Welcome to the third edition of The Northern Pass transmission project newsletter, a monthly, online publication that will provide ongoing updates and information about the proposed project to bring up to 1,200 megawatts of economically priced, renewable energy from Quebec to New Hampshire and other New England states.

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tsaTransmission Service Agreement Filed with FERC
The Northern Pass project reached a significant milestone yesterday with the filing of a Transmission Service Agreement (TSA) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The TSA details the terms for the commercial use of the proposed transmission line. The FERC must approve the agreement in order for the project to move forward. Learn more by reading the full press release and the filing with FERC.

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doeDepartment of Energy: Presidential Permit Update
On November 16, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published a notice in the Federal Register announcing The Northern Pass project's application for a Presidential Permit. The notice included instructions for providing comments, protests, or requests to intervene, which were due to the DOE this week.

Thank you to everyone who provided comments on The Northern Pass project as part of this process.

We expect the next step in the DOE process will be an opportunity for the DOE to hold scoping meetings in New Hampshire communities in early 2011. This will provide another opportunity for folks to make comments directly to the DOE on the proposed project. The Northern Pass project team will continue to listen at these meetings, as well.

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faaFAA Process Could Result in Additional Use of Existing ROW
In keeping with the project's desire to use existing rights of way (ROW) where possible, Northern Pass Transmission is consulting with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding a section of the proposed line in the Concord area.

Currently, the project's preliminary preferred route would require new rights of way in Concord, Chichester, and Pembroke. One of the driving factors in choosing this route was the FAA's regulated height restrictions, which could prevent the use of an existing transmission ROW near the Concord Municipal Airport.

To determine if a new 345kV transmission line (which requires taller structures than the 115kV lines currently in the ROW) can be installed in this existing ROW, Northern Pass project personnel are working closely with the FAA -- utilizing their Obstruction Evaluation process -- to determine the maximum allowable structure heights in the area of the airport. Updates will be provided in The Northern Pass newsletter as this process progresses.

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videoVideo Details Project's Economic Impact
NP VideoA discussion regarding the various economic benefits of The Northern Pass project is now available for viewing. The video is presented on YouTube in three parts.

Participants include: Scott Spradling, moderator; Gary Long, president and chief operating officer of Public Service of New Hampshire; Dr. Lisa K. Shapiro, Chief Economist - Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell P.C.; and, Joe Casey, Business Manager, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

A preliminary economic study produced by Dr. Shapiro found that more than 1,100 jobs related to the project will exist per year over the primary construction period, from 2013 - 2015. The study also reported that the new power transmission line, when operational, will add to the taxable property base in over 30 communities, several counties, and the state, with payments in the range of $15 - $20 million. The complete economic study is available on the project website.

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projpeopleProject People

Jim Wagner, Community Relations Specialist
Jim_Wagner-200What is your role in The Northern Pass project?
I am the Community Relations Specialist focusing on the North Country. In the near term I will be teaming up with our real estate agents and working with the landowners impacted by the proposed transmission line in the North Country. In the long term, I expect to cultivate and maintain relationships in the North Country to provide information about the project, address community issues, and answer questions.

How is this project different than others you've worked on?
My background is in the management of pulp and paper mills and economic development. I've also worked on the full design and permitting for a pellet manufacturing facility. I have worked very closely with communities and State officials on many projects. Being a Community Relations Specialist allows me to draw from my experience over the last 35 years, especially the 20 years I've lived and worked in Northern New Hampshire.

Why do you support this project?
As our economy continues to struggle, this project provides an immediate boost for jobs over three years. Being a major part of the pulp and paper mills in Northern New Hampshire has given me a strong appreciation for what the North Country has gone through. This project is also a major step to contribute to addressing global warming.

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publicinputPublic Input Opportunities

The project team is committed to engaging in conversations with the public on a continuous basis to listen to concerns and work toward solutions. For formal meetings, the following anticipated schedule provides for additional public input opportunities for The Northern Pass project. Dates and locations of specific events will be posted at www.northernpass.us as they become available.

  • Early 2011: U.S. Department of Energy public scoping meetings expected to begin
  • Mid 2011: Project team to host a series of formal open houses
  • 2012:  New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee public hearings expected to begin
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More information:
For additional information about The Northern Pass transmission project, visit www.northernpass.us. Updates will be posted on this website as they become available.

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