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July 2012 


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We are a member supported non-profit working to improve bicycling access, safety and education in South Carolina.

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Special Message
Transportation Bill
Rumble Stirp update
Controlled Access Bill
Smart Cycling Classes
National Bike Challenge
Georgia-lina Bike Summit
Summerville Progress
Vista Greenway
July Gear Review
PCC Board Elections
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PCC Executive Director Selected! 

The Palmetto Cycling Coalition board of directors opened up the search for a new executive director at the end of May, and are delighted to announce that after reviewing dozens of very qualified candidates, they have selected the next leader of the organization: Amy Johnson of Athens, Georgia.

Amy hails from Augusta, has an M.S. in Geography, and possess a unique combination of experiences volunteering and working for a non-profit transportation choices organization. Her seven years with BikeAthens, first as a board member and then as staff, and her diverse yet strong professional background in consulting and education, provide her with the right skill set to excel as the next leader of the PCC.

Amy will begin work with the PCC on August 1; look for an introductory email from her in early August when she comes on board. In the meantime, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Cait or the PCC board.

Finally, our longtime partner and Safe Streets project team member, Peter Wilborn, sat down with Rachael Bronson, outgoing PCC ED, for a few thoughts on the state of bicycling in South Carolina. Check out their great conversation on the Bike Law blog.
National News  

Grim Federal Transportation Update     

The new transportation bill was announced just yesterday, and while we are far from satisfied, we have to take some comfort that it isn't worse. The previous transportation bill and subsequent extensions have set aside 1.5 percent to fund Transportation Enhancements, a program that funds biking and walking infrastructure, along with many other types of projects. Though the amount was small, that the funds were dedicated to street safety projects demonstrated an innovative and realistic approach to answering the growing needs and demands of our country for walkable and bikeable communities.

Under the new bill, one half of the funding formerly known as Transportation Enhancements will go to local governments in South Carolina. This is good news, as local officials know what their communities need and are generally more receptive to alternative transportation projects. The other half of the funding will go to the SC Department of Transportation, with no obligation to spend it on any biking and walking. Ignoring the 83 percent of Americans and 1,300 mayors of our biggest cities who support maintaining or increasing the levels of funding for biking and walking demonstrates the work ahead to make sure our representatives and senators understand how vital these projects are to our quality of life.

In all, this bill will cut funding for projects like sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes and more by 60 to 70 percent. The cuts demonstrate an especially backwards way of thinking in a society whose members are increasingly turning away from the car, and we will need your support more than ever to aid us in making sure our DOT fully puts these funds to their intended use. As your statewide advocates, we will be working with local groups to communicate the need for this funding. For more information, please visit the League of American Bicyclists.
State News  

Rumble Strip Update    

In 2009, SCDOT began a program to install rumble strips on thousands of miles of South Carolina roads, in an effort to reduce run-off-the-road crashes. Regrettably, many of the applications have been on some of SC's best cycling roads, with aggressive treatment, despite our several years of work with DOT to ensure that bicycling needs and safety are met.


Just this week, the PCC has met with SCDOT executives in an effort to collaborate on how rumble strips can be applied to meet SCDOT needs without significantly adversely affecting cycling routes and cycling safety. Together with our partners around the state, including Bike Law, we are collaborating with SCDOT to work through the immediate issue of preventing more cycling routes from being rumbled and potentially mitigating some cycling routes that have been rumbled.

Read more about our next steps on the PCC blog.Visit our blog

Controlled Access Highway Bill a Success!   

On Monday, June 18, Gov. Haley signed bill S.1375 into law, allowing communities to file exemptions to allow bicyclists and pedestrians to use controlled access highways. The death of Dr Mitch Hollon last July brought the issue into the spotlight, and Charleston Moves and Coastal Conservation League have worked tirelessly to pass this law and improve bicycling for Charleston residents. Before this amendment sponsored by Sen. Campsen (R-Charleston) passed, SC DOT controlled enforcement of the prohibition of non-motorized traffic on such roadways without exception. Read more on our blog. Visit our blog

Smart Cycling Education Classes    

There are a couple of great opportunities to fine tune your bicycle skills this August, with two Smart Cycling courses being offered in South Carolina.

The first is a League Cycling Instructor seminar, taking place August 17-19 in Spartanburg. Our friends at Partners for Active Living are the host of this session, which is an opportunity to become certified to teach the Smart Cycling curriculum to people in your community. You must be a League member and have taken the prerequisite Traffic Skills 101 to be considered. Contact Anne to learn more.

If you're not ready to become a certified instructor, or simply want to develop your on-bike skills and confidence, then consider taking Traffic Skills 101, being offered on Saturday, August 25 by Charleston Moves.  The class will take place in Charleston, and to learn more and sign up, contact Charles Fox.

National Bike Challenge by the Numbers 

At the end of its second month, the National Bike Challenge continues to challenge South Carolina bicyclists to get out and ride. With the challenge you can record your rides, and add up the miles you've  ridden, the calories you've burned, and the gas money you've saved. Thus far, collectively for South Carolina, our 264 riders and 35 teams have:


Ridden 64,817 SCALmi
Burned 1,545,759 kcal
Saved $6,380 and
Eliminated 59,333 lbs of CO2

We're off to a great start, but we still need more people to join us! The challenge runs through the end of August, so there is still time to join--visit the website and log your miles through your computer or the Endomondo app. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

It doesn't matter how far you ride, just that you are!

Georgia-lina Bike Summit Updates 

We are pleased to be joining our friends at Georgia Bikes, Wheel Movement and SORBA for the first Georgia-lina Bike Summit, which will be held in Augusta on October 19-21 this year. The summit marks the first such partnership bicycle conference between Georgia and South Carolina; we will share lessons, difficulties and best practices with the goal of creating a strong community of advocates and improving bicycling across our states' borders. 


With our keynote speaker, Jeff Miller, executive director of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, we will be keeping close to the theme of cross-state partnerships and progress. The Alliance works to create, strengthen and unite advocacy leaders. We look forward to the Summit as an opportunity to join our fellow advocates from across SC and Georgia to collectively make our communities great places to ride a bicycle! Mark your calendars and plan on joining us October 19-21 in Augusta.
Local News  

Summerville Supports Complete Streets 

We are pleased to announce that the Summerville Town Council has become our 11th community to pass a complete streets resolution! The policy states that town staff and planners will bring complete streets techniques and ideas into the designs of new projects when appropriate and will seek to update existing roads to accommodate all modes of transportation when feasible. The town's bicycle master plan has been included in the resolution as an exhibit to give direction and guidelines to Summerville as it begins to implement complete streets policies.


It is always encouraging for us to see a community come together and realize the importance of biking and walking, and we commend Summerville for taking this step. Read more on our blog.Visit our blog 

Vista Greenway Grand Opening    

Exciting news in Columbia this week! The brand new, much-anticipated Vista Greenway is set to open July 7. The Greenway is meant to be the first step in revolutionizing biking and walking in downtown Columbia. Ideally, it will one day connect the Elmwood, Earlewood and Cottontown neighborhoods with the Vista, allowing residents to safely walk or bike downtown. There is also the hope that eventually it will connect with the city's still-expanding riverfront greenway trails.

Enjoy fireworks, Finlay Park and the official opening of the Vista Greenway as part of the city's Chill Out in Columbia event on July 7. Along with many other activities, our friends at the Palmetto Conservation Foundation (who provided trail building expertise for the project) have planned several bike  rides to the Greenway from different parts of town. Find out more about these events on our blog.Visit our blog
Other News 

July Gear Review: Michelin Pro4 Tires 

Each month, our friends at Hawley share a review on the latest gear that is passing through their hands and on its way to your local bike shop. Below you will find a excerpt of the gear review for July; to find out the rest, visit our blog. As always, thanks to Ken Klatte, Production Artist with Hawley, for this sneak-preview.


Michelin tiresCharles Mingus once said that trying to write about music is like trying to dance about architecture. Keeping this in mind when I decided to write a review about the new Michelin Pro4 Service Course tires, I knew it would be difficult to convey the subtle ride qualities of something a reader must experience firsthand.


Nevertheless, I think there are a few important aspects of the Pro4 that can be described and therefore helpful to the discerning reader.
Read the rest on our blogVisit our blog

2012-2014 Board of Directors 

Our bylaws dictate that PCC members in good standing vote on the board of directors that serve and lead the organization. If you are a current member, you received a notice in June about the board members that are renewing their terms, and you had the opportunity to approve or not approve the slate of candidates. Thank you to those who voted, and approved the board members renewing their service for the 2012-2014 term: Sally Nicholson, Mark Greenslit, Will Haltiwanger, and Jim Cox. A big thanks also to these board members for serving the organization in the important ways that they do!

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