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Kayak Fishing News & Reviews March 2010
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Endurance Paddling Jacket
Springtime Yellowtail
Wilderness Commander 120
Battery Box Complete
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East Coast Bluefin

East Coast Bluefin

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Hobie Mirage Outback Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
Hobie Mirage Outback Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
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KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System
KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System
An all new Low Profile Kayak Bait Tank
YakAttack VISIPole Light w/ Flag
YakAttack VISIPole Light w/ Flag
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Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
The All New Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
Battery Box Complete Power System
Battery Box Complete Power System
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Well must be getting very fishy because orders have increased this month!  Here in San Diego the spring Whiteseabass bite is on with some 40lb plus being caught.  Also our first Bay Bass Tournament was earlier this month and Kobra Bob won it with a stringer of 5 fish with a total weight of 16.9 lbs (release only tournament). 


This issue we will have a kayak review of the Wilderness Commander and a great deal on the NRS Endurance Paddle   A must read on kayak fishing apparel by Brian Long will help you to decide on what to get to dress for fishing success!

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Newsletter Special Offer: Endurance Paddling Jacket

Endurance Paddling JacketToo hot?  Too cold?  Just right is how you will feel with this waterproof breathable jacket from NRS.  Use it over your mysterioso gear in the winter or over a short sleeve ventex in the summer. more


Save 20% on the Endurance Paddling Jacket from NRS when you enter discount code NEWSPROMO2 at check-out, now through April 16th.

Springtime Yellowtail: By Andy Allen
YellowtailI'm really not certain if the term "sleigh ride"; was coined when recounting the adventurous event shortly after the first kayak angler hooked into a yellowtail, but that's where I would lay my money. What other SoCal 20-lb. class game fish is capable of quickly diminishing your spool of line? This relentless adversary then tows you and your "sled" over great distances, only to be finalized with a vertical slug-out. The California yellowtail is the brute of all inshore species.

Many variables affect when these pelagics will arrive in our waters, as well as in what numbers and where they will set up shop. Most of these schools winter in the waters off central Baja, traveling several hundred miles. Warming water, water quality and an abundance of forage will bring them to the areas surrounding our inshore kelp beds and hold them there through the summer. more

Kayak Review: Wilderness Systems Commander 120 


Once again, we're bringing you a kayak review from a Pro Staffer who knows kayaks


This month, we're sharing CJ "Csueper Jeanyus" Siebler's review of the Wilderness Systems Commander 120All ratings are based on a score of 1 to 5.

Commander 120

Experience: 9 years of kayak fishing experience in Southern California, everything from lakes, rivers and bays to inshore kelp and offshore islands.  I have owned most all of the popular paddle-style of kayaks on the market and have paddled a large majority of the ones I have not owned.  I also have done most any rigging you can think of on kayaks of all makes and models during my time at OEX/ Kayak Fishing Supplies.


Stability: 5

CJ's Comments: The Commander 120 is one of the most stable kayaks I have ever paddled.  Not even while standing have I ever felt this boat was going to flip on me.


Speed: 3

CJ's Comments:The kayak does lack the paddling ability I have grown so fond of in my 160 however for such a stable, short boat it is not bad at all.  I have had no issues logging days up to 5 miles in this kayak.


Weight Capacity: 4

CJ's Comments: The rated capacity on this boat should be fairly accurate however I would say 275 would be the max before the boat starts loosing some of that stability.


The Good:

CJ's Comments: This kayak is rock solid stable.  The seat is very comfortable and the ability to sit in an elevated position is a huge plus for fishing.   The SlideTrax system makes rigging the Commander a breeze as it did with the 09+ Tarpons.  The outer SlidTrax will also make adding a blind for hunting very easy.


The Bad:

CJ's Comments: The length of the Commander does limit the distance you can cover, however on small lakes and ponds this is not a real problem.  The Sit in/ hybrid design of this boat also does limit you from taking it on rougher water.



CJ's Comments: Overall I am very happy with my Commander.  It is perfect for freshwater fishing, the bay, and this fall should make an awesome duck hunting platform.
Featured Item: Battery Box Complete Power System
Click the image to review a video featuring the Battery Box Complete Power System
Battery Box Complete
A great solution for keeping your battery dry and safe. Avoid electrical shorts, damaged batteries and corrosion issues with this battery box made out of a completely waterproof Pelican case. A deck connector on the side of the box makes for an easy connection and easy installation into your existing wiring.  more
From Torgy's Tavern:

Apologies for coming to you so late in the month - it's been a busy one with the Fred Hall Shows in Long Beach and Del Mar - but a blast because we love the opportunity to meet so many great kayak anglers from around the country while we're at the shows!

Since it is almost next month - and for those of you who don't check your e-mail daily, it just might be April already - we've extended this month's coupon so that you can make a purchase after you find out how much Uncle Sam is sending your way.
Brent Torgeson