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1. Americans, on average, are consuming 300 more calories today than in 1985.
2. Of the 300 additional calories today's American consumes, 93% of them are in the form of sugars, fats, and mostly refined grains, which are good for energy, but not much else.
3. Our food quality in the US is decreasing over time.  USDA figures show a decline in the nutrient content of the 43 crops it has tracked since the 1950's.  This includes a 20% decline in Vitamin C and 15% decline in iron found in the 43 foods.
4. You would need to eat 3 apples today to get the same amount of iron as you would have gotten from a single apple in 1940.
5. Americans typically spend less than 30 minutes per day preparing meals.

This month's Fitness Facts are all taken from Michael Pollan's book "In Defense of Food"
Dynamic Step-Up
to watch Will show you how to do this exercise properly.  Add dynamic step-ups into your weight lifting workouts to get your heart rate up while working your quads and glutes.
Issue: #8   September 2009

I hope you've had a wonderful summer, and if you're here in the Northwest let's pray for at least another month of sun!  There's still time to get in some outdoor workouts before the cold winter months are upon us.  Will's outdoor fitness class, offered thru Fuerte Fitness, at Woodland Park, is still happening for the next few Mondays at 6:30pm.

Speaking of classes, the Stability Ball Strength Class I offered at Amrita in Portland, OR was a hit!  Will assisted, as we taught a variety of exercises that use just your body weight and a stability ball.  The two larger classes filled up quickly, and we were able to offer a third smaller class on Thursday evening.  Overall I think about 45 people experienced the class, and we got a lot of positive feedback from those who attended.  Here's what Amrita, A Sanctuary for Yoga, owner Sarahjoy Marsh had to say about the class:
"I participated in two, two-hour classes, after which I was able to walk with greater ease and resume swimming the breast stroke for the first time since my surgery one year prior. Kate's teaching was clear, compassionate, encouraging and specific. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again--and would do so regularly if I lived in Seattle, or she lived in Portland!"
We're hoping to figure out a way to put on a similar class here in the Seattle area, so if you have any ideas please let us know.

As the summer comes to an end, kids start school, and schedules change, I hope you will think of Will and I if you, or someone you know, wants to make changes to your fitness routine.  We both have room in the morning for 1-2 clients, as well as some evening availability.
 If you have suggestions for future newsletters, or questions you'd like answered, please e-mail me.
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In Defense of Food - book recommendation
At a client's suggestion (and gift!) I have been reading Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food.  Although I'm not finished with it yet, I would highly recommend it.

The book discusses the "Western Diet" common to most Americans.  Pollan doesn't argue in defense of any particular diet fad, but presents research on the food we consume, how we think about it, how things have changed over time, and how it differs from other cultures. 

There is a lot of confusion about food today.  Every few months a new fad diet pops up, and each one seems much different than the last.  One is low fat, another is high protein, and yet another completely avoids carbohydrates.  Well, this is part of the confusion.  Our culture is very focused on specific elements in food items, rather than on whole food choices.  Pollan reveals how this way of thinking developed, and how it can be problematic.

Pollan next presents information on the diets consumed in other cultures, and the differences and problems the typical Western diet creates.  He cites studies on various diseases that are more prevelant in America than other countries, including one study in which aborigones who had begun eating a Western diet, and experiencing the problems associated with it, went back to their aboriginal lifestyle and saw drastic health improvements after just one month.

The book provides so much information, and really made me analyze the way I think about food.  I became even more aware of how many of the foods we find in the grocery store are processed beyond recognition.  How many months, or even years, would it take for them to rot?  And how many of the ingredients included in something as simple as a loaf of bread are recognizable to you?  Pollan's basic argument isthat eating whole foods, or foods as close to their original state as possible, is the best approach.

I hope that you will pick up your own copy, get all the information, and decide for yourself if you need to make any changes to your eating habits.  If you do, please let me know!

All of this month's Fitness Facts were taken from the book.
Egg-Stuffed Baked Potato
Here's another great recipe from Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook.  It's easy to make, and provides a healthy and flavorful alternative to a sour cream and bacon loaded baked potato.  Add some veggies and you've got yourself a meal!
1 large baking potato ( pound)
1 egg
1 oz shredded low-fat cheese
Salt and pepper as needed
Optional: 1-2 tablespoons milk
1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. Prick the potato in several places with a fork and wrap in tin foil.
3. Bake potato in the oven for an hour or until done
4. Unwrap a portion of the tin foil and cut an X on top of the baked potato.  Fluff up the insides and make a well.
5. Optional: For moistness add milk.
6. Break the egg into the well.  Top with cheese and salt and pepper as desired.
7. Return potato to the oven until the egg is cooked, about 10 minutes

Nutritional Information:
Serving Size: 1 potato
Carbs: 35 grams.     Protein: 15 grams.     Fat: 8 grams.
Calories per serving: 270.    
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Kate Conwell
Pure Body Fitness