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February 2009  Press Release
Energy Control Systems Announces New Battery Sales Division
Necedah, Wis. - Energy Control Systems International announced Monday the organization of a new Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Sales Division based in Necedah, Wisconsin in order to better serve the power quality needs of their clients. 
The Battery Sales Division specializes in UPS Replacement Batteries and boasts over 20 years experience in the battery sales arena.
Due to extensive market and industry knowledge as well as an industry best manufacturer network, the Battery Sales group is able to provide service and replacement batteries across all UPS platforms, regardless of manufacturer. 
For more information, please visit or call 608.403.4087.
dead batteryBattery failures are the Number 1 problem that UPS' encounter!

Batteries fail. It's a fact of life. Due to a completed lifecycle, manufacturer's defect, or some other cause, there's no guarantee a battery will operate as intended or even to its full potential. Therefore, even a high quality UPS doesn't eliminate the need for regular preventive maintenance visits. Too many customers fall prey to the thought of "I just bought a new UPS, I don't have to worry about anything anymore" only to have their peace of mind abruptly and horribly shattered.
The service life of a typical UPS battery is only a few years. UPS devices are often positioned on cubicle floors and behind desks. It's easy to forget they're there. Years can pass quickly. As we mentioned, batteries will eventually begin to fail. After a few years, batteries may continue to function but they likely won't continue providing the same levels of service.
For example, a two-year-old battery may provide only 12 minutes of power versus 18 when it was new. Be sure to consider a battery's age and associated service degradation when reviewing your emergency power requirements. Usually, we see that the average battery will typically perform, as expected, for 3 years. In order to be receiving the intended reliability, your batteries should be replaced at that time. It is of likewise importance that, when replacing batteries, that a single, or even a few new batteries, not to be replaced in a battery string. By doing this, the brand new batteries will take on the characteristics of the rest of the older batteries and will have their years of service dramatically shortened. By having regular preventive maintenance completed, it is possible to divert problems that are not only battery related but also associated with the UPS electronic components.
Contact our Battery Sales Division Today @ 608.403.4087 to find out if it's time for you to replace your batteries.
About our Battery Sales Division
Jodi Hanson-  
Jodi Hanson has served the Power Quality and UPS industry for over 15 years as a Battery Specialist and Customer Service Coordinator. By combining a vast amount of industry experience and product knowledge with superior client relations endeavors, Jodi has been able to cultivate numerous enduring client-vendor relationships. We're pleased to have her as a part of the ECS International family.
Patricia Korner-
Patricia Korner brings a wealth of industry experience and exceptional customer service practices to the table. As a former Battery Specialist with Eaton Electrical, Patricia developed the skills necessary to provide our clients with the products and information they require to reduce downtime and increase profitability across the board. We gladly welcome her to the ECS International family.
Whatever your UPS Battery needs consist of, our talented and experienced Battery Specialists can provide you with the products, services and information you require.
Energy Control Systems
Patricia Korner 
Power Quality Consultant
Energy Control Systems
Jodi Hanson 
Power Quality Consultant
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