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April 12, 2010
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Hello and welcome to our April 2010 Lucky Mojo Newsletter.  In this issue we give more details about our annual May 8th and 9th workshops, offer a free Reversing spell (and a discount on all of our Reversing spiritual supplies), direct you to an article about a famous hoodoo practitioner and and sex magician of the mid 19th century, and remind you that THE DEADLINE IS APPROACHING to enter our Recipe Round-Up and get your magical cookery efforts published in Missionary Independent Spiritual Church's Hoodoo Foods recipe booklet!
SCHEDULE TIMES for the Hoodoo
Party and Workshops May 8-9th, 2010
lucky mojo courtyardHere are the TIMES and DATES for the workshops and meetings we have scheduled for Missionary Independent Spiritual Church's annual May Open House Party and Hoodoo Training Workshops in Forestville, California -- plus much more important information for those who are planning to attend. This unique 2-day festival of folk magic is open to all, and no reservations are required. The Party and Potluck are FREE. Cost for the workshops will vary by the cost of ingredients supplied, and will run from $10.00 to $25.00 each, to be paid directly to each workshop organizer.


Cat Yronwode's Hoodoo Apprenticeship classes are only open to graduates of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. This year's Apprenticeship training consists of Week Two of the full 3-week course (Lessons 4, 5, and 6). Taking the Apprenticeship at the rate of one week per year allows those who cannot take thee full 3-week program in one shot to graduate from the Apprenticeship program in three years, one week per year.

Notes for potential Apprenticeship participants: You can join any year for that week's sessions, and when you have taken all three weeks of training, you will earn your Apprenticeship certificate. The program consists of approximately 16 - 20 hours of lecture by cat yronwode, and 20 - 24 hours of hands-on training, with one half hour scheduled for lunch every day. You must attend all five days (April 3 - April 7), 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM daily. You will be required to sign a non-disclosure contract prior to talking the Apprenticeship. You are responsible for your own food and lodging (but see "camping" and "room share" below). The Apprenticeship program is FREE; to offset the time cat spends on the program, you will work for Lucky Mojo 20 - 24 hours during the week, and the shop will keep and sell the spiritual supplies you make. 
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Apprenticeship program in OILS
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Apprenticeship program in INCENSE

    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Apprenticeship program
    in MOJOS
We have rented a 10' x 10' Medieval pavilion tent, with a 7' x 10' awning. It will be on-site April 3 - April 9 and is available to course graduate apprentices on a first-come-first-served basis. Bring your own sleeping equipment. No cooking fires allowed, sorry -- but there are restaurants a few blocks away. You will have to pick up and put away your bedding during the Workshops, as we will be using the tent during the day ... but it's FREE.


Every year people come from far away to attend the Hoodoo Training Workshops, and many find it convenient to hook up with other attendees for ride shares and/or motel or hotel room shares. To advertise your interest in a ride share or room share (although we cannot guarantee you'll find one), please post at the Lucky Mojo Forum, in the section on Courses, in the thread on 2010 Workshop Ride Shares and Room Shares.


Parking spaces are extremely limited on our property. Be prepared to park in town and walk a block or two. Please do not park across the street at the little green cottage on Covey Road -- Yes, the area in front of their hedge looks like a parking lot, but, it is that family's private property. If you are disabled and need valet service (drop-off on-site and parking off-site), JUST ASK.


The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. shop is open during regular hours all week and weekend during the Apprenticeship Program and the Hoodoo Training Workshops and Party. You can shop at will -- however, if you are planning a large "annual order" with us, please call ahead and and pre-pay for Will-Call Shopping. With a little advance notice, the shop staff will have your order prepared and ready to pick up on the day of your arrival. You can purchase more goodies while you are on-site, but by placing a Will-Call order, you will help our staff serve you and other customers in a timely manner during these crowded Party Days.

  • SATURDAY, 12:00 NOON Hoodoo Food! The Best of the Conjure Cook-Off with Sister Robin: Taste-testing the use of EDIBLE magical herbs in all manner of spell-work recipes from love cakes and money greens. Prizes and ribbons will be awarded by the judges! In order to attend the Hoodoo Food! workshop, you must coordinate with Sister Robin (707-887-1521) to send in your recipe and descriptive notes, and you must bring a (large) sample platter or tray of the magical food for the rest of the group to discuss, taste-test, and share at the workshop.
  • SATURDAY 1:30 PM Sweetening Spells with Deacon Millett: The focus is on love and reconciliation work as well as the use of sweeteners in legal, school, and workplace cases. Participants will be guided through the assembly and prayerful dedication of a variety of honey jar and sugar box spells; all material supplied. 
  • SATURDAY 3:00 PM Gambler's Lucky Spells with Miss Robin: A workshop and lecture that reveals the best and most practical techniques used by bingo, lottery, and card players to play, win, and enjoy themselves at games of chance. Lottery Dream book supplied with the class.
  • SATURDAY 4:30 PM Open Panel Discussion with Miss Cat and the Whole Gang: This is a FREE brainstorming session. Bring your questions and suggestions, and get immediate answers from our entire panel of presenters on how to acquire and implement the divination and conjure skills you need. This will be a fast-moving, intense talk-fest, with lots of sharing, so be prepared to take notes. 
  • SUNDAY 11:00 AM Jack Ball master class for Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Graduates with Miss cat: This annual event also doubles as Apprenticeship Lesson 9, so by taking this class now you can get ahead on the requirements for earning your Apprenticeship certificate. All materials supplied.
  • SUNDAY 1:30 PM Love Spells Dressing, Fixing, and Working with Candles with Miss Bri: A hands-on experience in setting spiritual altar lights for yourself, your family, and friends. All materials will be supplied, plus take-home sheet. 
  • SUNDAY 3:00 PM Spiritual Foot Washing with Miss Lara: Learn an old-time Deep Southern ritual for clients that few urban practitioners even know about, much less can teach. A life time learning experience, and so popular that it has become an annual event. 
  • SUNDAY 4:30 PM Astrology for Root Workers with Miss cat: Learn how to work according to the natural timing of the Moon, Sun, and Stars. No complicated charts required; if you can see the sky, you can use these time-honoured conjure methods.

The Open House Potluck Party rocks on parallel to these workshops, for two days -- and party attendance is absolutely FREE. Potluck food and beverages will be provided both days.
Hoodoo Food! The Recipe Round-Up!
Cat's KitchenThe Ladies Auxiliary of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church is presenting its first Conjure Cook-Off at the May 2010 Hoodoo Training Workshops -- but if you cannot attend in person, don't be left out! Send your magical recipes now to the MISC Recipe Round-Up they will appear in our Hoodoo Foods booklet, to be sold as a church fund-raiser for years to come!

To participate in the Recipe Round-Up, submit one or more recipes that employ magical culinary herbs and can be fed to your friends or family as a sneaky form of spell-work for love, money, protection, healing, psychism -- or whatever you have in mind.

A convenient list of edible herbs used in hoodoo can be found by going to the Cooking with Magical Herbsh page at Lucky Mojo.


Deadline for entries is April 25th.

Please send your recipes via e-mail to -- and be sure to follow a standard recipe format (list of measured ingredients followed by preparation instructions and serving suggestions) and also include the condition that this magical food trick addresses. Please use ingredients that are easily available in all regions of the USA.


Recipes submitted to the Recipe Round-Up will be collected and printed in a booklet called "Hoodoo Foods!"

All attendees of the Conjure Cook-Off Workshop at the 2010 Workshops will receive a souvenir copy of the "Hoodoo Foods! Conjure Cook-Off Recipe Round-Up" cook booklet.

Non-attendees may also purchase a copy of the recipe booklet any time after May 8th. All proceeds for the workshop and recipe booklet sales benefit Missionary Independent Spiritual Church.

More updates on the May 2010 Hoodoo Workshops will follow in our next newsletter. Stay tuned!

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