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Kayak Fishing News & Reviews December 2009
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Featured Products
Malibu Stealth-12 Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
Malibu Stealth-12 Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
The all new Malibu Stealth-12 fixed up with all the best fishing accessories on the market.
Battery Box Complete Power System
Battery Box Complete Power System
Great power source for your kayak, canoe or small boat.
Hobie Mirage Revolution Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
Hobie Mirage Revolution Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
A Hobie Mirage Revolution kayak equipped with Hobie accessories + option to add KFSupplies Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System
KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System
An all new Low Profile Kayak Bait Tank
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package
A Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 with all the best accessories on the market.
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New Product: Ultimate Bait Tank 
Ultimate Bait TankNew from OEX this Bait tank is the latest and greatest in kayak fishing. 
This system was designed and developed by our kayak fishing staff as the most functional, durable, adaptable and cost effective unit possible.  After designing and testing this bait tank, we are confident that we have truly created The Ultimate Bait Tank.
The Ultimate Bait Tank is low-profile and a completely self contained unit that requires no installation or assembly and is easily transportable between kayaks. 
"I've used the Ultimate Bait Tank on both of my yaks.  Easy to switch between the two boats and works beautifully on both!" - Bill V., Jacksonville, FL
Read more about the Ultimate Bait Tank.
Fishing with the Iron: By Pat Holmes
Many kayak fishermen have become so dependant on live bait that they have overlooked one of the best fishing weapons available - the yo-yo iron.  I have to admit that it's hard to compete with a slimy, wiggly mackerel, but quite often yellowtail, especially the big wintertime La Jolla homeguards, will strike an iron while leaving the bait untouched.

La Jolla in December 2003 was a perfect example.  I launched after dawn with one rod and paddled out to an area in 90 ft of water where a group of good kayak fisherman were milling around.  They were slow trolling plugs and greenies, casting fish traps and crocodiles, and bounce balling mackerel for halibut.  Two hours later my Salas 6x Jr. in blue & white had caught two 20# class yellowtail. Nobody else was getting bit.
For whatever reason, the yellows swam by all those live baits and plastics for a small hunk of fast moving metal.

I've caught >90% of my LJ yellows on yo-yo iron.  It's something about fooling a fish to eat an artificial lure that got me hooked (har har).  Now I do it because it just plain works.  Sometimes the success of yo-yo fishing seems random and unexplainable, but the real reasons behind why it works may not be so mysterious.  more 
Our History
Big Water's Edge and All Kayak Fishing have always been at the forefront of kayak fishing information and resources. With the help of OEX, Southern California's kayak fishing outfitter, KayakFishingSupplies.com is able to offer many of the products that we have personally used and recommend.
Our goal is to provide quality products at competitive prices that we know to be useful and beneficial to kayak fishermen. If we offer it you can be certain that we have tried it, believe in it and have full confidence in it.
KayakFishingSupplies offers a unique service for online shoppers.  Since we are an established, full service kayak fishing shop, we offer complete installation services before your kayak leaves our hands.  And the best part?  It's Free!  When purchasing a kayak from us, just select the accessories you'd like installed and include any special instructions in the "Notes" section up on checkout and we'll install them free of charge.  Hatches, rodholders, fishfinders, bait tanks, rudders, we do it all! 
From Torgy's Tavern:
We've had trying times this year and I cannot thank all of you enough for the support and kind words about our business. 

"Let me start off by saying you people rock!!! Your products I've bought have been great, and your shipping time is unmatched. THANK YOU ALL! "  G. Russo, Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

"Thank you for all your help in my purchase of this kayak. It is always a pleasure dealing with folks like you that are willing to listen to us and make good suggestions. I am looking foreward to recieveing and using my new kayak and to my next purchase from you and your company." Dale, Mobile, AL
"I won't be purchasing until the spring, but have found your site the absolute best in one-stop shopping and customer service." Dave S.
It is all of you who allow us to continue to do the job we love. Who ever thought you could earn a living paddling plastic?  We have a great team here at KFSupplies and will be working hard to find the latest and greatest innovation in kayak fishing.  We would love to hear more from you, so if there is something you would like to see or for us to check out send us a line.
Brent Torgeson
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