Pacific Mist Inn & Cabins Summer 2009
Pacific Mist Cabin DoorHello!

We are Scott and Madeline, the new owners of Pacific Mist Inn & Cabins in California's lovely north coast. We stayed for a night in February with our dogs, Daisy and Scout, and pretty much never came home.

You're receiving this message because you stayed here in the past (thank you!) or we think you SHOULD stay sometime in the near future (if you prefer not to hear from us occasionally, it's easy to unsubscribe at the bottom of this message).

We're hoping you'll want to come visit soon and play in the meadow, soak in the hot tub in the woods, hike in Van Damme, or explore the rocks in the secret cove. And to entice you, we have free stuff - a special offer just for our very most favorite customers (aka YOU):

Stay for two nights on weekdays (Sunday through Wednesday) before July 31st, and you'll get the third night absolutely free. All you gotta do is call us at (707) 937-1543 and tell Amanda or Nicole you want the "Three for Free" deal and you're in.

If you reallllllly can't make it in July, don't worry! We're thinking about our August special already. But don't wait too long. These sunny days here in paradise won't last forever.

Scott Connolly and Madeline Stanionis

P.S. Drop us a line to say hello right here!
Shiny and new rooms (or, rather, old and spiffed up nicely rooms)

We love the rustic, redwood-paneled, mid-century cabins here at Pacific Mist and we're planning on keeping them delightfully simple yet comfortable and interesting. How? Well, we're making each cabin entirely unique with vintage, salvaged, recycled and rehabbed furniture and funk. Our first two rooms are already done: Curious (room 11) and Curious-er (room 12).

Curious features all sorts of ways to indulge your curiosity about the world around you, including fantastic old-but-working binoculars and telescope, field guides to flora and fauna, and just enough science and nature activities to keep things interesting when you're done with the sun and fun outside.  Curious also features a king-size bed, fireplace, bathroom, and kitchen.

Curious-er is, well, curious-er. Dogs wearing suits. An 8 ball. Kreskin's ESP. Old-timey circus. Chalk dogs. Medical oddities. Ripley's Believe it or Not. All in all, it's a peek into the most eclectic items we've gathered over the years...not the least of which is a 1950s, perfect condition, green vinyl Viverator. And if you don't know what that're gonna really dig finding out. Promise. Curious-er has a queen and single bed, electric fireplace, refrigerator, and bathroom.

Curious and Curious-er share a large deck with a lovely view of the meadow and woods, plus delicious peeks of the ocean through the trees. They can be rented together or separately. And, don't forget to bring your pooch...we just won "Beast of the Bay" for being super pet friendly.
Pacific Mist Inn & Cabins

6051 Highway 1
Little River, CA 95456

(707) 937-1543

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Pacific Mist Inn & Cabins are a dozen sweet redwood cabins and rooms, many with kitchens, fireplaces, and decks, perfectly situated on five bucolic acres of meadow and woods on Highway 1 in California's north coast.

Minutes away from secret beaches, unforgettable hikes, a dozen places to kayak and dive, and the village of Mendocino, and close to wineries, breweries, and great food, our cabins are swell for getting away, just you and your mate (and your dog, of course), and ideal for a special occasion like a family reunion, wedding, or company retreat. We sleep up to 24 very comfortably and even more if needed. Bug us if you have any questions.

(707) 937-1543 | web site| email

white chocolate sand dollar
We're smitten with our new chocolate starfish and sand dollars (pictured above) made yummy by our friends at the Mendocino Chocolate Company. We hope you will be too (we'll put a few in your room when you arrive).

The Andiron Lodge

That's what Pacific Mist started out as - The Andiron Lodge -  because of its location on Andiron Road at Highway One. And...that's what we're going back to, sort of. We will soon be changing our name from Pacific Mist to "The Andiron | Seaside Inn & Cabins." We're old school that way.

Lots of stuff happening up here in Mendocino, like...

...4th of July

...July 11-25, Mendocino Music Festival

...Bastille Day at Ledford House on July 12

New movies, new books, a whole lot of new around here

We've added our own personal movie collection to Pacific Mist's already excellent selection. Now, thousands of movies are available free for you to curl up all-cozy-like and watch well into the night (if you can tear yourself away from the stars outside that is). We are particularly keen on classics (in our world that includes both To Kill a Mockingbird AND Heathers, for example).

If you'd rather curl up with a book, you've got more to choose from. Modern classics, pulp fiction, Perry Mason, Harry Potter...something for everyone. Really!

But what really makes us special? Our Viewmasters! Don't laugh. We guarantee that once you pick up an old Viewmaster and start clicking through 3D masterpieces like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Great Wonders of the World, you won't be able to put it down. Magical! Only Curious and Curious-er have vintage Viewmasters right now...but soon all our rooms will.
We're new to this whole innkeeping (cabin-keeping?) thing, but...

Tell us what you think!
...we already have a good idea of how this works. You're looking for somewhere comfortable and pleasant here on the edge of the earth. We do our very best to provide it, and along the way, show you some kindness, personality, and that certain something that makes your vacation actually feel like a vacation. If you like it - and you have no idea how much we really hope you do - you come back. And if enough people keep coming back, we can keep making this lovely place better and better for you. And so on and so forth...

There's just one more thing: the internet. You see, the way people find a place to stay these days is on the web. And, they rely on you and your good word to steer them right. SO, if you have a moment and you're so inclined....we would be terribly grateful for your review on Yelp or TripAdvisor. It takes practically no time at all, and it helps us make this great place even greater for you, for them, for us. THANK YOU!

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Thanks for reading! See you soon (we hope)!

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