UF Large Animal Reproduction
UF Large Animal Reproduction
From high-risk pregnancies to embryo transfer and semen freezing, UF is available 24/7 for all your equine reproduction needs.
Call us at 352-392-2229 to set up an appointment or visit our Large Animal Reproduction website for more information. We are also available for on-farm specialty reproductive examinations.

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During pregnancy

  • Abnormal vulvar discharge
  • Early udder development ("bagging up")
    • Before 300 days gestation
  • Colic
  • Depression
  • Not passing manure


  • Foul smelling vulvar discharge 
  • Retained placenta beyond three hours of foaling 
  • Trauma to perineal area
  • Not eating
  • Depressed
  • Not passing manure  
  • Dry manure  
  • Fever
  • Colic 

UF Large Animal Reproduction
services for mares

Basic Services
  • Breeding management using fresh, cooled or frozen semen
  • Pregnancy diagnosis 
  • Twin pregnancy management
  • Infertility evaluation and treatment
  • Evaluation of endometrial biopsies
  • Diagnosis and removal of ovarian and uterine tumors
  • Management of retained placentas and other peripartum conditions
  • Live-cover breeding management
  • Venereal disease testing

Advanced Services


UF Large Animal Reproduction

UF Large Animal Reproduction
services for stallions

Basic Services
  • Fertility evaluation
  • Semen collection and evaluation, including cooling trial in multiple semen extenders and sperm morphology
  • Semen collection for shipment
  • Stallion training for semen collection
  • Semen freezing
  • Frozen semen storage and management
  • Ultrasonographic evaluation of the male genitalia 

Advanced Services

  • Advanced stallion evaluation 
    • Evaluation of the male genitalia 
    • Advanced semen analysis 
    • Reproductive behavior evaluation 
  • Management of ejaculatory failure
  • Ultrasonographic evaluation of the internal reproductive tract
  • Endoscopic evaluation of the internal tract (urethroscopy)
  • Testicular biopsy 

UF Large Animal Reproduction faculty & staff

UF Large Animal Reproduction Service

 From Left: Technician Liane Dillon, Dr. Audrey Kelleman, Dr. Erin Runcan, Dr. Margo Macpherson, Dr. Malgorzata Pozor, Biological Scientist 

Susanne Benson



Dr. Margo Macpherson is the UF Large Animal Reproduction service chief and is an associate professor. She is a diplomate and past president of the American College of Theriogenologists. Her primary interests are conditions that affect pregnancy including twin pregnancy and placentitis. Recent work from her laboratory has focused on effective treatments for bacterial placentitis.

Dr. Malgorzata Pozor is a diplomate of the ACT and clinician of the Large Animal Reproduction service. Her clinical interests include reproductive behavior and endocrinology, veterinary andrology and new modalities of imaging in diagnosis of reproductive disorders.

Dr. Audrey Kelleman is a clinician of the Large Animal Reproduction service and a diplomate of the ACT. Her clinical interests are general clinical reproduction, equine embryo transfer, semen freezing and specialty semen processing. Dr. Kelleman is available for on-farm consultations for specialty reproductive examinations and procedures.

Dr. Erin Runcan is the Large Animal Reproduction Resident. Her research interests include equine and canine reproduction, infertility, reproductive emergencies and ultrasonography.
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UF Large Animal Reproduction Specialty Services


Dr. Macpherson highlights the UF Large Animal Hospital specialties at the 2011 AAEP 


Evaluation & breeding management of the problem mare


Management of high-risk pregnancies


Advanced stallion evaluation    


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UF Dr. Erin Runcan with client and goat

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Non-Equine Large Animal Reproductive Care

We offer basic and specialty services to non-equine patients too!

Contact Dr. Audrey Kelleman at akelleman@ufl.edu or 352-392-2229 to discuss our llama, alpaca, goat, sheep and other large animal reproductive services. 


UF Large Animal Reproduction Forms


UF Large Animal Reproduction frozen semen transfer authorization form


 UF Large Animal Reproduction dry shipper rental form 


UF Dr. Macpherson and Dr. Pozor

"I have a 20 year history with UF
treating my horses. Always positive,
always excellent care and treatment."

- April 2011   

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