Are you longing for a healing experience of
Vision, Power and Beauty?

Colette in the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral

You are warmly invited to join Colette
for an intimate ceremonial gathering
in the heart of New York City

 The Oracle and the Sacred Feminine

Thursday, February 28, 2008, 7:30PM

Central Park West at 65th Street

Requested Donation - $20

Seating is very limited at this private gathering so please contact Colette
by February 26th to RSVP and receive directions: / 888.434.1154

"Colette, the gift of your poetry will resonate always.  Such heart-opening Beauty could only come from a soul of intense fragility and unimaginable sincerity.  Listening to your voice was listening to the voice of the Goddess.  Literally. 
Thank you so much--and I can hardly wait until next time!!"

John Hanagan, New Chartres School participant, France

Colette is a visionary artist and creative coach, a contemporary poetic Oracle,
and the author and publisher of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE :
An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age,
as well as the forthcoming ALCHEMY OF THE DIVINE.
To experience the power and mystery of Colette's work, please watch
The Vision and Healing Artistry of Colette

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Offerings from
Colette and Epiphanies Press

Alchemy of the Divine title

A Series of Seven Prints from the forthcoming Book

Sophia for the Sake of the WorldThe Chalice of BecomingRebirth Through Fire

The Purification of WaterSophia of the CosmosBirth of the Divine Human

Jewel of Alchemy

For more information, and to view the prints, please visit Alchemy of the Divine

8.5 x 11 prints -$25 each    /    18x24 prints - $65 each
Each Alchemy print is accompanied by a poetic illumination printed on gold paper


The Alchemy of Creation

Give Yourself the Gift of Visionary Creative Support from Colette!

Gift Certificates for THE ALCHEMY OF CREATION
Single Session - $80 / Pkg. of 7 Sessions - $500
For more information, download the pdf flyer at
or call Colette at 888.434.1154

Working with Colette takes me out of my mind and into the magic and the deep Mystery,
resulting in the re-enchantment of my entire life.

-Pamela L. Clark, Ph.D

Gateways title

An illuminated manuscript for the modern age...

Gateways of the Divine

Are you searching for a deeper experience of soul and mystery?

GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE is a visionary and poetic initiation
into the light and shadow of the Divine, a tool of wisdom unlike any other. 
You are invited to a journey of awakening through 44 Gateway divination cards created by Colette; each Gateway is then illuminated by an inspiring collection of poetry and mystical writings from the wise ones who have gone before us.  Featuring Rumi, Kabir, Tagore, Rilke,
as well as the modern poets David Whyte, Pablo Neruda and Octavio Paz.
GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE offers timeless wisdom on the path to wholeness. 

Enter the world of
and allow yourself to be touched and transformed...

Published by Epiphanies Press in a Limited Artist's Edition of 1000 Copies

This stunning case bound book features:
·326 pages, with over 250 passages of mystical writings from the world's wisdom traditions
·44- 4x6" four-color laminated divination cards, each in a vellum pouch with a gold seal
·6-color cover, with a double spine
·Fold-out flap, snap closure, and 133 tip-ins
·Dimensions:  12x9x2 1/2" / Weight: 7lbs.
·Custom box with gold lettering
·Signed and numbered by the Artist

Nos. 1-499 - $260 - SOLD OUT
Nos. 500-1000 - $500

Visa, MC and personal checks accepted.
Shipping extra. California residents must also include 8.75% in sales tax.

To order, please call: 888.434.1154

For an experience of the power and beauty of the Gateways vision, please visit

To learn about the genesis of Gateways of the Divine,
watch "The Vision and Healing Artistry of Colette" on
Google Video!

Many artistic, spiritual, social and political visionaries have been inspired by

Colette's magnificent limited edition of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE: An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age is a catalytic portal into the shadow world. During the course of a decade, Colette underwent her own intense initiation and deep process, and through this has emerged a work of art that is both compelling and a powerful transformational tool.

Writer and Producer, The Illuminators:  Brilliance in Service to Life

This inspired creation has moved me beyond words. 
Colette has created a portal of the Divine which is unique exquisite and masterful.

Emmy Award-Winning Composer

You have put together an intriguingly unusual book, a visual and literary maze full of beautiful surprises.  Thank you so much for the inclusion of my work alongside all the riches.  I look forward to savoring its contents for years to come.


Poet, Fortune 500 consultant, and bestselling author of
The Heart Aroused and Crossing the Unknown Sea

GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE is a gem...and sacred ground for exploring places
where words cannot go, and where the imaginal world longs to speak to us
through images and the voices of the mystics.
Thank you, Colette for your commitment,
grace, fire, and amazing love...

Psychotherapist and Interfaith Chaplain

About Colette


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To learn about the genesis of Gateways of the Divine, watch
"The Vision and Healing Artistry of Colette" on
Google Video.

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Artwork and Images ©2007 by Colette van Praag
Photo of Colette in the Labyrinth of Grace Cathedral by Michael Callahan