PAIRS Essentials Webinar for Couples, Singles and Professionals - Begins Monday, October 11th

What Recent Graduates are Saying About PAIRS ...

"The knowledge and skills I learned in PAIRS will have an enormous impact on my life." 

"PAIRS tools allow me to teach my veterans how to effectively communicate with their spouses and help teach spouses how to really listen and work together to solve problems." 

"I love people and building relationships. PAIRS is a tool that I plan on implementing in every aspect of my life."

"PAIRS training really made me look at myself and how I have been dealing with conflicts or issues in my own personal relationships. I love to learn new and better ways to do things, especially when what I have been doing isn't working very well. I can easily practice these tools with everyone I have a relationship with especially my husband. I look forward to helping our veterans and marriage ministry."

"Wonderful, practical tools everyone can relate to ... express feelings, feel you've been heard and then use tools to resolve conflict or issues in their relationship. Thank you for this memorable life-changing experience!"

"PAIRS will be one of the most amazing and life changing experiences ever."


It's not by accident that more than 99 percent of thousands of graduates recommend PAIRS Essentials. From coast to coast, couples and singles from diverse backgrounds and in all stages of relationship have discovered practical, usable skills to enhance love, pleasure, happiness and fulfillment with the people that matter most in our lives.

Last week, I had the privilege of training dozens of Veterans Administration and active duty military Chaplains and other behavioral health specialists in Augusta, Georgia who are helping expand the impact of PAIRS Essentials nationwide. In 2009, our collaboration with the VA won recognition as a national "Best Practice" for helping couples impacted by combat deployment.

Beyond powerful, usable skills for enhancing communication and deepening empathy, PAIRS Essentials has proven effective relieving symptoms and feelings of stress that can develop from each of our unique life experiences.

No matter where you are in your life and relationships, PAIRS Essentials offers a road map for lasting love and intimacy built on powerful communication skills, understanding emotions in ourselves and others, and dealing with interpersonal conflict and differences in ways that promote greater closeness, compassion, health, and healing.

While PAIRS delivers a road map and tools, it's up to each participant to bring good will towards others and a genuine openness to learning, growing and discovering what's possible in the relationships we cherish.

I invite you to join me next week to participate in an online adaptation of PAIRS Essentials that you can enjoy from the privacy of your home or office. The class will be taught over four three-hour webinars beginning Monday, October 11, 6 - 9pm EDT, continuing on Thursday, October 14, Monday, October 18, and completing on Thursday, October 21. For professionals who want to participate in order to be licensed and certified to teach PAIRS Essentials, training will continue through the following two weeks. Tuition for the four webinars is $195, including electronic materials, per connection. Couples, families and friends are invited to participate together. Professionals attending for certification should e-mail for further information. Continuing Education credits may be available for counselors, social workers and other health care professionals. See information below for a special offer for National Guard, Reserve, Military and Veteran families that have been impacted by a spouse or significant other's deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.

If you've never participated in PAIRS, this is a unique opportunity to learn essential skills that will meaningfully contribute to your life. If you've previously participated, you're invited to join us to refresh and reinforce your experience. For counselors, clergy and other professionals who work with couples and singles, PAIRS tools will quickly become one of your most valuable resources.

For more information, visit, e-mail, or call (954) 703-4533, ext. 80.

I hope you'll join us.

Yours truly,

Seth Eisenberg
PAIRS Foundation

P.S. If you know a National Guard, Reserve, Military or Veteran family that includes a spouse or significant other who has been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, please forward this invitation along and let them know that in appreciation for their service and in honor of our sacred trust to their family, they are invited to participate in this valuable program as our guest. Space is limited.

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