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All-Star Associate Announced

Scott Brinkmann, Esq.    D. Scott Brinkmann, Esq.  joined Jeffrey G. Nutt & Associates, PLLC, in 2009.  A seasoned manager with more than ten (10) years of experience in the public sector, Mr. Brinkmann quickly rose to become the first incumbent to the position of Executive Director of Advocates Legal Services, the legal division of One University of the Americas Fund.  As an Associate with Jeffrey G. Nutt & Associates, Mr. Brinkmann represents private and nonprofit clientele in proceedings before administrative agencies and tribunals.  He delivers the highest quality legal services and specializes in serving domestic relations, Social Security, and business clients in Michigan and Asia.

Before his tenure with the firm, Mr. Brinkmann shared administrative and financial oversight of planning, design, and construction management for one of the largest municipal recreation departments in the United States.  In that capacity, he administered numerous real estate deals and prepared contracts, intergovernmental agreements, leases, requests for bids, master planning documents, and assisted with many competitive grant applications that resulted in the award of millions of dollars for various capital developments.  In support of the Detroit Riverfront, which straddles the world's busiest international land border crossing at Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, Canada, he was instrumental in negotiating a real estate deal that resulted in the first State of Michigan park in the City of Detroit.

Mr. Brinkmann has a Juris Doctorate degree from Wayne State University Law School and earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science - Pre-Law from Michigan State University.  A veteran sportsman with emergency management training experience and the capacity to work around the clock, Mr. Brinkmann is a zealous legal advocate for justice.  

Dear Friend,


Last month I highlighted the first of 15 important events of a "Twenty Minute Story" online regarding the United University Effort.  The story challenges each reader to imagine their potential, to strengthen their own story, and to inspire others with integrity, excellence and compassion.   It covers over 40 key events which have shaped our vision. To read more about the next 15 key events, click here, then simply scroll down to read more about the following:


16. Chinese, Black, Indian and Spanish Roots
17. Romance Day at the State Fair
18. Unity Through Diversity
19. Supreme Court Service, Friends and ORU
20. Oxford, American University, Public Interest Law and Capitol Hill
21. Growing Up in Detroit with a Colorful Nutt Family
22. A Great Time in Detroit's Sherwood Forest
23. Mrs. Mary (Maas) Klein and Professor James Maas
24. Pursuing Public Service
25. Meeting My Soul Mate in D.C.
26. Overcoming Intimidation, Racial Bias, and Anti-Semitism
27. A Voice for the Voiceless
28. United
29. United University™ Effort- To Serve the Public Weal
30. One University - Many Stars of Tomorrow 

Best wishes for a Happy New Year,
Jeffrey G. Nutt, J.D. 


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United University Effort


Imagine, Instill Strength, Inspire

"Imagine the amazing untapped leadership potential of our future students who are the stars of tomorrow. As they learn, they will instill in us a sense of strength that will inspire others to succeed despite daunting odds in life. That is our sincere hope for the Veterans and others served by this effort."  To learn more about the mission of the school click here. 


One University of the Americas Fund
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Vision:  Inspiration, Determination, Education, Action


The mission of the university fund is to make survivors of the post-9/11 wars and the War on Poverty effort "higher education ready."
The 501(c)(3) non-profit university fund seeks to remove educational, legal and related barriers for Veterans and other potentially fragile yet gifted populations.  
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United University Effort
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There are three ways:

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Dear Mr. Nutt,  

"On behalf of Michigan State . . ., thank you so much . . . for making the regional Representation Mediation competition a success. We truly could not have held this event without you... Thanks again!"
Brian P.  



Like the American GI and others who stand for freedom on and off the battle field, the One University of Americas Fund stands for equal justice under law. We believe the words of the Declaration of Independence,


 "... that all are created equal with certain inalienable rights."






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