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Energy Control Systems September 2008
ECS at a Glance...

Despite over 20 successful years of providing power quality products and solutions to our diverse group of clients, we never sat down as an organization to establish a concrete corporate image. Perhaps this was for the better as we were able to establish our own corporate culture without trying to fit any predetermined 'mold,' so to speak.
Having recently realized that a more defined corporate image needed to be communicated to both our current and potential customers, we took the time to closely analyze our business practices and attitudes. The following statements and values are the beginning of a new era for Energy Control Systems, and they provide our stakeholders and ourselves with a basic guideline for what to expect from ECS. It also provides a springboard for which to propel ourselves into the future by associating an image with our name. While power quality has been our industry for over 20 years, our business has always been increasing customer profitability. Through integration of our products and services, we are able to provide power quality solutions which lower overhead costs and increase profitability.
-Mission Statement-
 To provide cutting edge power quality solutions to our customers thereby increasing their overall profitability by decreasing overhead costs related to power quality issues. Through our commitment to provide exceptional customer service by emphasizing the integrity, urgency and reliability required to conduct business in today's world, we strive to create global partnerships which help to perpetuate future business propositions.
-Vision Statement-
To become a top tier supplier for delivering power quality audits, products and solutions, that exceed customer expectations.
-Key Values-

 1. Integrity- ECS understands the importance of standing for what is right, fair and expected in the world's business environment. We strive daily to conduct business in an honest, open and visible manner in order to serve our customers, employees and suppliers  with the respect they deserve.

  2. Urgency- ECS realizes that time is money and makes every effort to respond to all inquiries, orders and communication attempts in a timely manner. By providing our stakeholders with immediate responses, we further our business relationships and create lasting partnerships with our customers, employees and stakeholders.

  3. Reliability- In today's business world, companies who can't provide for their customers' needs on a consistent basis are barely able to survive, let alone thrive. At ECS we are committed to being a business partner that can be relied on for all of our customers' power quality needs and we will do our best to consistently add value our customers' business in any way we can. Be it our people or our products, we promise to provide the necessary solutions at the exact moment they are required.

  4. Service- Without our customers we could not continue to exist, and in light of that we commit to providing Exceptional Customer Service throughout the entire business cycle. We're not in the power quality business we're in the increasing customer profitability business.

As we enter into the final quarter of 2008 and begin planning and preparing for another successful year, we are able to once again affirm that the greatest assets we possess as a corporation are the individuals within that have enabled us to serve, support, service and supply the people and partners the we are privileged to be connected with throughout North America, Latin America, South America, Asia and Africa.
As our new vision statement promises, we will continue exploring and evaluating power quality and energy efficiency products and solutions from around the globe in order to bring our partners the cutting edge technology they deserve and demand.  We look forward to exciting times and progress in the future and hope to reveal exciting news in several areas in the coming months.

Jeff Edwards
Energy Control Systems
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