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Section Hosts May 2011 Informal Networking Luncheon
2011-2012 Section Board of Directors Host First Board Meeting
Panel Discusses "Tips for Lawyers Newly on Their Own"
Speakers Discuss "The Art of Strategic Communications (PR) for Lawyers"
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June 2011
Newsletter Editor: 
Clark A.D. Wilson
Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Section Board of Directors
Chair: David M. Lilenfeld
Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: L. Katherine Adams-Carter
Secretary: James A. Attwood
Treasurer: David G. Richards
Immediate Past Chair: Scott E. Atwood

The Hon. T. Jackson Bedford, Jr.
Timothy M. Curtin
Monroe J. Feldman
Frank G. Goldman
Ronne G. Kaplan
William J. Piercy
Rachel Platt
Beth E. Rogers
Thomas L. Walker
Robert G. Wellon
Clark A.D. Wilson
Upcoming Events
Mark your calendars for these upcoming Section events
Section Breakfast
Thursday, July 21, 2011 - 7:30 am

"Attorney Liens"
  L. Katherine Adams-Carter
The Adams-Carter Law Firm, PC
Location: Buckhead Club
3368 Peachtree Road NE
Please check your emails and for updates.  Details are subject to change.
Join the Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Section Softball Team!

The SPSF Section is hosting an adult co-ed softball team!

There's nothing more fun than cracking a ball out of the park! See the 2011 Ultimate Sports Lawyers League schedule for a list of the Solo Flight's games. 

To join the team or for more information contact
SPSF Section Hosts May 2011 Informal Networking Luncheon

On May 19th the SPSF section held an informal networking lunch at Gordon Biersch in Midtown.  Several new and prospective members had the opportunity to meet some of the section's familiar faces.  Like all of the section's meetings, this lunch produced new professional connections among those in attendance.   It was also an opportunity to introduce the new Chair, David Lilenfeld, and say thanks to the outgoing Chair, Scott Atwood.

2011-2012 Section Board of Directors Host First Board Meeting
The Section Board Members met on June 1st at Chair David Lilenfeld's (Lilenfeld PC) office to plan for the upcoming year.  For those of you unaware, one of the perks of being the current Chair is the opportunity host the Board Members at your office for regular meetings.  The Board addressed a variety of topics and assigned committee positions.  The Board is looking forward to the 2011-12 session and encourages its members to continue participating in section activities and to help the section increase its membership by inviting prospective members to attend a section breakfast or lunch meeting.  The Board also discussed the growing need for mentorship of newly-admitted attorneys.  Please contact a Board member if you are interested in becoming a mentor or if you would like to find a mentor.  To improve the networking capabilities of its members, the section now has a shiny new Linkedin page available only to registered section members.  If you are not currently a member of this online group, please click the link and request to join.  Finally, if you are not a Board Member but would like to volunteer your time and energy, let us know.  We are sure that we can find some way for you to get involved.
Panel of Experts Discuss "Tips for Lawyers Newly on Their Own" at June 2011
Section Breakfast

TipsThe Section held a breakfast meeting on June 16th at the Buckead Club at which a panel of experts discussed "Tips for Lawyers Newly on Their Own."  The panel included Janis Rosser (Law Office of Janis Rosser, PC), Marc Howard (Pope & Howard, PC) and Robert Wildstein (Bodker Ramsey Andrews Winograd & Wildstein).  Each speaker provided a background on their experience arriving at, and succeeding with, a solo/small-firm practice.  And, the panel received questions from the audience.  Here are some of the highlights.
Janis Rosser stated that her number one piece of advice was to "select a practice area and stick with it" and to "not take everything that walks in the door."  Rob Wildstein agreed with this sentiment by suggesting that a new solo that concentrate on a single, or few, areas of law to allow you to become a go-to-guy.  This focus helps you establish an expertise and will help with marketing your practice.  Marc Howard furthered this point by advising that attorneys should try to gain some experience in a particular area before jumping into it on your own.  Additionally, Mr. Howard recommended that you "enjoy the personal freedom of being a solo or small firm attorney," for example by spending time with family and getting involved with the community.  By contrast, do not involve yourself with things that you do not enjoy.

Callahan and Rosseter Discuss "The Art of Strategic Communications (PR) for Lawyers" at June 2011 Section Luncheon

On June 23, the Section met at Gordon Biersch in Midtown and received speakers from St. Josephs Hospital for a presentation entitled "The Art of Strategic Communications
(PR) for Lawyers." Ashley Callahan and Amanda Rosseter represent St. Joe in its public relations efforts and their suggestions were supported by their extensive news media and PR backgrounds.

Ms. Rosseter discussed two types of PR, "placed" and "earned." Placed PR includes self-generated press releases that can be sent to various news outlets or selected individuals.  In essence, placed PR originates directly from you and is provided to a third party who may be interested in such information. With placed PR, Ms. Rosseter suggested that the story should maintain a consistent message and be compelling. For example, the release should contain a hook at the beginning to grab attention and the substance should be reader-friendly.
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The Information Exchange is Looking for Articles of Interest
typewriter newsThe Information Exchange is looking for articles of interest to the SPSF Section. 

If you would like to submit an article for publication, please email the editor, Clark Wilson.