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                      December 2011 Newsletter



This month brings more exciting news about our Chapter, upcoming events, and benefits for our members. We encourage you to read on and take advantage of the great opportunities available to you. 





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President's Message
New Board of Directors
Learn about The Pittsburgh Foundation
Has Financial Planning Become Only Appealing to Risk-Takers?
December Membership Milestones
FPA Automatic Renewal
Junior Achievement Volunteer Opportunities
Media Training
President's Message

This is my final communiqué as President of the Pittsburgh FPA. The year has gone by so quickly. Ruth Forsyth will be stepping in as President for 2011. She has a wealth of ideas, creativity and determination, so I am confident 2012 will be amazing.

We accomplished so much in 2011 with another successful Four'Um at the top of the list. Our half day events as well as the breakfast meetings boasted higher attendance than in years past. The integration of case studies at our half day conferences proved to be an exercise that inspired learning as well as camaraderie. Be sure to offer your suggestions to the board for future topics.

Our profession is gaining recognition as a legitimate industry among investors and the media. FPA National has spent considerable resources in 2011 to proclaim this message. Your Pittsburgh chapter will continue to explore ways to make you top of mind among your clients and among all media sources when opportunities are presented. Financial planning should be accessible to all classes of people, not simply the wealthy. The most successful athletes and business people seek the advice of a coach. Individuals and families who seek the "coaching" of a financial planner will surely reap additional benefits than attempting to maneuver the complexities alone.


Veterans of the profession have accumulated volumes of stories where lives have been impacted by their work in the area of college planning, retirement planning or estate planning. Admittedly, the road has not always been easy. For those reading this message with only the past five or so years in the business, I congratulate you for enduring some of the most difficult times of angst among investors and markets. Endurance is certainly a virtue.


I'll sign off with one of my favorite quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson.


"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children...to leave the world a better place...to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."


Best Wishes for a successful 2012!!!

Please Welcome the Pittsburgh FPA

2012 Board of Directors!

 The Pittsburgh Foundation


With the end of year approaching, charitable giving is on the minds of your clients. Whether they wish to establish a donor advised fund or a deferred gift in 2011, The Pittsburgh Foundation can accommodate them, while giving financial advisors the ability to maintain the charitable assets of their clients. For assets of $250,000 or more, advisors can complete a simple approval process and manage their client's assets subject to approval by the Foundation's Investment Committee. Once advisors establish their pool of $250,000 at TPF, they can refer donors of varying financial means and manage these funds.


At The Pittsburgh Foundation, we focus on creating a lasting legacy for our donors and their families. We are one of the oldest and largest community foundations nationwide. We manage over 1,400 charitable funds and maintain assets of over $800 million.


A fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation can be established with $10,000. Our Donor Advised Funds allow clients to engage their family in philanthropy and support their charities of interest. If you have not been approved to manage your client's assets, your client can recommend their fund be invested in the American Funds and you can be named broker of record. Assets we accept include appreciated stock, closely held stock, cash, real estate, retirement fund assets and life insurance.        


In addition, by establishing a fund at the Foundation, clients will benefit from a high level of personal service and attention by our knowledgeable and professional donor services staff and program officers. We offer opportunities for donors to develop a strategic approach to their philanthropy through site visits to area non-profits, as well as a variety of educational and briefing events and presentations that enable donors to learn more about the needs of the community. As well as benefiting from these events, advisors are also invited to attend our complimentary CLE workshops for CFP credits.


"Our third party manager outreach is a unique program that provides individual financial advisors an opportunity to manage their clients charitable assets at The Pittsburgh Foundation", explains Jonathan Brelsford, Director of Investments for The Pittsburgh Foundation. "We have enhanced the way we offer this program in the last year," Brelsford says. "Once assets are donated to The Pittsburgh Foundation, clients know that the financial advisor responsible for helping them achieve success will assist the Foundation in achieving their charitable purposes".


"It's nice to know if you have a client, and you've spent your entire career building this nest egg, that they can maintain the relationship with their financial advisor by establishing a fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation," says Bruce Georgi, Jr., Senior Vice President at Janney Montgomery Scott. "I have a vested interest in all my client's assets. I'm helping to grow them. It's nice to know that through The Pittsburgh Foundation, even after a client has passed away, we will continue to watch over their charitable assets for them."


To learn more about this program, please do not hesitate to contact The Pittsburgh Foundation Development office at 412-394-2653.

Has Financial Planning Made Itself

Appealing Only to Risk-Takers?

By: Michael E. Kitces

Notwithstanding its risk and the painful volatility of the past decade, stock investing is still a cornerstone of financial planning advice. However, investing in equities - even just a little bit - is not for everyone. Some aren't interested in the risk; the trade-off just isn't worth it to them. Of course, financial planning advice has much value to offer beyond just how to allocate an equity-centric portfolio. There's just one problem... financial planning advice may still be so equity-centric, that people who don't want to take investment risk just don't use a financial planner at all, as a recent Journal of Personal Finance revealed!



Membership Milestones

Congratulations to the following FPA of Pittsburgh members who reached membership longevity milestones in October, November, and December:


                              Raymond Egan, 10 Years 


                               Steven Latterman, 15 Years




                               David McKinley, 5 Years


                               Timothy Perkey, 15 Years


                               Robert Smith, 15 Years


                               James Wallisch, 20 Years



                               Bill Rice, 15 Years 



We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!  Need more information or have a question?  Visit the chapter website at www.fpapittsburgh.org or contact us at fpa.pittsburgh@verizon.net.
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