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 Smart Motors - Class 5
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          Back Bone Communications
          makes it possible

Animatics Corporation has introduced a new paradigm shift in integrated Motor Technology.  Class 5 SmartMotors have opened the door to communications Animatics Class 5 Motorsbetween separate motors allowing multiple masters to coexist on the same machine with full deterministic arbitration and no loss of data packets.

The result is the ability to write a program in one motor that transparently accesses and modifies data and parameters in any other motor on the network.  All communications is done on the "backbone CAN interface".  No user setup is required other than setting of the node address and ensuring matched baud rates.  The SmartMotor handles everything else.
Parker Factory Display - PFD
1D Max Video 
     PFD Is a next-generation solution 
     for plant floor display applications.

Parker Factory Display
The new Parker Factory Display (PFD) visualization system offers unprecedented flexibility and impact for delivering critical messages to associates on the factory floor.  Whether presenting Andon display-type information, lean metrics, production status, OEE data, safety policies or employee announcements, PFD is much more than a "Scoreboard" that simply displays text - it provides workers with realtime, situational awareness for faster response to downs and nonconforming conditions.

AquaGard Center Belt Conveyor
Dorner Logo        Extended belt life with the Center
        Belt Drive Conveyor
Dorner AquaGard

Dorner's AquaGard sanitary stainless steel conveyor platform now comes with a center drive motor option - giving customers in the baking, snack food and confectionery, and other food industries more choices to meet their specific application needs.


MiniTwin Safety Light Curtain 

Sick Logo
        Minivation is an Innovation in Miniature

New MiniTwin Safety Light Curtain

For the first time, Sender and Receiver elements have been integrated into an extremely compact housing in the MiniTwin safety light curtain.  Miniature optimizes space, allows for cost-setting standardization and simplifies installation.

Learn more about MiniTwin                          

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