system in the world that can unobtrusively fly in a defined three-dimensional space, putting the

viewer right in the middle of a sporting event.

Find out why Parker's XPR Power Station HMIs were chosen to control the Skycam. 

IMS - MDrive Hybrid Technology
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34ac AC Input Motion Control Solution


MDrive Hybrid technology delivers the benefits of both servo and stepper motor technologies, with unique capabilities and enhancements over both.  The 34ac offers the of MDrive Hybrid technology with AC input motion control to provide a unique and powerful solution!


In addition to the inherent benefits of Hybrid Motion Technology the MDrive Hybrid 34ac features: MDrive 34ac

  • NEMA 34 1.8� brushless stepper motor
  • Microstepping
  • Driver120 or 240 VAC integrated power supply
  • Internal optical encoder with choice of line counts
  • RS-422/485 communication
  • IP54 rating
  • 3 motor length choices

The MDrive product has three (3) operating modes, selected and configured with an easy-to-use GUI:

Step - microstepping step & direction for point-to-point positioning.  Torque - regulates and maintains a set torque.   Speed - maintains velocity/speed with built-in oscillator.

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Cognex - White Paper: When 99% Just Isn't Enough
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Benefits of Improved Read Rates In Logisitc White Paper: When 99% Just Isn't EnoughScanning  

This white paper will explore how improving barcode read rates with new image-based technology can shorten return on investment (ROI) of capital equipment.


This analysis will be completed using two different types of retailers as examples.


Read the White Paper

Parker - HPLA Belt Drive Positioner
Parker Logo

High Speed Automation System
HPLA belt drive positioners are designed to rapidly shuttle payload to multiple locations. Various bearing options offer design flexibility for long, quiet motion at high speed. These proven performers serve as the primary building blocks for Parker pre-engineered gantry systems or customers designed multi-axis automation systems.
  • HPLA Belt Drive PositionersStandard trael up to 8
  • Four cross sectional sizes: 60, 80, 100 and 150mm
  • Load capacities up to 600 Kg
  • +/- 0.2mm positional repeatability
  • Steel reinforced timing belt for high thrust

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