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Marcia Lane, Executive Director of the Haiti Nursing Foundation, and Barb Campbell, accept AAACTA's contribution from President, Patrick Lee, and Hit for Haiti Co-Chairs, Kathy Legatski and Barbara Wasneski.
Letter From AAACTA's President
Hit For Haiti Raises Over $4000

It's funny how we make mental connections between seemingly disparate events.  Consider this recent seismic event in Haiti.
Yes, it was horrific, in terms of death, injury, and property
destruction. Yes, the people of Haiti, already desperately poor,
could ill afford the additional burden.  Regardless of how we may
feel about the administration of that island nation, we seek to help.

That was the goal of AAACTA's benefit on January 30th. Many of you attended - and have my gratitude for it. In the course of a fun-filled evening of tennis at the generously-provided UM Varsity Tennis Center, some 50 players and 8 tennis professionals enjoyed 4 hours of matches, drills, and other fun. We raised, for the worthy Haiti Nursing Foundation, over $4000.

AAACTA thanks our community for your generosity of spirit and energy - both of which were on glorious display the night of January 30th.  I walked away feeling that I'd not only had a good evening's tennis but that, at less than fifteen dollars an hour, I'd just been tricked into a solid tennis value.  There are many to thank for that and we acknowledge and thank them in this issue of the AAACTA newsletter.

See you out there on the courts,
Patrick J. Lee
AAACTA President
Editor's note:  Full text of Patrick's letter threads from ancient Sparta to medieval Ireland to modern times, with a touch of Rudyard Kipling, shamrocks and Wimbledon.  Enjoy it all here!

Hit For Haiti
Hats Off To The AAACTA Community

Thank you to everyone who lifted a racquet, opened their wallets, cared for the cause...

Egor Alekseev, Denise Alekseev, Jeff Alson, Emeka Amene, Allison Arscott, Dave Arscott, Andrew Bank, Karen Baxter, Sandell Bennett, Chiquita Berg, Sarah Burns, Karen Caine, Tris Coffin, John Cornack, Dimitri Demetral, Barbara DiLisio, Wesley Dunnick, Laurel Fingerle, Liz Graziano, Kathy Green, Mark Haddox, Nick Holland, Jaye Kain, Jong Kim, Anne-Marie Kim, Robert Kiss, Bobby Kong, David Konkle, Margaret Krebsbach, Naroo Krishnan, Lucy Langa, Patrick Lee, Kathy Legatski, Leo Legatski, Sheryl Leicher, Linda Lewis, Carol Luckenbach, Nick Lulgjuraj, Steve Maren, Leslie McGowan, John McReynolds, Paul McVey, Greg Mercer, Sarah Mercer, Karen Miller, Thomas Mobley, Ken Morley, Stevan Mrdalj, Barbara Mueller, Barb Mulay, Clare North, Bishr Omary, Paul Paliani, Craig Penrose, Helen Peters, Sally Petersen,
Eileen Pollack, Paula Recknagel, Santiago Schnell, Vanda Shadigian, Carol Shields, Anne Snell, David Thibault, Marilyn Vandervelde, Mary Veal, Barbara Wasneski, Brian White, Linda 
Woodland, Hisae Yoshihara


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