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                      March 2012 Newsletter



This month brings more exciting news about our Chapter, upcoming events, and benefits for our members. We encourage you to read on and take advantage of the great opportunities available to you. 
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Also In This Issue
President's Message
January Membership Milestones
FPA Automatic Renewal
Media Training
President's Message


Providing VALUE to membership!


At our board planning meeting in December, we spent a lot of time discussing why each of us belongs to FPA and what value we receive from it.  That conversation naturally morphed into why our members choose to belong and what value they hope to gain.  After all, there are plenty of other places to spend those membership dues and many other responsibilities vying for our time.  Continuing education credits, once a vital reason for attending FPA meeting, are now widely available through internet providers and many broker dealers.


So, why do we belong and what value can we provide to membership?  Some common themes that emerged were:

  • The ability to network with like-minded professionals.
  • A willingness to "give"back" to the profession as well as the community.
  • An interest in attending meetings regarding professional and personal self-development.
  • The desire to positively impact the public's perception of the financial services industry.


With those thoughts in mind, we have committed to offering new programs and events throughout the year that we hope you will enjoy.  Our first Members Only meeting, "Fearless Productivity" was held on February 22nd at the River's Club free of charge to our members.  Attendance was great, lunch was delicious and we hope you enjoyed the topic.  A similar meeting is being planned for later this year and we welcome your topic and speaker suggestions!


By far, the most ambitious new project we have undertaken is our "Saluting Service" (SS) event to be held May 22nd at 6pm at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial.  We will be honoring all veterans attending and presenting the First Class Patriot Achievement Award.  Details can be found in this newsletter, our website, and in future emails.  Our hope is that SS will offer the following benefits to our members and chapter:

  • Increased public awareness and appreciation of the FPA of Pittsburgh and its members.
  • A giveback opportunity to help serve those who have served us.
  • A wonderfully entertaining and inspirational event that you will be proud to be a part of and attend with your family, friends and clients.
  • Pro bono opportunities.


Nominate a veteran, invite your colleagues and clients and plan to attend this inaugural event!  Most importantly - I encourage you to GET INVOLVED!


Best Regards,

Ruth A. Forsyth, CFP

Saluting Service
Step up and join the Financial Planning Association of Pittsburgh to Salute Service to our country and our community.
The Event
The Financial Planning Association of Pittsburgh presents the first Saluting Service Event.  All nominees and attending service men and women will be honored.
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum
4141 Fifth Avenue., Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
6pm to 9pm
  • Guest Speaker: Lt. Col. (Ret) BARRY BRIDGER    A highly-decorated, 22 year veteran of the US Air Force, more than 70 combat missions over North Vietnam, and a six year imprisonment in the infamous "Hanoi Hilton".  Lt. Col. Bridger tells his inspirational story in the evening program.
  • Picnic on the lawn and Hall of Valor Tours
  • Music, Entertainment, and Special Guests
  • Presentation of the First Class Patriot Achievement Award

The Award

First Class Patriot Achievement Award

Honoring a vertean who has served the U.S. and serves the community.


Call For Nominations

  • Nominate a Veteran who has demonstrated outstanding community service.
  • Nominees honored at Saluting Service, a free public event.
  • FPA of Pittsburgh will present the First Class Patriot Achievement Award to the top nominee.  A $10,000 donation to Veteran's Leadership Program of Western PA will be made in honor of the recipient.

Membership Milestones

Congratulations to the following FPA of Pittsburgh members who reached membership longevity milestones in February and March:


February:              Donald Ickert          15 years

 Merle Koon              15 years

March:                     Simler Batcheler         15 years

                               Gregory Stewart         10 years

                               Edward Gallagher       10 years

                               John Martin                15 years

                               John Hunter                10 years

                               Matthew Yanni             10 years

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!  Need more information or have a question?  Visit the chapter website at www.fpapittsburgh.org or contact us at fpa.pittsburgh@verizon.net.
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FPA Automatic Renewal Policy

The FPA is excited to announce that you are now able to sign up for automatic renewal of your FPA membership!


If you sign up for automatic renewal, your membership will renew in the month that it is due and in the subsequent years going forward.


Click here to sign up for automatic renewal today!


Planners under the age of 36 are encouraged to contact Michael McGrath or Stephanie McElheny to find out about the great opportunities available through NexGen. 

Attention FPA Sponsors!!!

Are you interested in sponsoring the Pittsburgh Financial Planning Association or one of our events?


Interested parties may  contact John J. Harm III for a copy of our 2012 SPONSORSHIP BROCHURE.


Golf!  Golf!  Golf!

Save The Date!

Friday, May 4th

Get ready for the 2012 FPA Golf Outing 

Old Stonewall Golf Club

Registration with details coming soon. 

Media Training

If you would like to qualify to respond to requests for media interviews, click here  to access the mandatory training, complete the Media Participation Agreement , and then contact Ruth Forsyth to be added to our Chapter's media response list.


To qualify to speak to the media, you must be a CFP in good standing, a member of FPA, and have a minimum of 3 years experience as a financial planner. 


Media Interview Tips