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March 18, 2011 

Costumes, Pirates and Sisters

I'm confused. Last Fall, my most favorite "fun" race was the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Running through Disney venues in the dark, being rewarded by food and drink around Epcot afterwards--I'll be back this year.


But just having finished the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I can't say which race is more fun. Most of the Princesses wore costumes which resulted in 13 miles of great entertainment. Inspiring were the continuous stories of sisters inspiring sisters, daughters running with mothers, and a stream of finish line smiles and celebration. For more about how I ran with a parrot on my shoulder, click on this link.


Enjoy every mile.




Medical Advice 

Always see a doctor for medical problems, especially a physician who wants to get you back out there on the sidewalks or trails. Always get your doctor's OK when you train strenuously. This newsletter is an offering of information from one runner to another.


Jeff Galloway's Ultimate 5K Training App 

I'm very pleased to announce a new Galloway Training app that will be available within days. Stay tuned!


Here's more information.


What is the Magic Mile?

The "Magic Mile" has become my favorite evaluation tool because it is easy to use and has predicted performances very accurately.
I've found that those who do three or four of these during a season can get a very realistic prediction of their current racing potential. Then, by adding two minutes per mile to this time, runners will find an injury-reducing pace for the long runs.

EX: an 8:00 magic mile predicts a 4:32 marathon finish time
Galloway Training Programs   

Training Program Logo We are gearing up for Spring which means lot of Galloway Training Programs Kickoffs! These groups are for all levels, including beginners. Join us and bring a friend!


Upcoming cities include: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Chicago Lincoln Park, Columbus GA, Denver, Ft. Worth, Green Cove Springs FL, Houston, Portland, Puerto Rico, Seattle, Greater South Hampton Roads VA and Washington DC.


See the complete list of cities.

My Recommended Races  

Big Sur International MarathonCheck out my recommeded list of races for 2011-2012!

Running Form Q&A


 What is the best running posture?
Upright posture tends to be best: head over shoulders, over hips, as the feet touch lightly underneath. A forward lean often results in back or neck pain, and can force one to shorten stride length.

-How much can I bounce off the ground?

-Should I run on my heels or on my forefoot?

-Is there a drill that can help improve your leg turnover, or cadence?

Read the answers.


New Book: Mental Training for Runners

Mental Training for Runners

My latest book, Mental Training For Runners, How to Stay Motivated, explains the biological reasons why we become unmotivated, and how we can take control over the motivation process. I have been told that this is a "breakthrough" book in getting motivated, staying motivated and being mentally tough when needed. Order your copy now! 


The Extra Mile Podcast - GALLOWAY EDITION - is now available! Whether you have run 100 marathons or are reading this newsletter sitting on your couch, don't miss the chance to join Jeff as he discusses in detail how the Galloway RUN-WALK-RUN™ can either help you run your next half or full marathon injury free, or add running to your lifestyle and reap the many benefits of running until you are 100!! Episode 1 of The Extra Mile Podcast- GALLOWAY EDITION is now available at and in iTunes.  Make sure to subscribe to the Podcast and join us!


 Race and train Cup-Free™ with the HydraPouch®
Trying to drink from a paper cup while running or jogging is a wet, messy, and frustrating experience.
Now, HydraPouch makes race hydration simple.

·  Get your drink in you, not on you.
·  Eliminate cups on long club training runs
·  Reduce or eliminate cups at race aid stations

 Learn more! Read Jeff's Blog.

 Safety Tip: Be Visible!

Now that daylight savings means dark mornings, be sure to "light up" if you are running early. We now have a Galloway Training logo headlamp hat, by Nite Beams-with lights in the front and back of the cap. Also, these "super party rings" have a very bright blinking light and are visible for a long distance. Plus, they are lots of fun!

Want to get coached through a Jeff Galloway program in your ear as you run? Check out these RunKeeper FitnessClasses

Join the fun!


Find me on FacebookHave you checked out Jeff on Facebook and/or Twitter? We are finding these platforms are a great way to connect with others in the running/walking community to share stories and successes.

Plus, some announcements, reminders and upcoming events are published there first. You might even get your training questions answered there by Jeff or other runners. Join us!

Now Available: E-book versions of Marathon: You Can Do It!
E-book versions of Jeff Galloway's book Marathon: You Can Do It! have been released into the Apple iBookstore (for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) and on for the Kindle. Click for more information
The Athlete's Kitchen by Nancy Clark 

When Food Has Too Much Power Over You


"I think about food all the time. I finish one meal and start thinking about the next."

"I don't keep cookies in the house; I end up eating them all."

If either of these thoughts sound familiar, you are among a large group of runners who struggle with food. I routinely counsel food-obsessed joggers and marathoners alike who fear food as being the fattening enemy. They think about food all day, stay away from social events involving food, give themselves permission to eat only if they have exercised hard, and white-knuckle themselves to one meager portion at dinner.

If you (or someone you know) struggles with food, keep reading

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