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1. Be sure you know what's in the food you're eating.  Check the ingredients and composition of your food. How much fat or sodium are you consuming, and do you recognize all the ingredients? 
Set small goals on the way to a bigger goal.  For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds in one year make it a goal to get into the gym three times per week for the first month.  
3. If you need help, just ask.  There are lots of people who would love to help you create a healthier lifestyle.  Talk to a friend, local trainer, or connect with me to get your questions answered.

Auburn  Class Schedule

Zumba Fitness:
If you're tired of the treadmill and the same old workout classes then come join the ZUMBA party!  Class is open to all fitness levels, and anyone over the age of 12. 
Zumba is a fitness class inspired by Latin dance moves.  But you don't even have to know how to dance, just move your body and follow my lead.
WHEN: Monday and Wednesday from 7-8PM
WHERE: Auburn Skate Center - 1221 Commerce Drive
COST: $5 per class.  OR pre-pay 9 classes get the 10th free with a 10-class punch card ($45).  CASH only.
Circuit Training
WHAT: A combination of weights, cardio and agility to help you build muscle and burn calories!
WHEN: Wednesday from 5:30-6:30PM
WHERE: Premier Training Studio - 323 Airport Rd.
COST: $10 per class.
    OR $125 for a month of morning & evening classes taught by various instructors.
Issue: #17   October 2010

Thanks for investing some of your time to health and fitness by reading my monthly newsletter.  Below you can find a list of classes I'm teaching in Alabama, 3 Training Tips, info on an upcoming event to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a healthy recipe, and tips to help you fit fitness into your life.  I hope you find the information useful, and that it motivates you to take one more step forward in your quest for health.
I have a facebook fan page, so if you'd like to connect with me online, now you can.  Feel free to send me questions, post comments about the newsletter, or share your fitness struggle or success.
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5 Easy Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Life
In the last two months I've addressed some common excuses for not exercising.  To encourage those of you with a busy schedule, I wanted to give you five ways to incorporate fitness into your daily grind!
1. Work out during the commercials of your favorite show.  Do bodyweight or core exercises while you watch TV and you'll workout almost 20 minutes during a one-hour program.
2. Take the Stairs.  Whenever there's an option between stairs or an elevator, choose the stairs. You can burn between 10-15 calories per minute going up the stairs.
3. Park further away from the door.  This can burn up to 20 extra calories a day, or over 5000 calories a year! Burning an extra 5000 calories will help prevent gaining about two pounds per year.
4. Exercise in the car.  While you're driving, try doing ab squeezes, butt clenches, or push your neck back against the headrest. Hold each contraction for 5-15 seconds, but make sure you keep your eyes on the road.  :-)
5. Remember something is always better than nothing. Even on your busiest days, I bet you can find time for 10-15 minutes of exercise, so make it happen because this will help you create a habit and keep your body moving.
Zumba Pink Party
Zumba pic

Breast cancer ranks second as a cause of cancer death in women. Join the Zumba Party in Pink™ movement supporting Susan G. Komen for the CureŽ in the fight to end breast cancer.

This cause has always been special to me, but hit closer to home when my Aunt Kellie died from breast cancer the same day I received my Zumba teacher certification in April. I hope you will join me to celebrate her life, and the life of all the others affected by breast cancer.

WHAT: a special 2-hour Zumbathon event raising money to help put an end to breast cancer.  There will be give-aways, testimonials, and about 90 minutes of Zumba led by Jessica Carry and me.
  Sunday, October 17th from 5:15-7:15pm
Auburn Skate Center - 1221 Commerce Dr.
If you can't come but would like to make a donation, please contact me.
Come show your support and get ready to"Party in Pink"!
Potato Crusted Fish
Check out this quick and easy fish recipe.  Served with brown rice and broccoli, it makes a delicious and healthy meal.
1/2 cup lowfat buttermilk
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
4 firm white fish fillets (tilapia, snapper, etc)
1/2 cup packaged potato flakes
3 tbsp butter, divided

1. Combine buttermilk, garlic, salt, and pepper. 
2. Place fish in buttermilk mixture, turning to coat, then let stand for 3-4 minutes.
3. Preheat large saute pan on medium high-heat for 2-3 minutes.
4. Place potato flakes on a plate, and coat both sides of fish with potato flakes; press with fingertips to coat heavily.
5. Place 2 tablespoons better in pan, then add fish and cook for 4 minutes.
6. Place 1 tablespoon butter in the center of pan.  Turn fish to distribute butter under each fillet.  Cook 3 more minutes or until golden and fish flakes easily. 
Nutritional Information:
(per 1/4 recipe)
Calories: 310     Fat: 12 grams     Carbs: 14 grams     Protein: 36 grams

This recipe is courtesy of Publix Super Markets.
Pure Body Fitness is a personal training company that operates in the Auburn/Opelika area to help clients accomplish various fitness goals.  I work with clients at Premier Training Studio, with members at Moore's Mill Fitness Club, in homes with proper equipment, or at local parks and tracks.

Kate Conwell
Pure Body Fitness

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