March 2012

New Education & Advocacy Program Launches - Needs Your Help!




On January 1st of this year, Lakeview Pantry launched the Education and Advocacy Program with the hiring of Sreya Sarkar as the program's director.   The program is designed to fully address the third pillar of our mission statement that calls us to "raise awareness of hunger and poverty and work toward solutions to eliminate them".


We are calling on our many supporters to be a part of the great success we are imagining for this exciting endeavor. The major focus of the program's first year will be to increase our understanding of the clients we serve and the issues they face leading to both short and long-term struggles. This primary learning component will lead us to partake in our third in-depth client survey since 2005. The previous surveys have been invaluable in providing us with a much better understanding of who our clients are and how well we serve them.


If you--or someone you know--are in the field of research and would be willing to offer survey design, implementation, and analysis services at low or no cost, we invite you to partner with us. Please contact Sreya Sarkar at sreya@lakeviewpantry.org or call 773-525-1777 (x24) to share your ideas.

Also, check out the new Education and Advocacy portion of our website.  


Thanks so much for all you do to make Lakeview Pantry a haven for those who are hungry and a symbol of hope for a better future for all!





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Volunteers Help Offset Debt
Hospital Charity Care property tax revenue should go to Illinois' most vulnerable citizens.
Local Merchants Rally!
Chickens fly into Lakeview Pantry
Lakeview Pantry Mentors Other Pantries On Home Deliveries
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Volunteers Help Offset Debt Volunteers at work.

We'd like to acknowledge some groups that volunteered on our behalf at Greater Chicago Food Depository, a major source of food for us.  Every volunteer hour is applied to our business account, and we appreciate all the credits received.


Chicago Cares often has a monthly volunteer day for Lakeview Pantry, but in February, they volunteered three times.  Their efforts totaled $360!  Remember, $1.00 buys 10lbs of food at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  Also, "Friends of Nancy" added another credit of $200 for us; however, we are unable to get any additional information about Nancy.  WHO IS NANCY?  We'd like to find and thank her, and we certainly appreciate and thank her friends!   Between Chicago Cares and "Friends of Nancy," the total credit will pay for one week's order for our Home Delivery program, which serves about 60 of our homebound neighbors.    Read more >>   

Hospital Charity Care property tax revenue should go to Illinois' most vulnerable citizens 

Sreya Sarkar, Director, Education and Advocacy  

Nonprofit hospitals in Illinois are required to deliver free care to patients who meet certain needs-based criteria. In return, hospitals receive significant nonprofit property tax exemptions.


The problem lies in the fact there is no minimum requirement for the level of free care hospitals must provide to qualify for the tax breaks. This has led to confusion and complications across the state.   Read more >> 


Local Merchants Rally!  
Jewel Ashland
Many thanks to Jewel for their continued support.

Many of you read the story asking our supporters to help restock our shelves in February's newsletter.  Immediately after the story's release, Lakeview Pantry Outreach Coordinator, Lothar Greski was contacted by Jewel Store Director, Ken Kuglar with a proposal to host a St. Patrick's Day food drive at their Ashland location!  Soon after the great news, the Broadway Jewel also agreed to host a drive scheduled to run concurrently.  That's not all!  Jewel Southport will be holding a food drive on April 24.
We are also happy to report that our new neighbor, Walmart has partnered with Lakeview Pantry to provide food rescue on 3 days per week.  We are receiving meats and other frozen products for immediate distribution, and we welcome Walmart as a partner and look forward to maintaining a great and productive relationship.    Read more >>
Neighborhood Bag Drive Under Way
If you're a resident of Lakeview, be on the lookout for Lakeview Pantry volunteers canvassing the area.  Starting March 27, 12 volunteers will be leaving 1200 specially marked food donation bags at homes between Irving Park Rd (north) and Addison (south) and Ashland (east) and Ravenswood (west) as part of a neighborhood food drive.

Each bag of donated goods will also serve as a raffle ticket.  Five winners will be selected on April 6 among those entered.  The prizes are 4 tickets to the April 23 Cubs/Cardinals baseball game.
Chickens arrive at Lakeview Pantry

A huge thank you goes to Hunger Resource Network, Dan Jariabka, director, and all his volunteers!  On Saturday 3/24/12, we were given 2,800 pounds of chicken.  Meat is one of our more expensive items, and it is the single most appreciated item distributed to our clients.  Plus a special thank you to all our volunteers who assisted in unloading a very full van!


Lakeview Pantry Mentors Other Pantries On Home Deliveries
Lothar and Zach
Lothar and Zach address a curious audience at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
Lakeview Pantry was recently invited to showcase its Home Delivery Program in a forum hosted by the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Fulfilling the fourth pillar of its mission statement to serve as a leader in mentoring other food pantries and anti-poverty organizations, LVP's Community Outreach Coordinator, Lothar Greski, and Outreach Assistant, Zach Paciorek detailed the full logistics and challenges of this highly successful program.    Read more >> 



Our mission is to eliminate hunger in our community by: providing food to fill the basic need of hungry people, increasing the independence of our clients through self-help initiatives
and other innovative programs, and raising awareness of hunger and poverty and working towards solutions to eliminate them.


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April 4.

Jewel food drive
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April 24.

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