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July 6, 2010
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Hello and welcome to our July 2010 Lucky Mojo Newsletter. In this issue we welcome summer's visitors and guests, offer a couple of free Stay With Me spells (and a discount on all of our Stay With Me spiritual supplies), teach you about the use of  Munaiwarmi charms (and discount them as well), and give you a glimpse into our well-stocked Divination Department.
The Department of Divination
Palmistry Hand and Obsidian Sphere

The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. is best known for the wonderfully authentic hoodoo and conjure oils, powders, incense, and bath crystals that we make and pray over for customers in our own in-shop laboratory -- but a little-known secret is that we also stock a really great line of tools and books on DIVINATION.

If your interest is in tarot cards, oracle cards, tarocchi decks, or regular playing cards, we've got 'em!, along with a fine selection of books that will teach you how to use them. We stock the Rider-Waite-Smith, Egyptian, Visconti, Fairy, Oswald Wirth, Witches, Marseilles, and many more tarot decks; a wide choice of oracle and Lenormand-style cards such as French Cartomancy, Art Deco, Biedermeier, Piatnik Gipsy, and Sybilla; plus playing cards such as the Raven, Playing Card Oracle, and Piatnic Tarocchi. This month we are featuring a band new book, too -- "You Can Learn Tarot" by Dennis Perez -- at $10.00, it is a real bargain for tarot newbies.

If you favour pendulum divination, you will not be able to beat our wide range of gemstone pendulums in amethyst, adventurine, carnelian, quartz, bloodstone, and more; our metal pendulums finished in gold-tone, silver-tone, or brass-tone, in a wide variety of shapes and weights; plus a special selection of hand-made chakra pendulums from Daffodil Designs in coloured glass or coloured gemstones.

Our array of crystal balls for scrying is fantastic and ever-changing, and we not only carry the ever-popular clear balls, but a stunning assortment of spheres carved from such unusual stones as obsidian, black tourmaline, calcite, jade, rose quartz, lepidolite, ruby in fuchsite, agate, fancy jasper, pyrite, and lapis lazuli. Plus, we carry the hard-to-find obsidian palm stones for scrying on the go. If you use a crystal ball for divination but have never tried a palm stone, you ought to check them out: Obsidian palm stones are as psychically sensitive as obsidian spheres or ink pools, but you can carry them anywhere. 

And, of course, we also stock Ouija boards, model palmistry hands, Loteria games, Mystic Eye divination boards, and the retro-fabulous Magic 8-Ball -- plus the widest selection of divinatory Dream Books available, including Rajah Rabo's Pick 'Em, the Kansas City Kitty, Stella's Five-Star, the Three Wise Men, the H.P., and Billy Bing's Blue Dream Book. 
Growing Our Own
Chicago Peace Rose at Lucky Mojo

Unlike most occult stores and hoodoo candle shops located in urban areas, Lucky Mojo is out in a rural area where we can grow many of our own herbs. The beautiful rose above is a variety known as Chicago Peace, and we harvest its petals -- and the petals and buds of many other old varieties, for use in our hand-made herbal baths.

There are about 350 different rose bushes on our two acres, and we pick buds and petals all Spring and Summer. We are organic gardeners and use no pesticides, and all of our rose bushes are fertilized with natural compost.

Each variety of red, pink, or salmon-coloured rose dries to a different and uniquely shaded colour. The hybrid tea roses have large petals, while the polyantha varieties have tiny petals. Some, such as Chicago Peace, shade delicately from orange at the center to dark pink at the margin of each petal, drying to sunset hues. Others, like the floribunda Matangi, shown below, have a white "eye" at the center of each blossoms, which gives the petals a decoratively white tip. We gather our roses all together and mix them as we go, so every batch of Lucky Mojo rose petals reflects the varied bounty and fragrance of the beautiful rose family of flowers.

Blue Circles

We sell our hand-gathered rose petals as packaged herbal curios and include them in several herbal-bath blends, such as our justly famed Love Herbs Mix. They also go into the making of a wide variety of love-drawing oils, sachet powders, bath crystals, and self-lighting incense powders. 

Having seen a couple of the unusual varieties we grow, you can now check over your spiritual supplies and see if any petals of Chicago Peace or Matangi were included. If they weren't this time, they might show up in the next batch you purchase!
I'd like to thank Matthew Pavesic for the photos of Lucky Mojo roses in bloom. Thanks also to each of you who read our newsletter -- and i hope you will enjoy and redeem the Discount Coupon we've included here for you.

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