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JazzTrax Guest
Dan Kuramoto
to Debut 'Legacy'

Hiroshima released their very first in September 1979. Thus their new 'Legacy' CD celebrates their 30 years of sound on CD. Dan Kuramoto, who along with then wife June Kuramoto, forged this unique sound of East Los Angeles 3rd Generation Japanese into one of the first and most exciting Smooth Jazz Bands will be in the JazzTrax Studio with Art Good this weekend to reflect and Explain how they used Facebook and their website to let their fans choose the 10 most popular Hiroshima songs. How they then went back in studio and re-recorded those 10 songs... plus one of their favorites added, so that the songs are more than they first were. And how lucky it was for him (although the marriage didn't last...the musical partnership did) and lucky for us, that he married the top Koto player in the world and the unusual way that June Kuramoto became a Koto player.
Archive Album
2002 Bob James
'Morning, Noon, and Night' 

One of Bob James most under rated albums comes from the JazzTrax Archives this weekend. The 2002 'Morning, Noon and Night' that begins with a DJ scratching to one of Bob's best songs "Street Smart." Bob James songs are always sweet, and this weekend's hourly listens will remind you of an album you likely have forgotten and may have never noticed.

Just three weeks to the Concerts from Catalina. Don't miss Thanksgiving Weekend's Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival Radio Special.
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Producer's Notes: 
Year's end
and making snow
Art GoodWe're closin' in on Year's End and I think we've finally got ALL of 2009's brand new in house. Even as I thought the new Euge Groove that snuck in us as November began was it, a new Everette Harp arrived. You'll hear Everette's brand new 'First Love' for the 1st time if you listen to this coming weekend's syndicated radio show right now on-line. He won't be able to join us until early 2010 for it's debut because he's in Europe on Tour all the way to Christmas. This week Everette's in Brussels, Belgium. Headed for Budapest next week. What a life.

You can't miss the show just published On-Line as Euge Grooves bares his soul. I don't think he'd intended to tell it, but something in my question as to why his new 'Sunday Morning' CD came out so Gospelly, tripped his thinking. He took a deep breath and said, "Okay Art. Here's what really happened." He then took off on the most amazing out of the blue story of getting hit for the first time in his life with panic attacks after arriving for four months of touring with Tina Turner in January in Europe. He wasn't sure how he was going to make it (except when he was on stage....he was fine while performing), so he went to his knees.

I'm in the midst of production on Thanksgiving Weekend's annual 'Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival Radio Special. How to choice what to present from the 30 spectacular October Performances on Smooth Jazz Island, plus the three Unplugged Under the Stars at the Wrigley Ranch. Choosing the Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Live Performance of the Year, Debut Artist of the Year, because the Holidays are right around the corner. And expecting the first new CD of 2010 to arrive in my hands soon. I don't even have a guess as to what it is.

They began making snow down the street from the JazzTrax Studio in Big Bear Lake last week at Bear Mountain. Got a lot of people on the Island in October asking if the JazzTrax Festival was going to renew here in Big Bear Lake next June. I have a spot right on the Lake I'm thinking of putting it at. Any opinions? Do you want to come see the Stars of Smooth Jazz right on our Mountain Lake in Big Bear next Summer? e-Mail your ideas to info@JazzTrax.com. Including who you'd like to see on Catalina Island next October. See you in Big Bear in June?
Art Good
JazzTrax Producer/Creator


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Weekend of Nov. 7th - 8th
Guest: Dan Kuramoto to Debut Hiroshima's 'Legacy'
Archive: Bob James 2002 'Morning, Noon & Night'

Weekend of Nov.14th - 15th
Guest: 'Euge Groove to Debut 'Sunday Morning '
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Weekend of Nov. 21st - 22nd
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