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Energy Control Systems May 2009
In this environment of plant closings, job slashing, bankruptcy and corporate consolidation it is always nice to have a beacon of consistency, leadership and growth. Despite the economic climate of late, ECS has continued to grow, adding more service options and product offerings for our clients as well as additional staff to facilitate client needs.
As large corporations shuffle to rearrange assets to stay afloat, many smaller clients can become lost in transition. As jobs are "reallocated," companies lose their ability to maintain solid contact with the companies they provide services for. One of the main things companies like yours are looking for in times like these is stability and the confidence that their business partners are going to be able to promulgate for years to come.

Commitment to growth.
Our transition from a one product lightning arrestor shop to a full scale international Power Quality and Efficiency Systems Integrator has taken another foray into forward progress in the past few weeks. As you know, ECS established a new Service Department about a year ago. As it has grown and expanded, we have been proud to acquire additional key staff members, knowledge and expertise.
We are proud to announce that we have finally been able to acquire the necessary means to provide service for Three Phase UPS Systems. As of May 1, 2009, Energy Control Systems has increased its service capacity 100 percent and have the required personnel and equipment to begin providing service for almost any UPS currently on the market.

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ECS Announces New 3 Phase Service Offerings 

Our Service Division has over 100 engineers nation-wide with an average of 16 years of experience working on uninterruptible power systems and their associated installations. Whether you are looking for help with an installation, start up, alarming, down unit or general questions, we have the experience necessary to help you.

We offer everything from pre-purchase  site surveys, evaluation visits of existing units, power quality analysis, battery replacement, preventive maintenance and, of course, corrective action visits as well.

In addition to the above one-time service listed above, we are also proud to offer comprehensive single and multi-year service plans. These plans are offered in various packages that can be easily tailored to fit your individual needs. No longer is it necessary to buy a "cookie cutter" package. You can pick what you need and not pay for anything that you do not.

From pre-purchase to installation to battery replacements to contract packages, we are with you at every step.
Scope of Services
Our Maintenance Agreement provides 7 days a week, 24 hours a day unlimited remedial emergency service and (2) Preventative Maintenance site visits (PMs) per year on the UPS & Battery System.  
During a PM, which is to be scheduled at our customer's convenience, the equipment will be inspected, tested, evaluated, and where applicable, calibrated.  Immediately upon completion, a full service report, complete with battery test results, will be provided to the responsible site supervisor.
Our Maintenance Agreementincludesall travel, parts internal to the UPS *** (including batteries) ***, and labor charges associated with both the PM and remedial service calls.
Equipment Acceptance
If the equipment listed in the Equipment Information has not been under previous ECS full service maintenance coverage, upon Subscriber signing this Agreement, ECS will schedule a Preventative Maintenance site inspection (PM) of the equipment. This visit will include a functionality testing.  If any parts or components are found to be defective or marginal, their replacement costs will be the responsibility of the Subscriber.  Thereafter, ECS will assume the liability of all parts or components, including batteries, which need replacement. A marginal battery shall be defined as any battery that tests at a level less than 70% remaining useful life.
Deliverable Materials

After each Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PM), ECS will provide a completed field service report indicating the condition of the equipment, and any recommended corrective action, prior to leaving the site.
***Battery coverage is not common to the Industry in the case of three-phase service contracts. Our coverage is conditional. We will cover a battery string under the following conditions. First, we must be able to verify the condition of the existing battery string. This can be accomplished by proof of age through a sales/service invoice. If this cannot be accomplished, then our only other alternative will be through acceptance testing (this will take the place of year one PM). If either of the above methods proves the reliability of the battery string, we will agree to cover the batteries up to a maximum of 5 years. At that time, the customer will need to purchase, at their expense, a complete set of batteries (and all freight associated with getting the batteries to their site). Our Agreement, as long as it is in effect, without lapse, will cover the labor to install the complete string of batteries.

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About Energy Control Systems
Through the past two decades Energy Control Systems has evolved from a single product sales company to a multifaceted, multinational power quality solutions provider and product integrator. 
Our continued commitment to integrity, urgency, reliability and service has afforded us many opportunities over the past few years and we have capitalized on these and grown when many in the industry have scaled back operations.
We look forward to continuing to provide the power quality and efficiency services your company requires and building our business relationship for decades to come.
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Energy Control Systems
Terry Gotch
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