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 Brammo all-electric motorcycle
 Parker Motor Enables Electric Racing Bike
Parker's MPP Traction motor powers an all-electric motorcycle built by Brammo Inc., a 100% clean-technology company. 
The bike is built for speed and was recently unveiled at the Red Bull US Grand Prix.  Parker's MPP Traction motors offer lower weight and higher power, all in a smaller package that other traction motors.



Training & Events

SICK Tech Tuesdays:
Tech Tuesday sessions are conducted via WebEx and are scheduled for Tuesday mornings.

Aug. 17  - 8:00am - 9:00am

Edge Sensing & Applications

Aug. 20  - 8:00am -9:00am
Edge Sensing & Applications

 Parker Motion Training:
October 5 - 8
 ACR Multi-Axis Programming
Rohnert Park, CA
October 12 - 14
October 15

Your Local Automation Partner

1D Max Video  
Precision Roller Pinion Systems  
 Nexen Logo
Click to View Nexen VideoNexen offers an advanced new technology that revolutionizes linear motion control. The Roller Pinion System (RPS) is based on an innovative pinion consisting of bearing supported rollers and a unique rack tooth profile. This unique linear drive system provides very high positional accuracy, zero backlash, almost no cumulative error, unlimited length, very high speeds, 99% efficiency, high rigidity, low noise, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, and long life.
This opens up new machine design possibilities and provides the capability to achieve much higher levels of performance in machine designs.


High Precision Planetary Gearboxes 
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The AD-Series servo gearbox has been designed for direct attachment to popular servomotors with nine advanced design features for better performance

Apex AD SeriesIndustry-leading gear performance is attained with our HeliTopo technology. Ease off of the tooth profile and lead crowning optimizes the gear mesh under load and achieves maximum tooth surface contact.

Helical gearing increases the tooth to tooth contact ratio by as much as 33%,Benefits include increased torque capacity , ultimate smoothness , lower backlash and decreased noise.


Click here to learn about the other 7 design advantages

Apex and RPS Chart The AD-Series gearboxes are compatible with the Nexon RPS
Class 5 SmartMotors 
Animatics Logo 
Animatics Corporation has introduced a new paradigm shift in Integrated Motor Technology. The Class 5 SmartMotors™ 1D Max Videohave opened the door to communications between separate motors allowing multiple masters to coexist on the same machine with full deterministic arbitration. 
This Distributed Control gives users the ability to outsource machine control tasks to the SmartMotor™ so that the Central Control or PLC will not be burdened with full machine control. 

Click here for more information
 INTERACT Xpress Distributed HMI  
  Parker CTC Logo
Interact Xpress™ software is a revolutionary product that takes full advantage of the Internet and the wide availability of web browsers to design, publish, run and support your Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications without sophisticated Windows-based software and hardware.

Interact Xpress Distributed HMIInteract Xpress™ is CTC''s new Distributed HMI solution, featuring an advanced development environment for easy creation of rich graphics and multimedia applications. Xpress revolutionizes Level 1 HMI by allowing you to run, view and edit applications in any Internet Explorer™ browser. This architecture is ideal for distributed applications where multiple HMI''s are deployed on a single machine or across several remote stations. 

Find out more about InteractXpress 
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