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August 2011

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Mandus Group, Ltd. is Certified ISO 9001 for the 8th Straight Year
Current Events
Mandus Group Can Service Both ERLS and Tritium Fire Control Systems
Mandus Group Offers Fire Control Repair and Training
The MG7100 Series of Barrel Cleaning Systems Can Drastically Reduce the Time and Energy Associated in Removing Copper from Howitzer Barrels
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Mandus Group, Ltd is Certified 
ISO 9001 for the 8th Straight Year
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This past June, Mandus Group completed the ISO 9001 certification process.  ISO 9001 specifies the guidelines required of companies to demonstrate their ability to operate a quality management system that can meet their customer's needs while adhering to regulations.  This latest certification marks Mandus Group as a perfect eight for eight in ISO audits.




Current Events



Mandus Group will be attending the annual AUSA Meeting and Exposition in Washington D.C. October 10-12, 2011. We will be looking forward to meeting with all of our customers and business partners.  To schedule a meeting during the conference, please contact our home office at 309-786-1507.










Mandus Group would like to invite you to take a look at the current issue of our newsletter, The Thunder.  Each month we will be sending this publication to our customers and business partners to inform them about upcoming events, news, products, and topics relevant to the fields of artillery logistics, sustainment, and maintenance.  So please look it over and learn a little bit about our company and what we can do for you.


Thank you for your interest,
Mandus Group, Ltd


Mandus Group Can Service Both ERLS and Tritium Fire Control Systems

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If your artillery fleet's fire control systems are in need of service, Mandus Group has the capabilities to either replace an existing tritium system or make a conversion to the ERLS (Elimination of Radioactive Light Sources) system.


The tritium fire control system employs the emitted electrons from decaying radioactive material to light up phosphors. This process creates a self-powered light source that remains functional for years.  Mandus Group has the expertise to handle this delicate material and install it safely into your fire control systems.


The ERLS system is a specialized process that makes the conversion of tritium powered light sources to non-radioactive Light Emitting Diode (LED) light sources possible.  It utilizes ultra-low power LED technology to eliminate the burden of nuclear regulation, streamline maintenance processes, and reduce logistical costs.   Mandus Group and their partnering companies are the only operations with the expertise to make this conversion.


If you have an inquiry into fire control logistics, please contact us at 309-786-1507.



Mandus Group Offers Fire Control Repair and Training

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Mandus Group has unrivaled knowledge in the field of artillery fire control systems.  Our experts are capable of on-site or off-site repairs and are available to remove components for transport to repair facilities.  Once the down systems are inline for repair, our knowledge of fire control logistics will ensure that the systems will move quickly through the repair process helping your artillery fleet maintain full mission capable status.  


We offer customized on-site training programs for your workforce that address all aspects of fire control maintenance and repair.  Once training has been completed, we will implement a logistical system that will provide you with the specialized tools, hard to source parts, and a support staff that will make sure that your fire control maintenance program is successful.


Contact Mandus Group at 309-786-1507 with any inquiries.





The MG7100 Series of Barrel Cleaning Systems Can Drastically Reduce the Time and Energy Associated in Removing Copper from Howitzer Barrels



High-performance artillery requires regular cleaning and decoppering to ensure that the systems remain reliable and accurate.  Too much copper build up in the bore can lead to lower muzzle velocity thus increasing the dispersion pattern and reducing the accuracy of the howitzer.  The MG7100 series of barrel cleaning systems can alleviate the time, cost and inconvenience of the barrel maintenance. 


It's a simple process that involves three steps: apply the MG7100 D-COP foam with the applicator; allow 30 minutes for the foam to loosen the copper residue; and swab clean with a simple cloth and bore brush.  D-COP foam will also remove brass and combustion wastes in this process while remaining environmentally compliant with the most stringent of standards.  The U.S. Army's Benet Laboratory has certified D-COP foam as not harmful to the bores of howitzer barrels.  The system is currently available in 105mm and 155mm models.  If you would like to place an order, please contact us at 309-786-1507.


MG7105 105mm Howitzer Barrel Cleaning System-NSN 1025-01-564-9417

MG7155 155mm Howitzer Barrel Cleaning System-NSN 1025-01-564-9489








Thank you again for taking the time to read through our newsletter.  If you are interested in any of our products or services please contact us.


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