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Parker -    ACR9600 = IEC 61131-3 
                Programmable Automation Controller
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 Need More Control?   Inject a PLC 
  into your Motion Controller...

Parker's new Xpress ACR9600 programmable automation controller (PAC) offers the best of IEC 61131-3 standard programming languages. With structured text, continuous function chart and ladder logic programming, the PAC offers the right language for your application.Ladder Logic

The PAC controller is delivered with more than 60 built- in function blocks for machine and motion control.  Included are standard PLC function blocks such as timers and counters, as well as a complete set of motion function blocks, combining the best of PLC's and motion in one product.

The PAC implements a number of blocks defined by PLCopen, a vendor- independent organization devoted to creating standards for motion within IEC 61131-3, but the PAC doesn't stop there.  The PAC also includes custom function blocks for such things as nurbs, splines, and advanced gearing and camming, creating the flexibility and ease of use you expect from Parker.

While this integrated PLC and Motion Controller can solve conventional PLC applications, the real power focuses on motion-centric machines with two to sixteen axes and up to few hundred I/O.


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 IMS Integrated Motor + Driver

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  MDrive� leading integrated motion
  systems now with Ethernet


Ethernet is used in more than 90% of networks today, and now MDrive� industry-leading integrated motor and drive systemsare available for Ethernet networks with M drive with Ethernetsimplified connectivity, ease of use, and reliability with minimal signal degradation over long distance.

MDrive Ethernet systems feature integrated motor, drive and fully programmable controller, with standardized IP addressing system which allows up to 255 devices on a network while eliminating the complicated wiring and software configuring of traditional multi-drop systems using RS-422/485 communications.

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LIN Engineering - Xtreme Torque Stepper Motors

Lin Engineering LogoGet up to  35% more Torque with the New Xtreme Torque Series

Lin Engineering, the Step Motor Specialists, are pleased to introduce the new 4418 NEMA 17 stepper motors. The 4418 series, designed exclusively utilizing Lin Engineering's unique manufacturing capabilities Lin Xtreme Force Motorand expertise, provides up to 35% more torque when compared to motors of similar mechanical dimensions.

The new 4418 series is suggested in applications where size is a factor and load capacities are critical to precision system operation. Industries currently benefiting from the features of this motor in their applications are: medical, printing, imaging, optical, and robotics.

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Control Techniques - High Performance AC Drives
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  Unidrive: One range, Any power 

Unidrive SP is a complete drive automation range that covers the power spectrum from 0.37kW to 1.9MW. All drives share the same flexible control interface regardless of the power rating. Drives are packaged in three formats: Panel Mount, Free Standing and Modular.Unidrive

Any motor, any encoder


Unidrive SP provides high-performance motor control for induction motors, asynchronous servo and synchronous servo motors. The control mode is simply selected using the drive keypad.


Unidrive SP includes the hardware required to connect to virtually any feedback encoder type, allowing the designer to select the most appropriate technology for the application:

Servo - Closed Loop Vector - RFC Mode - Open Loop Vector 
Open loop V/f ControlRegenerative 

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