May 9 and 10 Workshops
at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
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May 9-10 Party and Workshop Schedule
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May 9-10 Party and Workshop Schedule.
We are pleased to announce the final schedule for the May 9-10 Lucky Mojo Party and Workshops.  The workshops will open at 10:30 am, with classes beginning at 11:00 am.  Most classes will run 45 mins with a 15 minute break between each class.  The workshops will conclude at 4:30 PM each day -- the party will continue till the last guest leaves.  Food and Drink will be available throughout both days. (Those wishing to bring a dish for the potluck are encouraged to do so.)
The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. will be open on both days for anyone wishing to get some shopping done.  Guests are also invited to visit Missionary Independent Spiritual Church and receive a complimentary church fan. Please join us.

Saturday, May 9th
11:00 AM: Oil Lamps with Charles Porterfield ($10)
Charles Porterfield will give a workshop on the use of Oil Lamps and other forms of Light in hoodoo, and will guide attendees in the preparation of a miniature functional oil lamp they can take home with them and use.

12:00 PM: Tea Leaf Reading with cat yronwode ($25)
This workshop will cover the history and techniques of this traditional form of divination; participants will each receive a genuine fortune telling teacup of their own and will practice their skills on one another.

1:00 PM: Perfumes & Incense with James Dotson  ($15)
James Dotson will instruct participants on Perfumes and Incense, their history, how aromatic and energetically active scent formulas are designed, and how they are used in conjure. Students will receive samples of several types of traditional spiritual and magical incenses and will make a simple incense to take home for personal use.

2:00 PM: Practical Money Spells with Starr Casas  ($25)
Starr Casas will be teaching a workshop on Practical Money Magic Spells, including how to burn candles, use oils, and make mojo hands for prosperity, and attendees will each receive a signed copy of her popular book on money magic to take home.

3:00 PM: How to Make a Portable Altar with Carin Huber ($20)
Carin Huber has promised to engage attendees with a crafty, artistic, hands-on presentation called How to Make a Portable Altar; all materials will be supplied, and the results should be spectacular.
Party attendance is absolutely FREE!
Sunday, May 10th

11:00 AM: Jack Ball Workshop with catherine yronwode ($20)
A special Jack Balls workshop will be held on Sunday for Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course graduates only. This is a 1:45 hour class.

1:00 PM: Footwashing with Starr Casas & Lara Rivera ($10)
Starr and Lara will be demonstrating how to do a spiritual foot washing during this workshop.  Attendees will partner up and get hands-on experience.  The class is limited to the first 20 people.

2:00 PM: Cursing with Baby Dolls with Robin York ($20)
Robin York will conduct one of her famed workshops on Cursing with Doll Babies -- among the most popular and most-requested topics in hoodoo -- and students will prepare a cursing doll and learn how to use it on an enemy.

3:00 PM: Container and Bottle Spells with Lara Rivera ($20)
Lara Rivera will conduct a workshop on Bottle Spells and Container Spells, and each attendee will participate in creating a bottle spell to take home and use.
Party attendance is absolutely FREE!