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 The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society is proud to  present...
Lucas McNelly's
169 West Street (Next to Lemongrass) 
 Wednesday, March 31 
 Doors Open 7PM
 Screening at 7:45PM
Q&A after the film
                      CALL: 410-280-0176 For Reservations
Director Lucas McNelly, will be in attendance - IN PERSON.
The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society Screening Event Newsletter March, 2010
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Blanc De Blanc
APFS "Afterglow" NEW YORK LATELY wrap-up
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Director Lucas McNelly in Attendance
TRULY FREE FILM - New Monthly Feature!
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 Lucas McNelly's BLANC DE BLANC is a feature-length film about a man who arrives, suddenly, in Pittsburgh and falls for a woman he meets on the street. Only, his past life isn't willing to let him go without a fight.

Get tickets at the Door
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will screen at
The Latin Quarter
169 West Street (Next to Lemongrass)
Annapolis, MD
March 31st
Screening at 7:45 PM
Doors Open at 7PM
$10 (Cash Only) on the day of the show.
Reservations: 410.280.0176 


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About The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society
We are a society of filmmakers and film lovers dedicated to the exhibition, appreciation, and support of independent cinematic excellence, as well as the consumption of munchies and frosty libations while doing such.

APFS "Afterglow" -- New York Lately's Annapolis Screening Wrap-Up...

Pontypool Afterglow

Check out our "Afterglow" blog to see what went down at the APFS February screening of New York Lately. Click HERE.
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APFS Alumni Gary King's next project!

NEW YORK LATELY director, Gary King is working hard to get his next project financed, an independent feature musical called, HOW DO YOU WRITE A JOE SCHERMANN SONG?

The budget he seeks is $30,000.  He is using a "crowdsourcing" website called KICKSTARTER to raise the funds directly from his fans in exchange for credit and rewards. Pledge opportunities range from $1 to $5000.

The way it works, is that Gary has set up a goal amount ($30,000) that he has to raise through pledged contributions from fans interested in seeing his project made. He has a limited deadline and if he can raise the FULL AMOUNT by that deadline, he keeps the money and produces his movie. If he does not reach his goal of $30,000, he gets nothing.

As of this writing, Gary's project is 52% funded at with 119 backers at $16,002. His deadline is 21 days away on April 18, 2010. 

If you enjoyed NEW YORK LATELY at our February screening and would like to help out and join the team, click the link above and see if you want to get involved.


Check out Gary's website at:

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Greetings Pretentious Film Lover!

In our last email, I mentioned how TWITTER was a "goldmine" for independent film. It is where I discovered NEW YORK LATELY and INK.
This months screening -- BLANC DE BLANC -- was not only "found" on TWITTER, it was "born" on TWITTER.
I watched this all unfold...
Last year, three filmmakers decided they would challenge themselves by attempting to make an entire feature film in two weeks! I was actually invited to participate, but my sanity prevailed.

I tried to follow along, as they made their films but in the midst of trying to juggle the chores of the APFS, and work, I sort of lost track of it all.

I ran into one of the filmmakers, Lucas McNelly (Who I was already following) one day while trundling around on TWITTER and I asked him if I could see his "two week film," BLANC DE BLANC.  He immediately sent me a private tweet with a download of the entire movie.

I sat and watched the entire movie at my computer (which I never do) but it was magnetic. I was stunned by the beauty of the filmmaking and the substance of the story. BLANC DE BLANC was very much an art film that somehow toed the line between being esoteric, yet accessible.

It can best be described as a "mysterious romance," but BLANC DE BLANC transcends genre labels and elbows it's way into a rarefied class of Indie Film that is pleasantly thought provoking and meticulously hand made for a smart audience by a brilliantly talented director.

With BLANC DE BLANC, there is FUN to be had and riddles to be solved -- and remember, this feature was made in two weeks and SHOT in only 4.5 days!

Best of all, the madman who pulled it off, director Lucas McNelly will be coming to Annapolis from Pittsburgh to participate in an post-screening Q & A. 

You can check out the BLANC DE BLANC trailer at the ANNAPOLIS PRETENTIOUS FILM SOCIETY Blogsite.

I also want to mention that we have a new sponsor that is supporting our independent film screening series.

I would like to welcome the O'Callaghan Annapolis Hotel to the Annapolis Pretentious Film Society group of local Annapolis sponsors! They are located at 174 West Street and have HAPPY HOUR at the hotel's John Barry Restaurant and Bar every day from 4pm to 7pm with $4 appetizers!

They are right across the street from our new latest venue, The Latin Quarter, serving Mexican+++! The Latin Quarter is located at 169 West Street next to another sponsor Lemongrass. Call 410-280-0176 for reservations for the screening. (Seating is limited.)

The APFS is proud to have so many artist friendly businesses working with us to help create a strong independent film community.

We are going to have a lot of fun this Wednesday night! I know this is short notice, but the February snow pushed a lot schedules around. But I figured if Lucas could make a feature film in two weeks, I could put a screening together in about the same time. 


I hope to see you there.

Pericles Lewnes
The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society
Twitter: @PretentiousFilm

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In Attendance for this screening: 

In Person: Writer/Director, Lucas McNelly

Director Lucas McNelly

Lucas McNelly is the award-winning filmmaker behind such feel-good movies as GRAVIDA, L'ATTENTE, and BLANC DE BLANC, as well as the screening series Indies for Indies. His films have been featured on TV, in newspapers, and all over the internet. He is often too melancholy for his own good, drinks far too many martinis, and has been known to change a shooting schedule as to not miss a Red Sox game. He lives in Pittsburgh with his girlfriend and a black hole of pure evil that looks like a cat.
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Monthly Feature!
Truly Free Film Header


The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society was founded based on ideas presented and aggregated in the Truly Free Film blog which was created by independent producer and guru, Ted Hope. Each month, we will spotlight a specific blog post that our members may find interesting whether you are a filmmaker or film lover.

Truly Free Film is more of an indie film "Think Tank" than anything else. Ted posts and moderates concepts and ideas that gets independent filmmakers involved with their movies and their audiences.

Independent film is struggling in this economy, but filmmakers are coming together to keep it alive and to hopefully allow it to flourish once again. To reach the front page of the blog, click the link above and make sure to subscribe by adding your email to the subscription field on the right. Truly Free Film puts you on the inside of the Indie scene.

This month's Truly Free Film spotlight is on Film Courage's Top 10 of March
-- Film Courage is an outstanding L.A. based radio program created and run by, David Branin and Karen Worden. Click the yellow link to see who had the top ten podcast downloads for March. (I bet Ted is in there somewhere!) Rumor has it that INK filmmakers Jamin and Kiowa Winans, Marketing Guru, Sheri Candler and Sabi Picture's Zak Forsman might be included.

Follow Truly Free Film & Ted Hope on Twitter: @TedHope

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