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September 20, 2011
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Insight Enterprises Inc. (Nasdaq: NSIT) to acquire Ensynch, Inc. 



Financial Overview:


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  • This acquisition further strengthens Insight's Microsoft partnership and capability. Ensynch is a leading professional services firm with multiple Microsoft Gold competencies and solutions. It has consistently been ranked in the top two percent of Microsoft partners through its dedicated focus on client services.
  • The deal is another indication of the recent trends to provide managed services as part of the complete services solutions. As a managed Microsoft Systems Integrator Partner, Ensynch provides additional cloud computing capability that compliment Insight's core business.
  • Additionally, the transaction also reflects Direct Market Resellers' (DMRs) effort to diversify offerings during the last few years (CDW acquired Burbee in 2006, Insight acquired Calence in 2008).  Traditionally, DMR's revenues are concentrated in product sales.  However, as product sales decline in favor of services and comprehensive solutions, DMRs revenue opportunities are fading.  Hence, we've seen a strong trend of DMRs acquiring services based companies. 
  • The deal continues Insights pursuit of diversifying away from its traditional hardware and software business model and towards new avenues of revenue in managed services and professional services. Ensynch has $16.2 million revenue in 2010. Both Ensynch's CEO and COO will continue with Insight after acquisition. The deal is expected to close in 30 days.


Press Release:

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Martin Wolf Securities was not a financial advisor in this transaction. To learn more about this transaction or our firm, contact Stefan Williams at  or (925) 215-2740.   

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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Martin Wolf is a leading middle market investment bank focused on companies with services-based business models. Since 1997, our team has completed more than 100 transactions in six countries. We are a five-year member of the Merrill Lynch PS Referral Network, and were selected as ICICI Bank's (India's leading private bank) exclusive strategic partner for acquiring U.S. IT companies. For more information, visit 


September 20, 2011  

Accel-KKR, a technology-focused private equity investment firm, announced that it had taken a majority stake in Infinisource. Infinisource is a leading benefits administration technology and services company. Martin Wolf advised the seller in this transaction.  

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March 11, 2011

SS&C Technologies (NASDAQ: SSNC) announced that it had acquired Glastonbury, Connecticut-based BenefitsXML. BenefitsXML is a leading provider of enterprise software and SAAS solutions for employee benefit service providers. Martin Wolf advised the seller in this transaction.  

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March 17, 2011

PC Connection, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCCC) announced that it had acquired Chicago-based Valcom Technology. Valcom Technology delivers infrastructure management and onsite managed services utilizing its proprietary cloud-based IT service management software, WebSPOC™. Martin Wolf advised the seller in this transaction.  

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