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June 10, 2010
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Hello and welcome to our June 2010 Lucky Mojo Newsletter.  In this issue we welcome summer's visitors and guests, offer a free Law Keep Away spell (and a discount on all of our Law Keep Away spiritual supplies), teach you about the use of Planetary products (and discount them as well), and direct you to an article about the world's most misunderstood good luck charm -- the SWASTIKA.
The Golden Days of Summer
Blue Circles

One of the most pleasant things about running an occult emporium is meeting the people who use our goods. Because we are located far outside an urban area and well off the beaten track, we especially enjoy the summer months when visitors and travellers wend their way to see the shop and its environs.

If you plan to visit Lucky Mojo this summer, make sure to leave yourself sufficient driving time: we are about 90 minutes north of San Francisco or Oakland, and we close at 5:00 pm. To make sure you have time to spend looking around as well as shopping, you'd probably want to get on the road in the morning or early afternoon.

If you have never been here before, please speak right up and say so, and ask for the "ten minute tour." Someone will be glad to show you the layout of the shop. Feel free to ask questions, and we will do everything we can to make your visit enjoyable.

Lucky Mojo is situated in a charming garden setting with a picnic table for the use of guests. We sell cold sodas and fruit juices on the site, and if you ask, we can microwave a cup of tea for you as well. And between shopping or looking around the gardens, don't forget to visit Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, a tourist destination in its own right, which happens to be The World's Smallest Church. Souvenir church fans commemorating your visit are available inside for a voluntary donation.

Most of all, while you are checking out the shop, be sure to open our hand-made oils and SMELL the goodness inside! This is what makes Lucky Mojo such a special source for spiritual supplies -- each article is hand-made and prayed over, using natural herbs and essential oils, according to an individual and unique formula. No two formulas look or smell the same -- so enjoy the opportunity to select the items that will best serve your situation, while also best pleasing your aesthetic senses.


The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. shop 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Everything is hand-made, so you can shop off the shelves, but if we are out of something, one of the lab staff will make what you need on the spot. However, if you are coming here from a distance and are planning a large "annual order" with us, or want to be sure that catherine will be around to meet you, please call ahead and pre-pay for Will-Call Shopping and let Robin or Angela know when you'll be here so cat will have some time to say hello.
Planetary Products
Planetary Bath CrystalsAlthough not many people think of it often, the days of the week refer to the "seven sacred planets" (five visible planets plus the Sun and Moon) -- and these planets in turn were originally Gods and Goddesses of Old Europe.

Under this traditional system, each planetary deity had rulership over one day of the week, and thus the rites associated with those days fell under the domain of that deity.

Sunday, the day of the Sun (Sol, Apollo), is for prayers, works, and rites of health, blessing, and will power.

Monday, the day of the Moon (Luna, Selene, Diana, Artemis) is for prayers, works, and rites related to motherhood, children, the night, and water.

Tuesday, the day of Mars (Ares, Twi) is for prayers, works, and rites connected to war, strength, athleticism, contention, confrontation, and blood.

Wednesday, the day of Mercury (Wotan, Hermes) is for prayers, works, and rites of communication, gaming, speech, and broadcasting.

Thursday, the day of Jupiter (Thor, Zeus), is for prayers, works, and rites of expansion, wealth, power, and royalty.

Friday, the day of Venus (Freya, Aphrodite) is for prayers, works, and rites of love, pleasure, and aesthetic beauty.

Saturday. the day of Saturn (Saturnus, Chronos) is for prayers, works, and rites of agriculture, duty, and restrictions or limitations to be placed upon the works of others.

In addition, Lucky Mojo Planetary products include formulas for Neptune (Poseidon), Uranus (Urania), Pluto (Hades) -- and a proprietary blend called Planet, which is comprised of all the individually named Planetary range in one convenient formula.

Lucky Mojo Planetary Oils find general use in dressing candles to represent the deities thus named. Some workers keep a "Master Candle" on their altar at all times and dress it each day with the appropriate Planetary oil. The Planetary Oils may also be burned on conjure candles or worn as personal scents to strengthen connections to the deities represented by the Planets.

Lucky Mojo Planetary Incense Powders may be burned on the altar or in a room to bring closer the influences of the deities represented by the Planets.

Likewise, Lucky Mojo Planetary Bath Crystals may be used in ritual baths or rites of house cleaning on the days of the week associated with the deities represented by the Planets.

All of our Lucky Mojo Planetary products may be combined with our Zodiacal products when working astrologically-based or timed spells.   
That's all for now, folks. Enjoy the Discount Coupon, and best of luck to you in your study and practice of magic.

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