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Kayak Fishing News & ReviewsJune 2010
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July is right around the corner - hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer.  We here at Kayak Fishing Supplies are hard at work looking into new products for the summer.  Many of you have written in with ideas and "what if's" & we love it.  CJ, Brian and I take those ideas and try to make them come to fruition.  Brian has been tinkering with a refrigeration fish hold in his front hatch! He can't seem to find the right low voltage system to make it run without having a slew of batteries.  Give it some time and he will have cold beers and a fish hold that will rival many long range boats!  CJ is camouflaging everything from paddles to electronics.  Me, I'm looking into various mounts that can be used for all sorts of applications.  Stay tuned and see what we come up with.

Fishing this last week has been outstanding with 2 fish weighed at the shop over 50 lbs!  Squid have shown  up and put the White Seabass  into a frenzy.   Yellowtail is very consistent as well.  Still have some June gloom effect here in SoCal and come July should see that disappear.   Fishing in the area is looking real good for the summer!  That of course is not the story for our friends in the Gulf - our thoughts are with all of you and we encourage everyone to check out the sites noted to the left who are helping with clean up efforts.


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Newsletter Special Offer: VISIcarbon Pro
VISIcarbon Pro
The new Visi Carbon light sports unprecedented performance in light weight, low drag, and portability with plenty of style.  Kayak Fishing Supplies feels this is the best all around light out on the market today.  Big round of applause to the Luther at YakAttack for this must have light. 
To introduce this new product we thought why not "lighten" your pockets up a bit.  How about take 15% off till July 10th.  Use promo code NEWSPROMO5 to get your discount.
The One and Only Fish Finder 
By Brian Long

Eagle Cuda 350At KayakFishingSupplies.com we sell and recommend only one model of fish finder: the Cuda Series made by Eagle.  As a sister company to Lowrance, there is also a comparable line produced by that company which look identical to the Cuda's and they are equally advisable.  There are a number of reasons why we recommend these units, and we'll outline them here.


The most important aspect of any electronic item on a kayak is of course its resistance to water.  In that regard, we haven't found a better option than the Eagle Cuda's.  Many of our customers leave the head unit connected to the kayak at all times and never bother removing it.  Whether they're launching through the surf, fishing in the rain, or tend to spend more time upside down than right side up, these units are as waterproof as we've seen.  That in itself should be reason enough to choose one of these fish finders, but there's plenty more.


Installation of these units is by far the easiest and most waterproof due to the single plug that connects to the head unit.  The plug is small enough to require only a standard wire seal, as shown in our installation videos, creating a clean and waterproof seal that takes up very little deck space.  We haven't found any other Humminbird, Garmin, Raymarine, or other brand that has plugs small enough to use the same wire seal.  Most require a rather large cable clam which is much bulkier, doesn't seal nearly as well, needs a bigger hole in the kayak, and just looks plain ugly.  Some other models actually connect the electrical plugs as they're plugged into the base, and again the seal through the deck can be even more problematic with this style.


Not to be overlooked is the price point.  In addition to the other advantages Eagle Cuda's have over other models on the market, they're also some of the cheaper fish finders you'll find.  The 350 in particular is one of the cheapest gps combo units available.  Eagle could price these units above their competition and be well justified with the advantages they hold, but the low price makes it an even easier decision. 


We've found no reason to mess around with other options, these fish finders really have no drawbacks we can find.  They're as waterproof as any fish finder on the market, they install the easiest on a kayak and price wise they're some of the cheaper fish finders out there.  Between Eagle and Lowrance there are color and black and white models available with or without gps.  For further information on how to install these fish finders on your kayak, please view our installation video.

Featured Item: J Hook Kayak Hanger
J Hook Kayak Hanger 

Wondering how to store your kayak? 

Check out this system, its very simple design makes it a snap to put on the wall and when the kayak is not on it, it can be fold flat against the wall, Brilliant!
From Torgy's Tavern:

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.  If you're out in San Diego come on out on our fireworks tour!

Brent Torgeson