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November 2011
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I posted a "Twenty Minute Story" online regarding the United University Effort.  The story challenges each reader to imagine their potential, to strengthen their own story, and to inspire others with integrity, excellence and compassion.   The story covers over 40 key events which have shaped our vision. To read more about the first 15 topics, click here, then simply scroll down to read more. 


1.Inspiring a New Veteran-Friendly Educational Effort - 1947 to Present
2. Fast Forward
3. Honor to Whom Honor Is Due
4. A Personal Journey Toward Justice
5. Life in Panama, France and the U.S.A.
6. Gaining Executive and Clinical Experience - A Labor of Love
7. Dr. Sophie Womack Trailblazer Award
8. 501(c)(3) Letter of December 24, 2009
9. University of Panama, University of Paris, and Wayne State University
10. Lessons in Character, Integrity and Forgiveness: Forever Friends
11. The Importance of Credentials, Listening and Random Acts of Kindness
12. Storied History of Hutzel and the VA Hospital
13. Surviving Political Persecution
14. A Multicultural Family: The Troyas
15. Smithsonian Island, the Farm, the Panama Canal, and Heritage Rivers  


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Distance Education: New Opportunities for Foreign Students and Veterans
By Sadeer Farjo, JD, Associate
A United States education is sought after by many foreign students; however, only a few have the luxury and the opportunity to leave their home country in order to study in the United States. In this age of the internet, universities and colleges are starting to look at different ways to offer a solid United States education via the internet. More and more classes now allow students to tune into the classroom lectures via videoconferencing, submit papers via e-mail, and to ask questions via discussion boards. This movement toward web based education allows both domestic and international students to study in the comfort of their homes and to earn a United States education. For U.S. Veterans returning from active duty service, online education is like having a virtual campus in their actual hometown.

United University Effort


Imagine, Instill Strength, Inspire
The mission of the school is to offer new, quasi-private university opportunities at high tech hometown sites with affordable, sustainable, enhanced uses to cultivate compassionate, world class, student-centered, Veteran-friendly learning, teaching and research.  
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Mr. Nutt worked in the Russell Senate Office Building, above, assisting Senator Carl Levin after completing an internship for the Senator in Detroit . 


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"There hasn't been a day that goes by since our grandson's court ordeal that I haven't thought of how grateful we are for your help. Without your help we know that the judge would have sent our grandson to jail. We are so thankful to you . . . . ."
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"Nutt started at what was then called Wayne County Neighborhood Legal Services in 1990 as a staff attorney, and two years later became the first staff attorney at the agency's new law center specializing in federal court and administrative law cases. In 1994, he helped found the Child and Family Advocacy Center, the Detroit area's first full-service law office for children and their families." State Bar of Michigan  

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