Pacific Mist Inn & Cabins September 2009
The Andiron new logoGood bye Pacific Mist, hello The Andiron!

For much of its life, Pacific Mist Inn & Cabins was known as "The Andiron." And as of September 27, 2009, that's what we'll be known as again. We're having a great big ol' shindig to celebrate, and you're invited.

Please join us for the
grand opening, ribbon cutting,
and 50th anniversary of
The Andiron | Seaside Inn & Cabins

Sunday September 27, 2009
4pm to 7pm
6051 N Highway 1, Little River, California
open house | refreshments | entertainment

RSVP to: or (707) 937-1543

Why change a good thing? We decided to go back to the original name for a couple of reasons. First, all the locals still call us that! Second, we like tradition. And third, hmmm, we think it's just a great way to acknowledge that we've got a whole new thing going on here - and we want people to know.

Don't worry, we'll have a dual identity while folks adjust, so if you want to keep calling us "pacific mist" we'll answer! And, of course, that gorgeous misty breeze that rolls in from the ocean every day or two isn't going anywhere - even when our name changes, we'll still have that delightful pacific mist to remind us of our past.

What's changing, what's staying the same...We came to stay at Pacific Mist one night in February earlier this year. We pretty much never left! We fell in love with the lazy meadow, the great big sky, the way the cabins were spread out over the property, the low-key and relaxed ambience, the simplicity of the mid-century cabins, the rustic charm. All of that is staying exactly the same.

The biggest change you'll notice is the room decor and fun stuff. We're lifelong collectors of all sorts of interesting things that we've salvaged and rehabbed. We also like the Madonna Inn, that wacky hotel down in San Luis Obispo. So, we've combined these two loves into quirky but cozy cabin themes like:  Nature and Nurture, Here and There, Read and Write, Curious and Curious-er, Make, Play and more. Every single cabin is interactive and fun. And, we've also amped up the comfy-factor with super soft sheets, fluffy hot tub towels, and lots of pillows.

Stuff to do! We think the best entertainment is the area around us, from the beaches to the hikes to the diving to the birdwatching to the strolls and much more. BUT, we've also created the best DVD collection on the coast for those chilly nights after a day of play complete with free popcorn...not to mention an eclectic bookshelf (Perry Mason, Michael Pollan, Jane Austen) and a mix of classic and new games. Add cold beer, plenty of wine, and abundant snacks during our Friday and Saturday afternoon happy hours, and you've got a swell place to get away.

If you're in the area, please stop by for our party on September 27th. We hope to say hello in person soon, and until then, feel free to send us an email right here!
Scott Connolly and Madeline Stanionis

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The cabins

cabinsWe've been working hard to redecorate the cabins and are almost done! All of our cabins have private bathrooms, refrigerators, coffee makers, tv/dvd, and decks and they range in price from $89 on a weeknight to $259 for a full cabin on the weekend (plus tax). Soon you'll be able to see lots and lots of photos on our brand new web site, but until then this list will have to do. Reservations? Call (707) 937-1543.


Old-school cabin-tastic! King bed, kitchen,  fireplace.


Beauty school drop-out decor. Queen bed, elec fireplace.


Our homage to our north coast home. King bed, kitchen, fireplace.


Vintage travel, funky style. Queen bed, elec fireplace.


Curl up with a good book and cup of tea. King bed, fireplace.


Is your novel waiting for the right typewriter? It's here...along with a queen bed, elec fireplace.


Word search wallpaper, classic games, all fun. Queen bed.


Home of the only paint-by-number wall on the coast! Queen bed.


For the science-y minded - telescopes, binocs, and more. King bed, kitchen, fireplace.


Oddities! An 8-ball. The fantastic Viverator. Queen bed, twin bed, elec fireplace.

If you'd like to book any of these cabins - please CALL (707) 937-1543 and tell us which of the redecorated cabins you'd like. While you can use our web site to book rooms 24/7, our new system and web site that will allow you to pick your room won't be up for another month or so. Thanks for your patience!
Pacific Mist aka The Andiron |Seaside Inn & Cabins

6051 Highway 1
Little River, CA 95456

(707) 937-1543

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Pacific Mist Inn & Cabins, now called The Andiron, are a dozen sweet redwood cabins and rooms, many with kitchens, fireplaces, and decks, perfectly situated on five bucolic acres of meadow and woods on Highway 1 in California's north coast.

Our cabins

Each cabin is entirely unique, and decorated with vintage, salvage, and recycled treasure. We are minutes away from secret beaches, unforgettable hikes, a dozen places to kayak and dive, the village of Mendocino, wineries, breweries, and great food, our cabins are swell for getting away, just you and your mate, and ideal for a special occasion like a family reunion, wedding, or company retreat. We sleep up to 24 very comfortably and even more if needed. Bug us if you have any questions.

(707) 937-1543

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Kind words, nice people

Many people have left reviews in our guest book, on Yelp, and on Trip Advisor. Thank you! We love it! Some things you've said...

"Thank you more than I can say for such a fabulous getaway. The rooms are beyond fun, the staff are very dear, and the location is gorgeous. It's our North Coast destination from now on. For... those of you who haven't gone--what are you waiting for?!"

"The Curious cabin felt very private and romantic and we loved the fireplace, kitchen, and the deck and lounge chairs looking out onto the Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean between the trees. One of our favorite parts was the secluded hot tub tucked back in the trees. Best of all, the cabins are very affordable."

"The charming rooms set in the trees overlooking the meadow made us feel relaxed and at ease. The hot tub is in a beautiful spot and the lobby complete with a fire burning in the fireplace was a delightful and relaxing place to hang out."


Our ribbon cutting and 50th anniversary
Sunday Sep 27, 4-7pm

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