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Fall 2011

Growing up in the Northeast I appreciateMIchael G. all the seasons but have to admit I like Fall the best.  Even though Spring is a time for "renewal" I always felt like Fall was the time of the year that things really kick in; people return from their summer vacations, school is back in session, work has that final push to the end of the year, and the holidays are just around the corner. 
And the Philadelphia Chapter of the MRA is no different.  Since the induction of the new board members, we've been busy planning the year with chapter educational and social events a well as gearing up for the New York/Philadelphia Joint Chapter Conference.  We're all excited about what we have planned and we hope you will be too.

So keep in touch and up to date through our newsletters, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, our website at www.philadelphiamra.org and National's website at www.marketingresearch.org.  And stay involved.  We are nothing without our members so click here to find out how you can continue to make the Philadelphia Chapter of the MRA the best it can be.



Michael Georgianna

President, Philadelphia Chapter of the MRA

Wacky Wednesday Recap 
On October 5th the Philadelphia Chapter of the MRA hosted its first event of the year - Wacky Wednesday (instead of Thirsty Thursday).  Over 30 people attended the mixer at the Manayunk Tavern for good food, drink and conversation.  And though our beloved Phillies lost that day, a fun time was had by all - so much so that the designated photographer forgot to take pictures. 
 And thanks to Conal and Natalie for setting this up!


   Upcoming Events 

Look for more information on these up coming chapter events:
  • Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - Lunch n' Learn.  Reckner, 1600 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA
    • Angelo Scialfa, President of Fox Run Group, speaks about life in sales sponsorship and his sales philosophy. Angelo's BIO
  • Thursday, January 12, 2012 - Post Holiday Party.  Palomar Hotel, 117 S 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA
  • Thursday, February 9, 2012 - Evening Education.  Westin Hotel, 99 S 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA
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2011-2012 Board Members
Michael Georgianna
(215) 981-0120
Past President
Meg Ryan. PRC
Survey Technology & Research

Maria Pacenza

Directors at Large
Omar Barque
Focus Pointe Global

Jason Eric Saylor
MAXimum Research


Social Networking
Carrie Skinner
Survey Technology & Research Group


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Feature Article

Conducting Surveys in and Age of Wireless Technology:
The Pros and Cons of Using Cell Phones 
Nancy Stock, EMSL Analytical, Inc.


An interesting and eye opening webinar led by Scott Keeter, Director of Survey Research for the Pew Research Center reveals there is a significant percentage of people in the United State who are only accessible by cell phones. Keeter includes examples of studies done by various health care and non-profit organizations showing this trend. By not including cell phones in surveys there is a chance for key groups to be under represented, especially young people and transient population segments. Leaving out information from these groups could result in a possibility of skewed survey estimates.


Over the last six years the number of people who utilize cell phones as their primary phone line has increased tremendously. According to a recent study done by the National Interview Survey the cell phone only adult population increased from less than 10% in 2004 to 28% in 2010. When looking at specific demographic groups in more detail, the increase in the number of cell phone only users between 2004 to 2010 is very revealing:

  • Hispanics(Immigrant population) increased from 10% to 38%
  • Young Adults (Ages of 18 to 24) increased from 10% to 46%
  • Adults(Ages 25 to 29) increased from 10% to 54%


These statistics are a strong indicator that our society is moving away from landlines and the best way to reach someone is by cell phone. However, even with the increasing use of cell phones, Keeter does point out there are still individuals who are mostly accessible only by landlines. People who are 65 and older are less likely to be closely connected to only cell phones and are more easily reached at home.


When doing survey research it is important to include information from cell phones and landlines. In a real world example, Keeter shows results from a Likely Voter Estimate survey generated by the Pew Research Center from 2008 to 2010. This survey was used to determine which political candidate(Obama or McCain) for president would be most preferred by potential voters. In explaining the two different methods for collecting information, Keeter warns that bias can occur when omitting responses from cell phone only populations.

(Click here for the rest of the article)

Member Spotlight - Brian Kenyon

Interview with Brian Kenyon, Account Executive with Eastern Research Services.Brian Kenyon 


Tell us a little bit about your company?

Founded in 1992, Easter Research Services (ERS) has grown to become one of the nation's largest and most successful independent providers of data collection services.  Headquartered in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, ERS services the market research, educational, advertising, and political industries.  As one of the largest bilingual data collection companies in the country, ERS considers themselves a one stop shop for all your data collection needs.



How did you get involved with Market Research?

Four years ago a position opened up for an account executive role that my friend referred me for.  Having a foundation of finance and marketing from college it seemed like a perfect fit.  By joining my knowledge of the industry and ability to make professional relationships, which I honed as a financial registered representative, it was the best move I could have made.


Why did you join the MRA?

For my whole life I have loved getting involved in organizations I am passionate about.  From High School to College and now my career, the MRA provides me an outlet to learn from veterans in the industry while also putting me in touch with potential clients.  I love the camaraderie the MRA fosters and being able to discuss opportunities and challenges with my peers is priceless. 


What is your favorite MRA event?

I like the Meet and Greets because they offer a chance to meet others in the industry in a relaxed environment.  My favorite event to date was at the National Conference in Chicago when we went to Giordano's for deep dish and saw a show at the world famous Second City.  From there I suggested we go to Howl at the Moon, a very lively dueling piano bar which is one of my favorite spots in Chicago.  It was a memorable night.


Where would you recommend MRA National hold one of its annual conferences?

Philadelphia, of course!  I feel we have a great central location on the eastern sea board and there is never a lack of activities.  We are proud owners of some of the best museums, especially with the opening of the Barnes Foundation in Philly in Spring of 2012.  Also, there is so much US history on every corner.  I know MRA could come up with a fun filled event while sharing some of Philadelphia favorites.


Are you a Philadelphia native?

YES!  I grew up in Delaware County.  I went to Drexel University where I had an opportunity to explore the city and call it my own.  I recently bought a house in Delaware County, the town next to where I grew up.  I love it because it's close to work and we're only 15-20 minutes away from the city via train or car.


What is your favorite Philadelphia area/activity?

Anyone will tell you that Phillies games are the best place to be in the summer.  As a Philadelphia Union season ticket holder I am really enjoying the success they have had in only their second year.  And of course, there are a lot of good restaurants in town to please anyone's palette and offer a wide selection of tasty craft beers.


What are you hobbies?

I still play soccer at least once a week.  I try to golf or snowboards whenever I can.  And as a recent homeowner, my wife and I have picked up gardening.  Also, home ownership has forced me to find my inner handyman.


Favorite Music?

Classic Rock.  I grew up on the Beatles.  Having so many great venues in the city like the TLA, the Tower, and World Cafe Live, I've been introduced to many genres including jazz, bluegrass, jam and Indie Rock.


Why do I like the market research industry?

I feel everyone in the industry has the same goals in mind; providing quality data and feedback to our clients so they can make the best informed decisions.  This commonality bonds us all and even though many of us compete for the same business we treat our competitors with respect and an understanding that we are in it together.


Where do I see market research going?

In my time in market research I have found it is even more important to change with the times.  This is a universal theme in business, but especially in market research as it is constantly evolving.  Even though there will always be a need for quality phone, mail, and face-to-face data collection, price sensitivity has forced the industry to look for new, cheaper avenues to reach potential respondents.  Even though online is not a new technology, it is an increasing more requested for data collection projects because of cost and convenience for participants.  That's where social research will continue to generate speed because they can share their thoughts on a platform they are currently using with people they know, and know care.

From a Student Perspective
Bridging between school and the real world
by Jason Dolla, Fox School of Business - 2011 MRA Scholarship Winner
As a digital marketing intern, I've applied my classroom experiences at the Fox School of Business to real world situations and began to grasp the growing role of digital platforms.  Classroom discussions examine the growing trend of social marketing and while the value of this primary communication tool is becoming increasingly clear, its role remains undefined.  I've been exposed to various marketing disciplines and continue to be fascinated by the interaction between businesses and consumers.  Social media allows businesses more input to the consumer conversation but these efforts must be designed and executed properly to be effective and support the brand.
Review Corner

Each newsletter will feature a review from a member.  If you recently visited a restaurant, museum, saw a movie or play, etc. and would like to write a review please contact maria.pacenza@gmail.com.  This newsletter features Anna Cunningham's review of this season's new television shows. 

by Anna Cunningham
Quantitative Project Manager, Reckner
Visit my website at MyTakeonTV.com
The Fall TV season is in full swing, and with it, we have the good, the bad, and the ugly of new series (at least in my opinion)!  In the "good" column fall two shows that have already been given full season pick up - NEW GIRL on FOX staring Zooey Deschanel and HART OF DIXIE on The CW.  In NEW GIRL, Deschanel plays Jess - a woman who comes home to find her boyfriend with another woman, so she hightails it out of there, finds three insta-best friends to live with, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Though the guys were hesitant at first, Jess has won them over, and each episode tackles them finding a little bit more about themselves and each other!  On HART OF DIXIE, Rachel Bilson (from THE O.C.) plays Dr. Zoe Hart, a cardiothoracic surgeon who has decided that she will be the next great CT surgeon in NY, only to realize that her bedside manner, or lack thereof, means she needs to look for work elsewhere.  Transplanted into the back-woods town of Blue Bell, Alabama, she quickly needs to adjust her cold city techniques to a warm Southern town.  Other good shows this year include PAN AM, TERRA NOVA, and REVENGE.
This year, more than ever, comedies are falling handily into the "bad" category - with shows like UP ALL NIGHT and WHITNEY more disappointing than most.  With a cat featuring Will Arnett, Christina Applegate, and Maya Rudolph, you would expect UP ALL NIGHT to be a hit, not just ratings wise, but comedy wise.  The show just doesn't know what it is yet, and doesn't use the cat to the fullest potential.  With a little work, this could become a great series.  On the other hand, the show that still confuses me about why people are watching: WHITNEY.  The traditional sitcom about a girl, her boyfriend, and their friends tries desperately to be humorous, but falls on deaf ears.  Other shows worth avoiding this year include 2 BROKE GIRLS, ONCE UPON A TIME (premiers Oct 23), and RINGER.


And talk about "ugly" - THE PLAYBOY CLUB, HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, H8R, and FREE AGENTS have already seen their short lives cut even shorter with production shut down, and the casts told to move on to bigger and better things.  The upside?  It means we can get Kathryn Hahn and David Hornsby on other shows, fast!                   


Recipe Box
TiramisuEach newsletter will feature a special recipe from one of our members.  For this newsletter, MRA Philadelphia Chapter President, Michael Georgianna shares his favorite tiramisu recipe.  Click here to get recipe.

If you have a favorite recipe you would like to share with us in the next newsletter, please send it to maria.pacenza@gmail.com
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