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May 2010 
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Welcome New VBSR Members!

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VBSR Marketplace
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Member Request
From Speeder and Earls
Seeking potted plants and trees for shop. Low Maintenance plants preferred! Beyond that, willing to be flexible.
Speeder & Earls

Member Request

From American Flatbread Burlington Hearth
Desk Wanted. Any color, style, material. New or used in good condition. MUST be ~32"x60". Has to fit in small office. Must have drawers, at least 2 drawers to hold hanging file folders.
American Flatbread Burlington Hearth

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VBSR Bookshelf

The End of the Long Summer
Dianne Dumanoski

The End of the Long Summer

VBSR Bookshelf brought to you by Northshire Bookstore
Will PattenToday, May 19, 2010, Governor Douglas signed S.263, An Act Relating to the Vermont Benefit Corporation.  You can read the bill here.  If you are incorporated, or will be incorporating in the future, you should consider adopting the Benefit Corporate Charter.

As a Benefit Corporation, you will be required to subscribe to a standard of best practices - such as our own SR Journey - and you will be required to annually report any progress or setbacks encountered on that journey.  For Benefit Corporations, social responsibility is not just a nice idea in a mission statement.  It is a legal commitment.

But a Benefit Corporation also sends a very strong message to its employees, community, shareholders and potential investors that you are doing business differently.   A Benefit Corporation is required to value the long-term interests of all its stakeholders in determining what is in the long term interest of the company.

If you would like to learn more about this new law and how it might help your company grow, contact me at 802-862-8347 or willp@vbsr.org.
VBSR Educational and Networking Events

2010 Terry Ehrich Award Dinner and VBSR Spring Conference
Terry Ehrich Award Dinner
2010 Terry Ehrich - Ben & JerryWe had sunny skies and beautiful temperatures for Sunday evening's cruise on Lake Champlain. This year's Terry Ehrich Awards dinner was a wonderful celebration of the achievements of two of the pioneers of socially responsible business - 2010 winners, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.
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Full-day Spring Conference

Morning workshop - Vermont in 2020
2010 Spring Conference
Nearly 400 of Vermont's most creative and innovative entrepreneurs and business owners gathered on Monday for inspiration, practical ideas, public policy updates, and to hear about new ideas from around the state, the U.S., and the world.

This year's conference featured keynote speakers U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and Robert Fuller, owner of Leunig's Bistro. During his morning keynote address, Senator Leahy offered his perspective on Vermont's place in the national economy in a time of challenge, and the opportunity for the Vermont business community to amplify the state's role as the leader in socially responsible business practices. Expanding on some of the themes from Senator Leahy's address, Senator Bernie Sanders also took a few minutes to share his insight on how Vermonters have the ability to shape the next generation of businesses in the state. Robert Fuller sent everyone home with his wit and wisdom, including Winston Churchill's admonition to "never give in!"

The conference received press coverage from WPTZ, WCAX, and The Mark Johnson show on WDEV (podcasts will be available soon for Mark's interviews with Janice Shade, Chris Morrow, Abby White, and Paul Ralston).

Many thanks to VBSR's Program & Events Committee for excellent conference planning; and our deepest gratitude to all of our panelists and sponsors who make this conference possible!
VBSR Public Policy Update
The 2010 legislative session has adjourned! Special thanks to our members who helped VBSR influence public policy for the betterment of the people and businesses in the state of Vermont. You helped further VBSR's policy agenda by:
  • being a VBSR member,
  • taking the annual VBSR public policy survey,
  • signing on to our "business petitions",
  • contacting your legislators at key times,
  • and by sharing your ideas about how to make Vermont the BEST place to do business.
We are inspired every day by the smart and articulate business people we represent. You allow us to demonstrate that there are many diverse "voices" of business in Vermont. Please link here to see a summary of the bills that were influenced by VBSR advocacy this session. We will be back in touch soon with our next annual member policy survey.

You can follow us on Twitter at VBSRPolicy for quick daily updates.
VBSR's Vermont Intern Program
VBSR and The Vermont Intern Program through VBSR will be attending next week's Business Expo at the Sheraton Conference Center in Burlington. The Expo takes place on May 26th, from 10 am until 5 pm, and May 27th, from 9 am until 4 pm! We will be located on the second floor, booth 154x! Come check us out. To find out more about VBSR's participation at the Business Expo contact Tara Pfeiffer-Norrell at Tarap@vbsr.org.

VBSR's Vermont Intern Program has seen great success. Over 75 students have been placed in paid internships at Vermont businesses throughout the state, 6 interns have been hired after their internships, and over 50 Vermont businesses have been involved. The Intern Program is always looking for new opportunities from businesses and for students. For more information check out the VBSR Vermont Intern Program web page.
Local First VermontLocal Matters
Tune in here for current news about Local First Vermont and other local economies features...

A New Deal for Local Economies
More local, durable economies are already taking root. We can help them along by changing the way we regulate businesses, plan cities, and finance the communities we want.
by Stacy Mitchell, April 29, 2010

Let me begin by sharing some good news. Scattered here and there, in my country and in yours, the seeds of a new, more local, and more durable economy are taking root.
The Power of Local
Locally grown food has soared in popularity. There are now 5,274 active farmers markets in the United States. Remarkably, almost one of every two of these markets was started within the last decade. Food co-ops and neighborhood greengrocers are likewise on the rise.

Continue reading on VBSR's web site...
VBSR Member News

2010 Hometown Hero Annual Volunteer Awards
United Way of Chittenden County is now accepting nominations
for its 2010 Hometown Hero Annual Volunteer Awards

United Way of CC 2010 Hometown HerosDo you know an extraordinary volunteer? Nominate one today! The Business Award is presented to a business that engages employees in volunteerism and is innovative in their use of resources (time, funds, people) toward volunteer projects.  Considerations include the number of employees who participate, how often service is provided and other aspects that distinguish this program from other business volunteer programs. Nominations close on June 11, 2010. Read more...

Hubbardton Forge Receives Fifth Vermont Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence & Pollution Prevention
Hubbardton ForgeHubbardton Forge was presented with the award at an award ceremony in the House Chamber in Montpelier on May 3rd. This is the fifth time in the lighting manufacturer's history that it has received this award for innovative manufacturing methods which reduce its environmental footprint. The Vermont Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence & Pollution Prevention were established in 1993 to honor Vermont individuals, organizations, institutions, public agencies, businesses and industry using innovative approaches that reduce or eliminate the generation of pollutants and wastes at the source. Hubbardton Forge received the award in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2005 for several advances in their finishing systems. Read more...
VBSR Mission
Our mission is to foster a business ethic in Vermont that recognizes the opportunity and responsibility of the business community to set a high standard for protecting the natural, human, and economic environments of our citizens.

We are committed to a multiple bottom line approach to business that values people, planet and profit.
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