Penn Legacy / Hempfield Soccer Club

State of the Club Report

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Greetings Players and Parents,

I would like to first like to say Hello from your Board of Directors, to thank you for being a part of this club, and to let you know about what's happening "behind the scenes".

*  Changes to the Board... the Board of Directors of the club is a volunteer board (all of us donate our time to the club).  We are always looking for new faces to help run the many facets of the club -- so, if you have interest, please let us know!  Each June there are board elections for board positions with maturing terms.  You can always access the current list of board members (and email addresses) via our website:


*  Questions, Suggestions, Problems, and Complaints... As club parents ourselves, we understand that many times it seems like things are happening and we are not always quick to communicate that news. Our goal as your new board is to improve our communications.  We really are not trying to miss things -- we are just so busy trying to move the club forward and implement our many goals, that sometimes communication is not as timely or thorough as we would like.  We are taking several steps to improve on that.

            #1:  You can access a "suggestions" link on the club website.  If we hear about suggestions and ideas we will gladly address them and respond (club-wide if necessary).

            #2:  For concerns or complaints, please email the Program  Directors directly. The contact info is available on the contact page of our website.  


            #3:  We are implementing a Penn Legacy / Hempfield Soccer Club blog site, where we will post news in a more timely fashion.  After each board meeting we will be posting a brief summary of "what's happening", and any time that something develops, we will post updates.  You can link to the blog at this address:


*  Penn Legacy Academy "FREE" program... This season, we are experimenting with offering our youth program (ages 3-8) as a free program for any player -- asking families to donate what they can to help us offset the costs.  Our program remains the same high quality, fun filled soccer program led by the area's most qualified NSCAA Master Coach, Rossi (Gary Ross).  Now, though, it's available to ALL, regardless of ability to pay.  If you would like to help support this program please donate (donations are tax-deductible for most businesses and individuals since our club is a non-profit organization)

*  DDP Program (for our U9 and U10 Travel players)... The Directors' Development Program for our youngest travel players has begun.  This program allows all of the players at these developmental ages to receive the group training which best serve their needs.  We have modeled this program after many of the top soccer programs in our region.  Being our first season, we are all learning a lot -- and growing as a result.  We are confident that these children will have a top-quality soccer experience this year as Rossi (Gary Ross) and his Penn Legacy staff of coaches continue to work with them at all levels.

*  Sponsorship Drive... You will begin seeing more sponsorship and fundraising efforts taking place.  We strive to do our best to keep our costs affordable while providing a top-quality program.  We encourage you to participate in helping us identify and recruit sponsors... and to participate in our fundraising efforts as they are introduced.


*  Our New "Home"...  Recently you may have read about the land acquisition the Club is pursuing off of Graystone Road in East Hempfield.  As you all know when construction began for the new East Petersburg Elementary School we lost the fields we called home for the last 20+ years.  Upon being notified these fields would no longer be usable, a committee was formed and tasked with trying to locate a site we could purchase and call home.  As we announced back in July our Land Committee through their due diligence located a 34 acre tract for us to potentially acquire and turn into our new home.  As of August 20, 2012, East Hempfield Township awarded the Club with zoning approval for a special exception use of the property, which was an essential part of allowing this project to move forward.  The folks working on this project will now spend the next several months continuing with due diligence on the site and working to make this project become a reality.  Please understand there still remain a number of hurdles to navigate through before we can say this project can move forward and become our home, but we hope within the next several months we can determine that the project is feasible for us to move forward with construction.  At this time we are in process of compiling the expected costs and obtaining construction quotes for the project and hope to finalize those numbers over the next few weeks and provide a better update to you all in September/October as to the feasibility of the Club undertaking this project.  Because of the diligence of your past board members, over the years the Club established a land acquisition fund in hopes of one day owning a site to call our own in which the fund was established to help support a project such as this.  While some dollars have been set aside in a land fund over the years, it is not nearly enough to fully support a project of this magnitude, so its likely our club, for the first time ever, will be taking on some significant debt to make this project a reality.  This is one of the many reasons that you have seen our sponsorship efforts increase, and will see fundraising efforts in the near future as well as we strive to limit the amount of financing needed to support this project .

We know our players are being scattered all over the District in the coming season as field space has become limited given the demand for its use as now both Boys and Girls High School soccer is being played in the fall among all the others sport seasons held in the fall.  While in the short term we all need to sacrifice and understand that scheduling may be done that teams may go from season to season playing games and practices on different fields and for this we say thank you for your patience.  While this may be difficult in the short term, the long term gain is worth it, by finding a home we will have a permanent site for our club that we can control.  Again we can't thank you enough for your patience but rest assure the results will be worth it.


*Penn Legacy College Soccer Connector.... Penn Legacy, over the past two years, has pushed hard to expose our older youths (on both black and white teams) to appropriate college opportunities.  Mike Logan, our senior phase director, recently held a college connector seminar for all of the players approaching college age, where he instructed them on our college connector computer system, as well as had some college coaches speak to the players and parents, on ways to be sure they are seen and noticed by college coaches. 

*Penn Legacy Adult Rec League.... The Club has introduced a new program we'd like to grow going forward as Penn Legacy is now offering an over 30 Men's Soccer League to be played this fall outdoors, under the lights, on the "Quad" at the Hempfield High School.  This program will help benefit the Club's All Kids Play Fund so that we can continue to offer the Penn Legacy Academy Program for free going forward.  So far there has been a great response to this new league and we are still looking for more players to join us this fall.  We hope to grow this program next year to include more divisions offering programs for both Men and Women.  

*  Other Information...  We've updated our website to make it user friendly. By visiting you are one click away from any and all programs we offer.

*  Hempfield Fall Classic...  As summer comes to a close and the kids are back in school this means the Fall Classic is right around the corner.  This is one of the largest and finest soccer events held on the East Coast and as always we look forward to seeing you all there and we appreciate the time volunteered to help organize and run this event. 

I thank you all for all you do as players and parents and I could not be more proud of our club as we continue to evolve.



Andy Loose

Hempfield Soccer Club, President