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Parker -   LCR Linear Positioners

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Miniature Linear Positioners


Parker LCR

The LCR is a linear positioner family that provides the smallest form factor with easy to use flexibility unmatched by most competitive products. With the LCR Series pre-engineered positioners, OEMs can significantly reduce their time to market with minimized design, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, and qualification of the many parts necessary to build a linear motion axis from scratch.

  • Miniature footprint with 22, 30, and 45 mm cross sections
  • Internal square rail or glider bearing design
  • Stainless steel strip seal
  • Low dB lead screw or long travel belt drive
  • Travel lengths to 1000 mm
  • Linkshaft for dual driven belt units
  • Adjustable home and limit sensors


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 Copley Controls - EtherCAT Digital Drives


Copley LogoDigital Drives with EtherCAT Communication 


EtherCAT is the open real-time Ethernet network that sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility.  EtherCAT reaches new dimensions in network performance, for example; communication with 100 servo axes only takes 100 �s. During this time, all axes are provided with set values and control data and report their actual position and status.


The Copley 'Plus' Digital Drives operate as an  EtherCAT� slave using the CANopen over EtherCAT� (CoE) protocol of DSP-402 for motion control devices.  A wide range of absolute interfaces are built-in including EnDat, Hiperface, and BiSS.  


 Xenus Plus

 Accelnet Plus

 Stepnet Plus

Xenus Plus: 120-240 VAC Digital Drive for Brushless/Brush Motors


Accelnet Plus: 20-180 VDC Digital Drive for Brushless/Brush Motors


Stepnet Plus: 20-90 VDC Digital Drive for Stepper Motors




SICK - Dx50 Series Distance Sensors

Sick Logo

High Performance, Mid-Range

Distance Sensors


The cost-effective, high-performance Dx50 family are ideal for automating processes where cost and space were previously a constraint. The DT50 is an economical sensor that provides enough sensing range and precision for most applications. If more precision or range is required, the DT50Hi steps up with double the range and double the precision. If even more range is needed, add Diamond Grade reflector tape to the target and use the DL50.


DT50The Dx50 feature a new High-Definition Distance Measurement (HDDM) platform that provides greater precision at longer sensing distances and an industry-leading operating temperature range and ambient light tolerance.   Applications include:

  • Pallet detection
  • Roll diameter and loop control for paper, plastic, rubber, and metals
  • Crane, cab, and transfer car collision avoidance
  • Detecting and classifying parcels, packages and objects with shiny surfaces
  • Freezer areas with temperatures as low as -30� C
  • Robot soldering
  • Level detection in hoppers, bins, silos, chutes, etc.
  • Elevator car positioning
  • Tool and die

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Cognex - DataMan 500

Cognex Logo

DataMan 500 Logistics 
Barcode Reader

Introducing the revolutionary new DataMan
500 image-based barcode reader.  DataMan 500 is designed to achieve higher read rates, offer improved on-line visualization and have higher reliability than laser scanners currently in use in the logistics, postal and retail distribution markets.  DataMan 500

Using Cognex IDMax superior code reading software, DataMan 500 achieves higher read rates by reading the 1D barcodes that laser readers cannot read, including damaged, distorted, blurred, scratched, low height and low contrast codes. 

The DataMan 500 Series is the first barcode reader based on patented  vision ship technology from Cognex.  This technology allows DataMan 500 to reliably read ID barcodes on packages moving at speeds up to 500 feet per minute without external trigger or complicated set up procedure. 

Just mount DataMan 500 and begin reading!

  •  Liquid Lens autofocus technology
  •  Laser Aimer
  •  No Moving parts
  •  Ethernet/PoE
  • Image Acquisition rates up to 1,000 frames/second


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