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Kayak Fishing News & ReviewsApril 2010
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Hobie Mirage Outback Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
Hobie Mirage Outback Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
A Hobie Mirage Outback kayak equipped with Hobie accessories + option to add KFSupplies Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System
KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System
An all new Low Profile Kayak Bait Tank
YakAttack VISIPole Light w/ Flag
YakAttack VISIPole Light w/ Flag
A great looking accessory to improve a kayaker's visibility during both day and night.
Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
The All New Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
Battery Box Complete Power System
Battery Box Complete Power System
Great power source for your kayak, canoe or small boat.
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Boy this is starting to become a trend here at Kayak Fishing Supplies, newsletter goes out at the end of the month!  April just flew by.  Let's take a look at April in Review.  Our OEX Mission Bay Tournament was held and congrats to Robert Yakamonis  who took home a New Tarpon 160 (Thanks Wildy), cash and the coveted OEX Mug.  How about those fish tacos we had, thanks Tommy from Catalina Offshore. 


Speaking of offshore the bite is going strong again with Thresher Sharks being caught and released consistently.  White Seabass in the 40lb class are being weighed at our Mission Bay scale.  Yellowtail are moving up the line with high counts around the Islands down in Mexico, just a matter of time before it goes wide open!


Since it is getting real fishy and most of us will be out chasing that big fish, KFSupplies thought It would be a good idea to put a seat in the newsletter special offer!  We want to make it comfortable for you on those long days out on the water.


Your Friends at KayakFishingSupplies.com
Newsletter Special Offer: Apex 1 Seat

Apex 1

Paddle in comfort all day with this thermally molded foam seat, which offers 8-way "comfort" adjustment, unparalleled support, and incredible padding. Padded for ultimate lumbar comfort.  Easy to expand with your own clip-on bags with the rear mounted sewn-in clip receptors.  Butt hurt all the time because you tried to save some money when you bought your kayak and settled for that cheap seat?  Well you have no excuse now this seat will ease the pain in your rear and wallet!!!  How does 25% off sound!


Save 25% on the Apex 1 Kayak Seat from Crack of Dawn when you enter discount code 

NEWSPROMO3 at check-out, now through May 15th.
Kayak Seats: By Brian Long

seat banner


Perhaps the most important aspect to an enjoyable day of kayak fishing is a comfortable seat.  An uncomfortable seat can make for a long and almost unbearable day in a kayak, but the right seat will allow for hours of kayak fishing without the slightest discomfort. 


There's a variety of kayak seats available on the market and they all work generally the same way.  If you have a sit on top  kayak it will have four eyelets located in positions where the seat will clip onto.  All aftermarket seats simply clip onto the eyelets of the kayak and have adjustable straps to make sure it fits right.  Within the available options are a few features to consider for kayak fishing. more 

Kayak Review: Malibu Pro-Explorer


This month, our resident rigging guru, Brian Long, shares his review of the Malibu Pro-Explorer. All ratings are based on a score of 1 to 5.

2010 Pro-Explorer
pro explorer

The Malibu Pro-Explorer is a great option if you're looking for a smaller fishing kayak, but still want some of the features normally found in a larger model.  At 12'6" the Pro Explorer is much easier to handle and transport than fishing kayaks in the 14 or 15 foot range, but it offers many of the same benefits.  Available equipment include a Gator Hatch on the bow, a rectangular hatch in the center, a round hatch behind the seat, two flushmounts, side handles with paddle holders and a large tank well with bungee storage.  Features like this are rarely seen on a 12 foot kayak. 


Speed and Stability: 3

Performance wise the Pro Explorer will give a good mix of speed and stability with excellent tracking.  It won't be the most stable kayak and it won't be the fastest, but it will give an excellent combination of both. 

Tracking: 3

Tracking is always a concern in shorter kayaks, but the Pro Explorer tracks like a 15 footer due to the shape of the hull.  For a 12 foot kayak, the Pro Explorer is in a class by itself. 

Weight Capacity and Storage: 4
With a weight capacity of 450 lbs and a design that makes it stackable for easy storage, the Pro-Explorer excels in both categories.

The Good:

No other model offers the features and performance that this kayak does, all in an easy to handle size.  Other plus's are the front gator hatch for kids, side recessed handles, and weight capacity.


The Bad:

No adjustable foot tracks

Featured Item: Anchor Trolley Kit
Click the image to watch the installation video
anchor trolley kit
Finally be in the position you want with this trolley system.  Easily deploy your anchor, drift chute or stake out pole over the side of the cockpit area, then move the attachment position forward or aft to hold your boat in the position desired. Easily sit facing down stream / wind at anchor. Simple pulley system and cleat allows adjustment all along one side of your boat anywhere from bow to stern.  More about anchors.
From Torgy's Tavern:

Hope everyone is enjoying the newsletters.  The past couple weeks it's been great to see so many readers stopping in the store from around the country.  Remember when you're in San Diego stop by cause you can fish right behind the shop. 


We send out stickers with most orders and love the pics that you all send with them in it.  For the month of May post pics with the BWE/Kayakfishingsupplies sticker in the picture on our facebook page.  We'll pick our favorite and you will win a $50 store credit!


I would also like to mention that we are very happy to be a sponsor in the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Tournament in May, wish we could make it out there, not this year.  How about a couple cheers for Mike Kogan, sign up it's a great time and most importantly for a great cause.


Brent Torgeson