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Kayak Fishing News & Reviews February 2010
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Malibu Kayaks X-13
Featured Item: Safety Light
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Hobie Mirage Outback Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
Hobie Mirage Outback Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
A Hobie Mirage Outback kayak equipped with Hobie accessories + option to add KFSupplies Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System
KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System
An all new Low Profile Kayak Bait Tank
YakAttack VISIPole Light w/ Flag
YakAttack VISIPole Light w/ Flag
A great looking accessory to improve a kayaker's visibility during both day and night.
Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
The All New Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14
Battery Box Complete Power System
Battery Box Complete Power System
Great power source for your kayak, canoe or small boat.
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Well, it's February!  This is the time for most people in cooler climates that we call the transition month.  Getting your kayak ready for Spring!  Now is the time to check your wiring, fittings, and hardware.  You do not want that great sunny, windless weekend to sneak up on you and not have your kayak ready to hit the water!
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Newsletter Special Offer: NRS Chinook
NRS ChinookWe have had some pretty big storms this winter, even here in San Diego.  Yes, storms in San Diego!  One particular weekend some kayak fishermen ventured out and got caught in some snotty seas and wind.  One did not have a PFD and lucky for him he was rescued by a life guard boat.
We at KFS want everyone to keep safety in mind at all times!  So we want to offer a great discount on one PFD that we think is one of the best out there.   The Chinook in safety orange from NRS.
This fishing PFD from NRS has pockets stacked on pockets for almost unlimited storage and the baja back style makes for comfortable sitting without the bulkiness of usual life jackets.  more
Save 25% on the NRS Chinook when you enter discount code NEWSPROMO1 at check-out, now through February 28th.
Transporting Your Kayak: By Brian Long
ThuleTransporting your kayak is an important thing to consider before purchasing your boat, and maybe even your vehicle!  While it's possible to transport any kayak on just about any vehicle, some rack systems will prove to be better options than others, and there is the rare occasion where a rack of any type is not possible on a particular vehicle.  Researching all aspects of transportation is an important step if you're in the market for a new kayak.


This article is meant to give some relevant information for kayak fishermen and sit on top kayakers who utilize wide, plastic sit on top kayaks with varying hull shapes.  Over the years we've seen some very "interesting" transportation methods and we've found that transporting a kayak is one of the biggest mysteries for people getting into our sport.  By following some of the suggestions outlined here, we hope to put to rest many of those questions and concerns about transporting a kayak.  After all, there's a safe and secure method to transport any kayak on any vehicle, please take the time and make the investment to safely transport your kayak to and from the launch site.  Saving a couple bucks on a rack or a tie down strap is not worth your kayak flying into traffic on the freeway.  And yes, it has happened to customers of ours, but never to those who secure their kayaks properly. more

Kayak Review: Malibu Kayaks X-13 


There's nothing like a review from someone who is basing their comments on more than just a test drive, right?  Well we've asked our Pro Staffers to give us honest write-ups about the yaks they use themselves...and you know that if they're on the Pro Staff, they really use them...a lot!


This month, we're sharing a review from the man, the myth, the legend, Andy "Iceman" Allen.  Here are his thoughts on his

X-13.  All ratings are based on a score of 1 to 5.


Stability: 4

Andy's Comments: I have been in heavy seas and due to the secondary stability have felt very comfortable.  The rounded chine, rocker and deep V hull make for a great ocean going kayak.  For people with no kayak fishing experience, the rating would probably be a 3.


Speed: 5

Andy's Comments: This is the best paddling kayak in the Malibu Kayaks fleet, it moves through the water with ease.  Very smooth glide to the kayak.


Weight Capacity: 4

Andy's Comments: This is probably one of the higher weight capacity performance kayaks on the market.In order to maintain optimal performance, I think cutting the manufacturers weight capacity in half is a good guideline for the anglers weight.  I find if I overload my X-13 it loses what I really like about it.  I keep it simple, uncluttered and light, and can paddle it all day long with ease. 


The Good:

Andy's Comments: Great kayak launching and landing in surf, great rigging options with flat surfaces.  Tracks very well.  Great mix of paddling and fishing engineering built in.


The Bad:

Andy's Comments: The right size person should not have anything bad to say about this kayak.  I would not recommend it to persons over 225 pounds.



Andy's Comments: Of all the kayaks I have owned, this is my favorite.  I would love to see Malibu Kayaks follow up with a X-15 for bigger guys and more gear.

Featured Item: Marine Safety Light 
Marine Safety LightA true must have for your kayak or boat! 
No batteries required!  Just crank the handle to charge internal batteries.  Never be stuck with a dead flashlight again!

From Torgy's Tavern:

The past few days in San Diego, the weather has been like summer.  It's like a light switch!  We got hit hard with customers bringing in their kayaks for repairs, rigging and check-ups.  Make sure, like we mentioned above, to get your kayaks ready soon so you don't miss any days on the water.

Also, last month, we had a product on our site that was priced at $0 by mistake.  This just proves that we are kayak fishermen, not businessmen.  So I thought it might be fun to do it again, this time on purpose.  Search our products and look for the item priced at $0.  After 100 orders we will put it back to regular price.  I will give you a hint...it's not a kayak! 
If you're in SoCal, come by and see us at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, March 3 - 7th and Del Mar, March 24 - 28th.
Brent Torgeson