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Wildlife Research Institute

Wildlife Research Institute

Hawk Watch 2008
Visit the Ramona Grasslands with the Wildlife Research Institute, Inc.  You will see raptors such as the Golden Eagle, the wintering Ferruginous Hawk, the Red-tailed Hawk, Prairie Falcon and the Red-shouldered Hawk. Nineteen (19) species of raptors alone have been recorded at this Raptor Hotspot!

January 5 thru February 23, 2008

Every Saturday 9AM-Noon

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2007 has come and gone, and what a challenging year it was!  From the housing market slump to the devastating wildfires, each of us faced unique challenges to our decision to be small business owners.

That's all behind us now, and 2008 is upon us, full of promise and expectation.  Many of us have set business goals, budgets, and projections.  Some of us may want to introduce a new product line or simply increase sales of our current products.

With this in mind, our first newsletter of the new year contains some thoughts and insights into growing your business.  As always, if we can help you grow, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or (760) 788-9384.
Mining for Gold
Gold CoinsThere are only 3 ways to increase your business income:
  1. Increase customers
  2. Increase sale amount to existing customers
  3. Increase sale frequency to existing customers
Of these three, Increase Customers is the most expensive. Estimates are that the costs are 50%-100% higher to attain new customers than to sell to the customers you already have! It makes you wonder why we spend so much of our time looking for new customers.  Why don't we just focus on our existing client base?

We believe there are several reasons for this.  First and foremost, it's time consuming to create and maintain a contact database, especially if you have been in business for several years and have many many contacts, mostly on sales receipts and old napkins!

Next, even if you've been super organized (well done!), what to do with the information you've collected?  Targeted mail campaigns are very effective, but sadly, very expensive.

Happily, there is a solution!  It's called Permission Marketing, and it's the wave of the future (and the future is NOW!)  Simply put, people who give you their email addresses have given you permission to send follow-up emails.  This means you are sitting on a GOLD MINE of opportunity!  For instance, you are receiving this email because you are either a client or associate or friend of ours.  If you'd rather not receive our newsletters anymore, it's easy to unsubscribe, just click the link at the bottom of the email!  But when you make the decision to not unsubscribe, you give us permission to continue to contact you - see how that works?  And because we have your permission, we can continue to keep in touch with you, we can let you know about any specials we are featuring, and we can give you special tips that may improve your life and/or your income! 

If you are not keeping in touch with your clients via email - why not?  You're leaving money on the table - instead of in your pockets!
Living Your Vision in the Fast Lane

Revs. Les and Audrey Turner are hosting a class designed to help you to establish your goals and desires for the New Year.

Living Your Vision in the Fast Lane
Wed evenings at 7 pm, starts Jan 9th

This 4-week course will assist you in establishing your goals and desires for the New Year. You will discover your Purpose in life, and have tools for making the right decisions as you move toward your goals. You will establish a Vision, which will keep you on course, out of blind alleys and unnecessary side trips as you clearly move forward toward your stated intentions. We will together, create a new way of supporting ourselves and others to achieve our highest potential. We will share the secrets of some current high level achievers as well as combine the wisdom from the ages.

Creative Center for Spiritual Living
1330 E Valley Parkway Suite G
Escondido, CA

Call Les Turner 760-443-3930 for information.

If Not Now...When?!
Don't let this be you!
You've set your goals. Want to sell on the internet? On eBay? Learn how to use a software program? We're here to help. We are available to consult with you on the following topics:

- Internet Marketing
- Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook
- QuickBooks
- Email/Newsletter Campaigns
- eBay
- PC Optimization

- Google AdWords
- eCommerce

January only: $100/hour
Regular Rate: $150/hour

We'll come to your home or office to meet with you and up to 3 additonal staff members. Phone consultations are also available. Schedule today!
Google AdWords
Google AdWordsYou may have heard all of the buzz about Google AdWords, but how can you make them work for you?  To help answer that question, we've posted 2 new articles on our website:

As always, if we can help you with your marketing efforts, don't hesitate to contact us!
January Web Design Special

If one of your goals for this year is to give your website a makeover, there's no time  like the present!

Site Makeover - $750

There are no catches or caveats to this special - our site makeover includes changes to all existing pages on your site, changes to the graphics, changes to the content, changes to everything!

Save money and achieve your goal, all at the same time!  What could be better?

Note: Site makeovers take as long if not longer than creating a new site.  For that reason, we must limit this special to the first five clients that contact us.  At the present time, one client has already taken advantage of this special.  Will you be one of the remaining four, or will you miss out?  A deal like this doesn't come around every day, so contact us now!

Note: Does not include the adding of new modules i.e. shopping carts, calendars, photo galleries, etc.

Kathy and Robin
SmileyRose Web Solutions

P.S. Have you gotten your FREE audio book, The Iliad, from our bookstore? It won't be there for long!

P.S.S. Shhhhh!  Kathy here - don't tell Robin but I've decided to sweeten our website makeover special.  If you call or email us by Friday, January 11, I will include an additional web page, absolutely FREE (a $200 value)!  If your site is missing critical pages such as About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, or Policies, this is the perfect time to add them!  These pages are search engine favorites and are nearly guaranteed to increase your search engine rankings!