Wisdom University presents

New Chartres School

A Seven-Stage Initiatory Journey into the Liberal Arts of Antiquity
as Gateways of Transformation

Join us for our initation into Rhetorica this July 6-12, 2008 in Chartres, France:

  The Great Sacred Loves and the Poetry of Beauty

led by
 Jean Houston
Lauren Artress Lynn Bell Apela Colorado Jim Garrison
Caroline Myss Peggy Rubin Bonnie Treace

Is there a greater magic in Creation, a greater mystery, than that of Love?  
Join us in Chartres, France this July for Rhetorica: The Great Sacred Loves
and the Poetry of Beauty
. With Venus as our guiding planet, and Medieval Christian Mysticism as our Wisdom tradition, we will explore and embody
the divine enchantment of Rhetorica and Love, with its power to awaken the heart and soul, and give voice to the highest expressions of eloquence and beauty.

Together we will explore some of the Great Sacred Loves of mythology and history as a path of awakening to the Divine- including the erotic love of
Psyche and Eros, the healing love of Isis and Osiris, the tragic love of Abelard
and Heloise, the ecstatic love of Rumi and Shams, as well as the devotional love
of Wisdom and Eloquence that gave birth to the mystical flowering
of the original Chartres School. 

Our exploration of Rhetorica:  The Great Sacred Loves and the Poetry of Beauty will be dynamic, vocal and embodied, incorporating poetry, allegory and drama to catalyze a mystical alchemy of love, beauty and eloquent expression.  This will be complemented by an initiatory arc of ceremonies throughout the week, leading us to a deepened encounter with Love as a unifying force, including private, candlelit ceremonies in the Crypt and Labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral.

Dive into the mysteries of Mythic Love...
Give birth to your Divine Being,
 And awaken your alchemical heart. 
This is the embodiment, and this is the Beauty
That can transform our lives and transform the world.

Chartres Stained Glass

All intensives will be held in Chartres, France, at the seminary adjacent to the Cathedral where the original Chartres School stood. Anyone with a deep commitment to the mysteries is invited. The cost for each intensive is $1250,
or $2010 if taken for credit toward a degree at Wisdom University.

What would I tell others about the New Chartres School?
It is deep, important soul work. Come join us.
Jeanne Creighton

The overall feeling of the gathering at New Chartres School was one of sacred authenticity and commitment to integrity. Bravo!
- Jacquie Donahue

For more information about the New Chartres School, or to register, contact

Wisdom University
415 561 2348
P.O Box 29434 San Francisco, CA  94129