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March 25, 2010
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Hello and welcome to our March 2010 Lucky Mojo Newsletter.  In this issue we give more details about our annual May 8th and 9th workshops, offer a free spell, tell you how to use our Chupparosa products, and tell you all about how you can enter the Conjure Cook Off!
Party and Workshops May 8-9th, 2010
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church is sponsoring our annual May Open House Party and Hoodoo Workshops in Forestville, California. Make your travel plans now to attend this unique 2-day festival of folk magic! Cost for the workshops will vary by the cost of ingredients supplied, and will run from $10.00 to $25.00 each, to be paid directly to each workshop organizer.
  • Hoodoo Food! The Best of the Conjure Cook-Off Taste-testing the use of EDIBLE magical herbs in all manner of spell-work recipes from love cakes and money greens. Prizes and ribbons will be awarded by the judges! In order to attend the Hoodoo Food! workshop, you must coordinate with Sister Robin (707-887-1521) to send in your recipe and descriptive notes, and you must bring a (large) sample platter or tray of the magical food for the rest of the group to discuss, taste-test, and share at the workshop. All pre-submitted Hoodoo Food! recipes and write-ups will be printed in booklet form, with each workshop participant receiving a free copy. Extra "Hoodoo Food!" recipe booklets will be sold to benefit the work of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Any food not eaten by participants at the workshop will become part of the general Party Potluck. Presented by Sister Robin.
  • Astrology for Root Workers tells you how to work according to the natural timing of the Moon, Sun, and Stars. No complicated charts required; if you can see the sky, you can use these time-honoured methods.Presented by Miss Cat.
  • Dressing, Fixing, and Working with Candles is a hands-on experience in setting spiritual altar lights for yourself, your family, and friends. All materials will be supplied, plus take-home sheet. Presented by Miss Bri.
  • Spiritual Foot Washing will help you learn an old-time Deep Southern ritual for clients that few urban practitioners even know about, much less can teach. A life time learning experience.Presented by Miss Lara.
  • Gambler's Lucky Spells is a workshop and lecture that reveals the best and most practical techniques used by bingo, lottery, and card players to play, win, and enjoy themselves at games of chance.Presented by Miss Robin.
  • Sweetening Spells This workshop puts the focus on love and reconciliation work as well as the use of sweeteners in legal, school, and workplace cases. Participants will be guided through the assembly and prayerful dedication of a variety of honey jar and sugar box spells, with all material supplied. Presented by Deacon Millett.
  • Miss cat will also be presenting her annual Jack Ball master class for Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Graduates only.
The party rocks on parallel to these workshops, for two days -- and party attendance is absolutely FREE. Potluck food and beverages will be provided both days.
Hoodoo Food! Conjure Cook-Off!
Conjure Cook-offDear Friends & Hoodoo Enthusiasts,

It is with great pleasure that the Ladies Auxiliary of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church announces its first Conjure Cook-Off and Recipe Round-Up.
What is the Conjure Cook-Off? Well, like any recipe or cooking contest, it is a place to show off your culinary skill -- but in this case, you will also be called upon to demonstrate your MAGICAL skill at the same time.

As you may know, many of the herbs used in hoodoo are also used for medicine and in cooking. As culinary herbs they can be used fresh, dried, raw, or cooked, depending on their taste, texture and appearance. Cooking with magical herbs is a time-honored form of domestic spell magic, sometimes called "kitchen witchery."

Why do people cook with conjure herbs? The reasons are as varied as people's needs and talents!

Practitioners often prepare foods to enhance love, sexuality, fidelity, and for peace and protection in the home. Some of these foods may contain personal concerns, but many of them are based in the use of ingredients reputed to enhance romance, bless a marriage, or promote peace in the family.

Practitioners have been also known to sneak a not-so-nice trick into a tasty treat they take to an office or work party, to get back-biting co-workera to stop gossiping, to gain control over an unpleasant boss, or to drive an enemy off the job.

Clever practitioners can use similar food-gift tactics to sneak a trick on a troublesome neighbor with a cookie or casserole aimed at shutting them up, getting them to move away, or forcing them to be friendly against their wills.

Practitioners who own shops may offer complimentary cookies, candles, snacks, or drinks to customers that contain subtle herbal inducements encouraging their clientele to spend money on the premises and come back soon.

Maybe you and your family have been cooking up tricks for a while and have a time-tested recipe favorite just ready to share.

Maybe this is your chance to combine your love of food and hoodoo in a recipe created just to enter the Conjure Cook-Off.

If you prepare Hoodoo Foods for your family, friends, or co-workers, here is your opportunity to submit your recipes to the Conjure Cook-Off.

To participate in the Recipe Round-Up submit one or more recipes in the following categories:
  • appetizers, finger foods, savory snacks
  • salads and soups
  • main dishes and casseroles
  • meat, poultry, and fish
  • vegetarian dishes
  • desserts and sweets
conjure cookoff dinner plate

Deadline for entries is April 25th.

Please send your recipes via e-mail to -- and be sure to follow a standard recipe format (list of measured ingredients followed by preparation instructions and serving suggestions) and also include the condition that this magical food trick addresses. Please use ingredients that are easily available in all regions of th USA.


To participate in the Conjure Cook-Off, please prepare your submitted food according to the recipe you gave us and send or deliver it to Lucky Mojo for judging on Sat. May 8th. The workshop will feature several demonstrations of how to cook -- plus group tasting of entered dishes.

A panel of judges will taste the foods, which will also be judged on presentation -- and then the panel will also rate the dishes for he skillful use of edible magical herbs. Finally, just like at a County Fair, prize ribbons and gits will be awarded to all the cooks who enter and win.


All attendees will receive a souvenir copy of the "Hoodoo Foods! Conjure Cook-Off Recipe Round-Up" cook booklet.

Non-attendees may also purchase a copy of the recipe booklet any time after May 8th. All proceeds for the workshop and recipe booklet sales benefit Missionary Independent Spiritual Church.

Wishing You Lucky Cooking,
Sister Robin
Ladies Auxilliary

P.S. for cat's Students and Graduates: A convenient list of edible herbs used in hoodoo can be found on page 245 of the "Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course" book. If you are not a student, check the Conjure Cook-Off page at Lucky Mojo for some ideas.
More updates on the May 2010 Hoodoo Workshops will follow in our next newsletter. Stay tuned!

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