Welcome to the fourth edition of The Northern Pass transmission project newsletter, a monthly, online publication that provides ongoing updates and information about the proposed project to bring up to 1,200 megawatts of economically priced, renewable energy from Quebec to New Hampshire and other New England states.

snodeoPremier Snowmobile Event Supported by Northern Pass
snodeoThousands of snowmobile enthusiasts will converge on West Stewartstown, NH on March 4 and 5 for the Swift Diamond Riders' Club's 19th annual SnoDeo event. This year's SnoDeo is the first to have a "title sponsor" -- Northern Pass Transmission, LLC -- to help promote and fund the tourism-boosting event. "We feel snowmobilers will be very interested in The Northern Pass, since the project supports use of the existing trail system and could mean new riding areas along the rights of way to be created," said Kevin Drew, president of the Swift Diamond Riders' Club, which boasts over 1,000 members. Read the full press release.
fieldField Data Collection Underway
Wildlife biologists, wetland ecologists, archaeologists ... Up to 60 experts in a variety of fields have been engaged in a significant data collection effort that will provide vital information to federal and state agencies tasked with evaluating The Northern Pass project. Read More.
videoVideo Discusses Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In this brief video, scientist Claude Demers reports that GHG emissions associated with HQ's man-made hydroelectric reservoirs are very low, and are comparable to neighboring, naturally occurring water bodies. 

In his 30-year career with Hydro-Québec (HQ), Demers (now retired) conducted extensive research into the environmental impacts associated with the development of man-made hydroelectric reservoirs. This work included the measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions levels associated with the development of HQ's Eastmain 1 Reservoir, as well as the measurement of GHG emissions from existing man-made hydroelectric reservoirs and naturally occurring water bodies in northern Québec.

emfEMF Fact Sheet Posted

One of the questions we've been asked during discussions on The Northern Pass project has to do with EMF, or static electric and magnetic fields.

To better explain the topic, we've put together this fact sheet that addresses frequently asked questions about DC transmission and EMF.

faqFrequently Asked Questions

What sources of power will this 1,200 MW of hydroelectric energy displace?


Based on current energy and environmental laws and market conditions, the increased net imports to New England are expected to displace generation from natural gas-fired and other fossil-fueled generators. Basically, there will be 1,200 megawatts of more expensive, fossil-fueled generation that will not be needed on a day-to-day basis because of the influx of hydroelectric power.

publicPublic Input Opportunities

The project team is committed to engaging in conversations with the public on a continuous basis to listen to concerns and work toward solutions. For formal meetings, the following anticipated schedule provides for additional public input opportunities for The Northern Pass project. Dates and locations of specific events will be posted at www.northernpass.us as they become available.

  • Early 2011: U.S. Department of Energy public scoping meetings expected to begin
  • Mid 2011: Project team to host a series of formal open houses
  • 2012:  New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee public hearings expected to begin

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